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Thread: Wacky episodes?

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    Wacky episodes?

    So after reading all the posts about naruto i gave it a go. Along with another show i saw on Cartoon Network, Bleach. What is the deal with the episodes that have nothing to do with the story? Its like they have 10 epsidoes with evolving storylines, next thing i know im watching 20 minutes of the characters baking a cake for someone. Whats the deal lol?

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    I don't really understand it, but I haven't seen too many shows which don't do this. I think it's just storyline pacing, maybe some marketing to help get people newly into the series and give them time to catch up. Not sure.

    Battlestar Galactica is my favorite television show (only one that I actually turn the tv on for). It had the same issue -- several episodes in a row that were complete filler.

    But, these are better than the mentality of most television shows. Completely episodic with no continuing story.

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    Filler is why I refuse to watch most anime series. Currently I only endure Bleach, and it is very difficult... the last eight episodes didn't advance the plot at all, pure filler with cliffhanger endings that go nowhere.

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    Well the example i used was a bleach filler. I am thouroughly hooked on the series, and im glad i can get the new episodes every wed.(cartoon network is on episode 47 current run on japanese tv is #137 lol) but man it does get frustrating when they bring in characters for an episode that doesnt really have anything to do with the current story.

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    I dont watch TV much, but iirc there was only 3 shows that i got into. Evangelion, Robot Chicken, and Arrested Development. All three are totaly random and most of the time the episode wont have anything to do with the previous one. I think the reason i loved those shows so much and the randomness factor was due to the horrible ADD that i have, which im sure the producers of those shows caitored to.

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