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Thread: EH Question

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    EH Question

    question about EH & how its calculated:

    in this thread signu and i have both replied - and i happened to notice it there -

    he has an EH of 41k, 40% avoidance and 79% dmg reduction
    i have an EH of 39.5k, 47% avoidance and 80% dmg reduction - how is his EH higher?

    i think i am not understanding some basic component of EH - but i am not sure where?

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    My guess is that avoidance is factored into the "Total Damage Reduction" part of the signature. His armor, however, is almost 1200 higher than your's. Couple that with you two having the same amount of life, and his EH is higher. Avoidance is not a part of EH.

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