Any fool can slap hamstring on a target, lay down an ms, and proceed on to victory. When other classes think of a warrior, they assume that is all there is to it. They are wrong.

Arena is about class composition, communication, timing, and most importantly being aware. It is the single greatest test for coordination, skill, and originality in this game. Much like playing football or lacrosse, you must have your head on a swivel the entire match. You have to see the field, and must never get tunnel vision.

There are several general things you can do help your team triumph. The easiest is to keep MS on your target at all times. This sounds simple, but with the constant sheeps, snares..Etc if can be a challenge. Secondly, piercing howl is your friend. This amazing ability not only slows down every one within range, but it also adds damage to your heroic strike. This ability is insane vs melee heavy teams. Usually these teams can only keep BOF on one player. If your pali puts BOF on their main target, he can effectively kite a few of their dps while you can keep crushing yours, and watch them cry in frustration.

Many times you will need to help out your other classes in shutting down the healer, or saving your teammate. This can be done with a fast intercept, pummel, or intervene. A good warrior can shut down a healer for 12 seconds or so by himself. If you are a tauren like me you can extend that to 20 seconds for that poor healer. Basically you want to start off with pummel, then run out to intercept. Wait on the intercept until he is half way through his heal, then hit it. By the time he is able to heal again, you can fire off another pummel. This is where it gets fun. Wait till he starts his heal again, then intimidating shout(if ya can catch a few more of his teammates in it as well.) Once he gets out of that pummel again, intercept again, and on to victory. Tauren can sub in a warstomp.

Communication is the single most important aspect of an arena team. You need to have a captain on field calling the shots. He can tell you if you need to switch off your current target to do a quick gib on another low health target. He can tell you who needs saving. If every one is on the same page and assisting the captain, you will lose very few games. Breaking 2k rating will be a breeze. /assist "captain" hot keyed is your friend..make it..apply it.

Timing and being aware are your two greatest challenges in arena as a warrior. It is too easy to get tunnel vision on your target and whack away until he finally splats. A proper timed intimidating shout, pummel, intervene, or intercept can end the game. If you can get lucky right off the bat and catch most of their team in intim shout range, use it. This forces them to blow their trinkets or bubbles right off the bat. If they don't, it could mean that you are instantly facing 4v5 instead of 5v5. Another good example would be if you are playing twos, and you have your target at 40%. An intercept into their healer then pummel could win you that game, whereas an intercept at 60% would do you no good at all. Everything is about timing and seeing the big picture.

Lastly, spell reflect will be your salvation. As you progress in arena, you will run into teams that will try and can drop a warrior in five seconds flat. If you see a team with a shadow priest, warlock, mage, rogue, or other variations of a four dps makeup, get ready. In my experience these teams either take out the warrior or the pali...usually the warrior. My 5s team lost 60 points to a team with this makeup this last Friday. Add this macro to your list.
# showtooltip Spell Reflection
/cast [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Spell Reflection; [stance:3] Defensive Stance
/equip [modifier:ctrl] Gorehowl
/stopmacro [equipped: Shields]
/equipslot 17 Aegis of the Sunbird
/equipslot 16 King's Defender
It will save your butt and your team. Reflect what you can, shield bash the warlocks fears, and stay in defensive stance until your healers get a handle on it. The worst thing you can do is stay in zerk, or come out of defensive too early. This is a time where you keep ms on the target and let your team dps for you.

take care,