This post was started initially to ask Joanadark what she/he did on Brekke to tank VR so well and keep up TPS even when not being hit (referring to the blog post here.

Was it a matter of getting aggro early and then keeping it? VR is not the only boss that I am asked to heal on, I OT adds on Al'ar and Tidewalker but then I toss my holy gear on and heal for the rest though I am never last on the effective healing meters, which is a bad thing for the raid really. Although I'm looking forward to tanking Leotheras which is the plan for me I have been told already.

Anyways, regarding the rest of this post I am asking which bosses in SSC/TK are easier for protection spec paladins to tank than warriors or druids. By easier I mean easier for the raid, as in ramping up threat so fast that the raid can go all out and never stop, thus making the encounter shorter overall and thus easier to do, less time for someone to screw up.

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