I got into a quite spirited discussion with a few of my guild officers about Warrior Threat and how it scales with gear. I got tripped up a bit when it came to talking about Revenge, though.

Here's what I know.

Revenge has an untalented base threat of 201 per use. The damage that Revenge causes is 414-506, which I assume is translated into threat as well.

So for a non-crit, untalented Revenge, ignoring Armor, the threat per use is 615-707 per use. Is this correct?

From what I understand Revenge does not scale with gear nor buffs. So things like Paladin Might or Kings do not impact the static damage of Revenge. Its always within the damage range above until you factor in the reductions from your target's armor.

What about Ferocious Inspiration? The Beast Mastery 3% damage buff? Does it impact Revenge?

My first thought was that Revenge is always fixed. It has no tie to any buffs or abilities or debuffs that may be on your target. Its flat non-scaling damage and therefore its threat is also flat and non-scaling. I'm not sure that this is truly the case though.

Does anyone have some further information on Revenge? Are my assumptions correct?