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Thread: Tank (OT) moving on to SSC

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    Tank (OT) moving on to SSC

    The Armory

    My biggest upgrade will be a shield. I'm 16 badges from my heroic shield.

    Heres my wish list/goals:
    Azure Shield
    Battlescar boots (or Elusion)
    Argussian Compass
    Moroes lucky pocket watch
    Gilded thorium cloak

    I can't think of anything else that will be that amazing for me or acheivable to me while I enter SSC. Suggestions, comments?

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    Please forget the Azure shield and get the Sha'tar rep shield. It's vastly better due to the stam. And you willl need more stam in SSC.

    In a lot of ways, your gear isn't bad. You've had some luck in Kara that I, after 25 or so clears, have not. But if yo're going to SSC, you're doing your raid a disservice by being cheap.

    You're not upgrading those bracers anytime soon, so why not use a solid star and the 12 stam enchant? That's 60 more hit points, on your bracers alone. Nine stamina green gems simply do not cut it for SSC.

    Forget the pocket watch. (Doesn't this drop for everyone else every single week??) This is for Druids, or Warriors in much later content who have much higher stam.

    If you get the Curator's pants, forget the tier 4 ones. They suck. Timewarden's Leggings are better.

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