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Thread: New 70...what do I need to improve on?

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    New 70...what do I need to improve on?

    Hey all, I'm a pretty new 70 and I was looking for some feedback on what would be some good upgrades that I could go for. I already have quite a few epics and most of the top dungeon blues. This will be my second week through Karazhan (we cleared to Opera last night). Also, is there anything else I need in particular for tanking from heroic badges or can I start building a DPS set from my heroic badges?

    Also, do you think I am ready to tank Prince and/or Maulgar? If yes, how far off from Gruul?

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    Sunderwear. Thats awesome.

    Ditch the shield ASAP. Try and grab the one from heroic badges. It'll do until Nightbane shows you some love.

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    I picked up the Sha'tar one just now.

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