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Thread: MT looking for Healing Guides/Resources

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    MT looking for Healing Guides/Resources

    Hey guys,
    This is my first post here. For some background, we are a small guild doing weekly Kara clears and looking to recruit and advance to 25-man content. On another server and toon I was a resto shaman in a Naxx guild and so I can see certain things our raid healers are doing right (and wrong).

    I'm specifically wondering if anyone has links to healer resources (tactics, etc). Namely, I looking for guides on healer threat (pull aggro), maximizing regen, downranking to optimal spam levels (hps depends on encounter) and possibly gear suggestions. I would try and go over what I know with my guild but I'm unsure what all has changed in TBC for raid content. Any help or links would be appreciated. Thanks,

    Munkar (Tyrants - Horde - Vek'nilash)

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    Thanks for the Pally info. In answer to your question I am a warrior MT and am looking for similar info (downranking coefficients, etc) for priest, druid and shaman healing. Thanks.

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