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Thread: Bulwark v. t4 chest

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    Bulwark v. t4 chest

    Any thoughts on this im my group is far enough along to get nether vortexes in SSC and TK an im the only one who has a pattern to use them. So far i have one already and i was looking at gear and the last tier for the bulwark set only needs 2. So do i stick with making blazefury or pony up and start the bulwark grind to get it up to the highest lvl? Also how does the Buwlark of kings compare to the T4 chest?

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    BoAK > T5 > BoK > T4

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    But Blazefury is the shit.

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    Blazefury rules, but the upgraded Mallet of the Tides is as good, if not better (mostly depending on what the real effectiveness of weapon skill is).

    I was halfway through the Blazefury mats when I realized that I could find an equivalent for it far sooner than an equivalent for the Bulwark. Armorsmith I remain.
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