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Thread: Ready for Kara?

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    Ready for Kara?

    Hi, my guild is currently going to start group 2 this week for kara. I was just wondering if my gear is ready for kara, and if it is how far is it good till.

    My Armory

    Any upgrades, other then the badge ones (im working on it) would be appreciated.

    Are my gems ok? i mean i have 530+ defense... should i lean towards stacking stam now?


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    You're fine easily until The Curator, if not further. You could even drop some of that extra defence for more stamina. The best slot to do this in would be your trinket slots. If you're lucky, you can swap the Dabiri's Enigma with [item]Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch[/item] or a trinket with stamina on it. You could also get the Engineering gun made, but that could be expensive if you buy the mats.

    With 530 def, you can afford to drop the matching sockets in your gear and replace those gems with +12 stam ones, that will get your health up higher as well. Generally, socket bonuses aren't too good anyway, and you'd gain more effect by just using +12 stam gems. Apart from that though, good luck!
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