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Thread: Stats Benchmarks (490 def. . . what else?)

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    Stats Benchmarks (490 def. . . what else?)

    I heard anything over 2% hit is a waste. True or false?

    Is anything over 490 def still a waste? Or is there something to be said for getting def even higher?

    What are some of the other benchmarks for warriors to shoot for that are more or less set figures (as opposed to flexible ones)?

    I'm about 2 days away from 70 and once the first wave of 70 gear starts coming in I want to know what stats to stack and to what point.

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    At 8.4 hit (rumors have it that it went up to 9 now) you wont miss on a 73.
    At 490 def you wont be crit by 73.
    Going past 490 def you will still be getting dodge, parry, block, and chance to be missed. So it is still a VERY powerful stat even past 490.

    Seeing that you are just about to hit 70 i wouldnt shoot for a ton of hit since it will hurt the rest of your stats. Keep in mind that down the line when you want to start tanking more advanced content, hit will be a must!
    At first cover your 490 def, then try to get your stam up. Then eventualy make your way towards the Avoidance, Block Value, and Hit gear.

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    to expand from warriors (I am a bear and pally too you know) Other important benchmarks include uncrushable (102.4% mitigation), 35880 Armor cap.

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    no warrior is going to have 35k armor.

    once you have 490 defense you CAN start stacking stamina and block value and flat out avoidance. note that Defense doesn't affect your effective health

    Effective Health Calculator and Theory

    block value stam and armor do though. ans stacking block value (when you can afford it) will also increase your threat gen
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