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Thread: Help with guild focus on avoidance

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    Help with guild focus on avoidance

    My GM is an avoidance guy, he prefers it over EH even when I talk about the merits of extra health and how our group is doing really well in Kara. I MT the early run and another warrior MT's the later run along with the GM who is a pally tank.

    Is the EH vs Avoidance really even an issue at Kara level gear? We are trying to get a group together to move into the 25 man raiding content.

    I really only have a single set of purple gear so I can only gem it for one thing. I've got little cash left and no time for heroics though I am working on arena to get the s2 shield.

    The Armory

    We don't have forced specs or even a requirement that I agree with him or change my gear.

    Any thoughts? Should I be getting more def? Adding avoidance gems? (I just got the boots tonight so no gems yet) He's seen the EH post and found the pro-avoidance page on On Avoidance


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    put in 2 elunes, take the battlescar as EH Boots and wait for boots of elusion as avoidance boots

    btw bracer +12 sta > +12 str ;>

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    I don't see any problem with ur stats (apart from the enchants and gems u are missing). Avoidance without losing ur current Effective Health will come with the epic loot in Karazhan.

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    Yeah there are no gems on the ah at the moment to buy but thats fine for now since I won't be raiding again till tomorrow. I logged out right after I got the boots. Yeah thats not a great enchant on the wrists I agree but it was free and I've been hopeful that the purple wrists will eventually drop for me and I can get the stam enchant.

    My issue is really more that I think I'm gemming in good direction using EH and that my GM and other kara group warrior MT believe that balancing gemming for avoidance is a better path (using the correct colored gems in the slots anyway).

    Oh well I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing because it's working for my Kara group and maybe when we get to 25 mans we can get an actual comparison from the healers as to what they prefer (avoidance/EH).

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