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Thread: Rate me again please

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    Rate me again please

    I switched up my gems a little bit and got some new gloves, what do you guys think, I am getting my season 2 chest piece next week so I will losing a little of hit with it but gaining alot of crit. Also should be expecting some t5 leggings soon

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    Run heroic Slave Pens/Mecha while you wait on T5 for dps legs.

    And the sad thing is that Fel Leather Boots with 4crit/4str+8str gems Pwns those epic Ogri'la rep boots.

    Vortex boots is:
    -1,6% hit
    +0.1% crit

    12AP+0.1%crit < 1.6%hit for dps. Especially since you loose the 2set doomplate bonus with S2 chest and new pants.

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