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Thread: Taking Rediculous Damage All of a Sudden

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    Taking Rediculous Damage All of a Sudden

    My guild has been in Karazhan for a little under three months now. We have been getting very poor drop rates for tank gear and it wasn't until the last 2-3 weeks that I had seen anything besides the bracers from attunemen that dropped on our very first kill of him. (Yes, Blizzard hates me) We just recently put down High King Maulgar and I upgraded from the netherspite shoulders to the tier4. The problem seems to be, everytime I seem to upgrade my equipment, especially here as of late, the incoming damage that I take has increased tremendously. None of my stats have dropped with any of my newest additions, but for some reason I have started dieing to trash mobs before moroes as well as seeming to take a huge amount of damage from most all trash mobs inside Karazhan. Not to mention, as of late, I have noticed that bosses (which i used to have no problem at all with) such as Attunemen now parry and dodge most of my attacks. I went 20 straight attacks that were dodged, parried, or missed. This was never an issue before and I have more hit rating now than I did. (Yes, I know I only have the +hit from KD, but before I had it hit was never an issue for me as i was pulling 500-700 on trash and 1K or so on bosses with Omen threat meter.) I have respec'd a few times so maybe there is something in my spec that I am missing, but I don't believe it is. My spec is pretty cut and dry and easily remembered so I don't think that is it either. Could anyone offer me some assistance on perhaps something I have missed? My gear should be up to date with armory. I am the MT for the guild, so I am all stamina gemmed for the most part but still have fairly good avoidance. 24% dodge, 18 parry 18 block. It is just irritating me to not be able to figure this out.
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    It could be that your healers are slacking off because they're used to you avoiding a lot of damage. Since you've been farming Kara for a while now, it's easy to get bored (MC, anyone?). As for the string of dodges, misses and parries, you could look into getting a +weapon skill weapon, but I'd just say it's bad luck. If it happens, tell your dps to hold off until you can hit. I've had horrible miss/dodge/parry streaks as well, I know how annoying it can be.
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