Just a few thoughts before I pass out for the night.

For the first part of this week, I decided to spec fury for increased raid dps. On tidewalker it worked pretty well. Even with me messing up the respec and not having the gold to fix it, I broke 1100 dps. This was great until I pulled aggro and got one shotted. Lesson learned, back off dps a bit.

On a different note, while farming on the elemental plateau, I had the pleasure of engaging in world pvp as fury. There is nothing quite like ripping apart a warlock or hunter as a stacked fury warrior. There is just something to charging in there with a constant stream of blades flying in the air. Arms is the king of pvp and arena, but fury will always have a flair that arms somehow misses. Fury seems to provide more control in the fight. Of course it lacks the all powerful mortal strike, but there are few things that beat that.

As an experiment, I will be specing Kazaganthi as fury spec next arena season. I want to see how high I can get with a fury spec'd warrior. I'll also save on the respec costs that are killing me right now. Swifty tried it last season and only broke up to 1800s. I think with the new itemization fury should have more of a chance especially in the 3s bracket. Time will tell. Either way I have another warrior Kaziganthi for my main arena teams..he will stay arms.

take care,