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Thread: An exercise in Making over Me!

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    An exercise in Making over Me!

    After acquiring [item]Red Havoc Boots[/item], I noticed a sizeable drop in my Avoidance by trading away my [item]Boots of Elusion[/item]. I made up for this by converting a trinket slot from a 45 stam trinket to Moroes Pocket Watch. This has all resulted in stamina decrease for more Block Value and Armor.

    All and all this seems like it would make for a fun exercise. I'm interested in how you guys would handle these options.

    Here's the options:
    Boots: Red Havoc Boots, Boots of Elusion
    Cloaks: Farstriders, Thorium Gilded, Devilshark
    Trinkets: Stamina, Pocketwatch (assumed that whatever I choose couples with Autoblocker)

    On one end, I can have some nice high avoidance with Boots of Elusion, Devilshark and the Pocketwatch. On the other end, I can have high stamina and block value using Red Havoc Boots, Farstriders, and a Stamina trinket.

    What situations would you guys use the different combinations in?

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    Red Havoc should stay, they are a very strong item (I have them glued to mah feets)
    Situationally, I would say Devilshark but Farstriders for threat if needed. (Devilshark for me. I have the Gilded Thorium in the bank...one slot where I like getting a little avoidance AND BV)

    I have not been able to get the watch to drop despite probably killing Moroes 20+ times...well, until last night when I am there on my healer. I use a +45 stam with DM: Venngeance card.

    Full on need to be my best vs. a raid boss (say Gruul, maybe)
    Red Havoc
    Devilshark(if I had the Illhoof cloak, I'd wear it, I think)
    Stam trinket

    I don't have Elusion or the watch so same set up though those 2 items, especially being able to pop the watch in Ph2 would be nice.
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    I carry around several different trinkets depending on the fight. Take for example Void Reaver:

    Styleens and Autoblocker

    Spyglass and Moroes Trinket

    Autoblocker and Moroes Trinket

    Being able to switch out gear for the individual encounter will make tanking that much easier for you.

    I switch bewteen Red Havoc and Battlescar Boots depending on the encounter, same with the cloaks.

    Farstriders for threat, Devilshark for some avoidance and Gilded Thorium for EH.
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    Havoc + GTC + Double stam for EH fights.

    Havoc + Farstrider + Hit trinket/Autoblocker for Threat fights.

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