I've been playing around with a few PvP builds in my head. This is what I currently think that I will go with Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft .

The biggest changes I can think of making are A) go mace spec and B) switch master axesmithing for master hammersmithing... which I really don't want to do, though [item]Deep Thunder[/item] and [item]Stormherald[/item] are damned sexy. I am going to try out the Blood Craze talent, I have never really tried it myself to be honest, any of you ever try it? With the right amount of Resilience from Merciless Gladiator gear and that talent could work out very well. However, the only PvP gear I have thus far are the veteran's boots, belt, bracers, and the old school [item]Insignia of the Alliance[/item].

What do you all think? Any suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome.