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Thread: Trinket Swapping Avoid vs Stam

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    Trinket Swapping Avoid vs Stam

    I was curious...as for right now I am using Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch and The Darkmoon Faire Card: Vengeance. I was wondering at what point would be the ideal spot to replace my moroes lucky pocket watch? We are currently running Gruul's and I find my 14.4K hp unbuffed to be good enough for the fight and I have about 24% dodge in the upwards of 25-26 when fully raid buffed. I was curious as to when enough dodge is enough seeing as how I don't socket for it, nor do I gimp my gear for dodge like many tanks I have seen. Most of my gear is high stamina with dodge included...so...I was wondering when would be the ideal time to drop my pocket watch to pick up the argusian compass from heroic UB? or perhaps even the other stamina trinket from darkmoon faire or perhaps even the violet badge for now.
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    Get Autoblocker! It is both good threat and mitigation.

    Also, get either Darkmoon Madness or Netherwing 45 stam trinket for times when you need max stam.

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