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Thread: Can I tank a full kara?

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    Can I tank a full kara?

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    I am ashamed of my boots and belt, but the other doesnt seem to bad for a new tank. I picked up what I could as an OT in kara. My question is can I tank everything shy of Nightbane/Prince?

    Reason being I got rofl stomped by Curator the other night, I was keeping shield block up as much as possible and I still took what seemed like 3 crushings in quick order.

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    Do you have wws from the fight?

    It would be pretty hard to take 3 crushings in a row on curator if you are shield blocking every time it's not on cooldown.

    I took a quick look at one of my old wws from that fight and it looks like he hits on average around once every 2 seconds.

    I got 6 crushes in the entire fight I looked at and it was on the occasion where he fit 3 attacks in between SB cooldowns. So 2 blocks, and then 1 crush never 3 in a row. Should be next to impossible unless you weren't shield blocking when it was up.

    It's possible your healers just weren't paying attention because they are used to healing a tank who takes less damage per hit. You'd need the combat logs to know for sure.

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