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Thread: 2h enchnats

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    2h enchnats

    Looking for opinions and hopefully some theorycrafting here. Most generally consider savagery the preferred 2h weapon enchant. At any time would you gain more from Mongoose?

    I am basically looking at 2h swords 33/28 with and w/o WF IE in a raid environment. As we know savagery is 70 Ap therefore equating to a 5 dps increase. Would a 2% haste proc be a bigger increase to damage. With a 30%+ crit rate unbuffed i dont see much of a benefit from the extra short duration crit although it could boost dps slightly.

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    the 2% haste proc amounts to nill when talking about weapon speed.

    I use a DT which is one of the slowest weapons out there 3.8s with a 2% increase it drops to 3.78 or 3.76 i don't remember.

    That's basically nothing. You're paying for the proc crit, 150 agi ~ 5-6% crit when proc'd. Since you're already at 30% crit, I'd say you aren't lacking in the crit department, the static 70ap will give you a much larger and consistent benefit than stacking on a bit more crit.

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