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Thread: Kara/Gruul's MT

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    Kara/Gruul's MT

    The Armory

    Finally had [item]The Sun Eater[/item] drop for me and topped off Blacksmithing to 375 last night, so I'm pretty jazzed. 3 Nethers away from completing my [item]Bulwark of Kings[/item], so that's a good week overall for me.

    Right now my guild has most of Kara (sans Nightbane and Netherspite) and Maulgar down pat. Aside from the [item]Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden[/item] and [item]King's Defender[/item], both of which have yet to drop for my guild at all, I'm still waiting on another [item]Gilded Thorium Cloak[/item] to drop (passed the first one to a beartank friend of mine), and for us to either kill Netherspite for the [item]Mantle of Abrahmis[/item], or for my rolls on the [item]Warbringer Shoulderguards[/item] to not suck. Also, I'm not sure if I should spend the badges on the [item]Ring of Unyielding Force[/item], or just wait for the [item]Shermanar Great-Ring[/item] to drop. I'm wondering how much y'all would pay for the plans for [item]Red Havoc Boots[/item], since they look mighty tasty, but the lowest I've seen 'em on my server was about 1400g.

    Any feedback on spec, what upgrades are worth getting/farming whatever boss endlessly for is appreciated.

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    Grats on the sun eater Your armory has convinced me that I'm going to start dragging guildies into heroic MT - for the blue ring - kinda sick of having my green windtraders Out of interest which ring were you thinking of swopping out?

    Gear-wise I can't think of much, apart from to start hoping nightbane drops the shield. Spec-wise if you're going to be tanking nightbane you might want to invest in tactical mastery unless you've always got a fear-ward priest.
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    I paid 700G for Red Havoc Plans. The key is if your server is progressing well, they will come down in cost. I think the Kara boots are fine until Red Havoc drops in cost for you.

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    I would happily pay 2k gold for those plans. You got off cheap.

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