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Thread: Autolooting, post kara/mag.

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    Autolooting, post kara/mag.

    For the more experienced tanks: once you have T4 and all your slots filled with the best epics from kara to mag should the tanks (or atleast MT) get auto-looted set tokens from SSC/Eye or is ffa via dkp better?

    Up till now my guild has done really well giving me all the gear I need as a priority. I got the first T4 shoulders, chest, head, so on. It helped our progression well. But is it needed? Voidreaver does not give me much trouble at all...so I'm thinking that spreading the wealth about would be nicer than me getting over geared.

    make sence?

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    At least ask for the tier5 helmet token. It is the hard to replace in T6 instances. The next is up to ur guild. Mine was with dkp and I got three T5 set items before jumping into the T6 instances.

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