Gearing for arena is a time consuming process. As a dps warrior in arena, many of your choices are spelled out for you. There is only one warrior set for arena. There is no prot set or a viable fury set. However the off set pieces, trinkets, rings, and how you gem can make all the difference in the world.

The premise here is this. You can be a dps powerhouse if you stack 2k AP unbuffed, 100 resilience and 40% crit in battle stance. However, dead players do zero dps. All of that power goes to waste if you are as squishy as a fire mage. On the reverse if you have 17k hp unbuffed, but 1200 unbuffed ap, you will be unable to kill anything, but nothing will be able to kill you either. A smart team would just cc or ignore you while they destroy your team.

There are three stats that you must focus on if you plan to hit the higher rated arenas. These are AP, Resilience, and Stamina. AP's value is huge these days in arena. As resilience continues to increase, crit becomes less viable. Crit takes a twofold hit from resilience. You lose the crit itself and also the size of the crit. AP not only lets you crit higher, but it increases your normal damage which is not affected by resilience. This is also the reason that you will see warriors move away from Axe spec and into sword or mace. Axe spec takes a twofold hit from resilience, the size of the crit and the frequency. The other two specs special procs are unaffected by this. You should aim for over 1600 unbuffed hp if you plan to be successful.

In today's arena, four dps teams are the rage. These teams tend to function on one premise....kill one player on the opposing team immediately. Since many warrior charge ahead of their healers or because MS is too deadly a debuff, warriors seem to be the target of choice for these teams. There is only one way around this. There was a saying back at 60 for pvp...stam is key. This is even truer at 70 but with resilience added in. With the advent of 4 dps teams, this saying has become relevant once again. Any warrior under 12k unbuffed hp is a liability in high level arena, particularly in the 5s bracket. Even with 12800 unbuffed hp and 350 resilience, I have been taken down in under 4 seconds by a geared out 4 dps team while in defensive stance...praying on a good shield reflect. There is only so much you can do and the rest must fall on your team, but you want to help them out as much as possible. The other half of this is resilience. Once you hit the 12k mark, start thinking resilience. 350 or higher is what you want to aim for here. If you can reach over 400 without losing too much ap you are doing good.

Lastly, try and keep your crit at 30% or higher in zerk. With currently itemization this is very easy to do. As you stack the other stats with pvp type gear, you will find that this is a very easy mark to hit. You shouldn’t ever need to gem for crit. These spots are better used on ap, stam, and resil.