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Thread: Mobility

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    A couple really needless wipes on the Big Bad Wolf last night (caused when he took me out during the Red Riding Hood debuff) have got me wondering whether I need to improve the way in which I move in-game, and how I would best be able to maximise my mobility. I figured that this was the best place to come.

    Coming from more of an FPS tradition I've been using the WASD/mouse movement style, and triggering most abilities by mouse clicking. While this is what I'm used to, I'm convinced at this point that it's gimping my tanking ability.

    I suppose my options are to either go with mouse-only movement, or re-bind my hotkeys to the keys right around the WASD area (i.e. 123qerfTABSHIFTzxc, or something like that), so that I can use WASD for movement, but eliminate 'point-click' ability use. I was wondering which method seems to be the most effective/most popular, and if anyone has any other mobility tricks.
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    It is very difficult to re-train yourself use more hot keys after point and clicking for a long time. I still am only able to use 4-5 reliably and I still use WQES (heh, default in City of Heroes....I got used to it) I turn with my mouse some too. I am an example of how not to do it but I do pretty good on BBW I think.
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    I use my mouse to move a lot and my right hand to use the 1-4 and alt 1-4 as my main hotkeys. Some things, like shouts, I put on the F-keys, since I don't find I need to target other party members all that often. I've gotten used to using the WASD move keys more than I was, but most of the time in combat, I'm using the mouse to turn and just the W and S for forward and back.

    In some way clicking may be better. I have a tendancy to spam buttons and hit them faster than the global cooldown allows which ends up with me missing some or using rage on things that I had intended to happen after SS and Revenge.

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    Clicking in Karazhan is possible, one of the MTs in my guild used to be a clicker for the last 2 years. A while back as we started to enter SSC/Tk i think this is when he noticed that he needs to have the edge on things and hence he change his play style. From what I've seen he has become about 50% beter or more because his rection time is much quickera nd hitting keys on the move while rotating is no longer a problem for him. It also opened up his viewing angle so that he can observe his surroundings (which is Vital IMO).

    I've always been a keybinder and I really do think it gives me the edge, hence why early on i was promoted the MT of my guild and still stand in that position now, only that the other tank is now also a MT too

    Some tips that i have for key binding is as follows:
    - A & D should be found for strafes not rotate
    - Try to avoid shift combo keys it just complicates things
    - Macro a few things like mocking blow and zerker rage
    - If you have a multi function mouse bound your most critical keys and the ones you have to get off perfectly sometimes (Taunt+SB/SS/HS/Devistate)
    - Use keys that are comfterable and within reach!

    This is how i have my keys bound:
    mb1 - taunt
    mb2 - devistate (may change to heroic or shield block soon)
    1 - revenge
    2 - shield block
    3 - thunderclap
    4 - intervene macro/charge/intercept
    Q - sunder
    E - heroic strike (will probably change to devistate)
    R - shield slam
    ` - bloodrage
    Z - battle stance
    X - defensive stance
    C - zerker stance
    T - mocking blow macro
    F - trinket
    G - zerker rage macro
    V - conc blow
    F1 - shield bash/pummel
    F2 - cleave
    F3 - spell reflect
    F4 - last stand
    F5 - demo shout
    F6 - health stone
    F11 - commanding shout
    F12 - battle shout

    (the only wierd binding i have is commanding/battle, this is in a wierd position so that i can remember when i hit it)

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    If you are having a hard time moving you could also turn on the "Click to move" option. Lets you click on the screen and youll move there automatically. This can make it easier to click around on your action bars and such and still get to where you need to go.

    Aslo as far as the mobility thing goes with tanking, I try to always have some sort of speed enchant. Whether its a meta gem, minor speed to boots, or boar speed, getting to where you need to be fast is great for tanking and sometimes even dps.
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    Spend $40 and get a Nostromo N52 gamepad from Belkin (sold at Best Buy and Circuit City, among others). Take 10 minutes to bind your 1-10 slots on your hot bar to the 1-10 keys on the Nostramo. Bind 3 more Nostromo keys to different stances. Bind the Orange Nostromo key to the Tab key. Bind the Nostromo Thumb key to your Push-to-Talk button of your voice program. Bind the Nostromo Directional keys to your WASD keys. Never touch your keyboard again I have been using this product for close to 3 years now, and I swear by it.

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    Thanks for all the input guys. I think I'm gonna offer to tank some lower lvl instances for guild alts and so forth and use the "easy mode" tanking to try out a couple different movement/ability use options. I have a feeling that even when I get used to using keybindings/mouse movement for my tanking, i'm still gonna end up solo grinding the old fashioned way (not that I'm doing all that much grinding anymore).

    Theremin: the idea of using a gamepad kindof terrifies me, so I think I'm gonna stay away from that. There's just something about analog stick movement that I've never been able to grasp. I guess that's why I don't plan on picking up any of the game consoles in the near future.
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    I don't think of it as a true joystick, and it doesn't have proper analog sticks:

    I think of it more as a radically redesigned keyboard

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    I've been tanking in TK/SSC and a little of Hyjal and BT, and my clicking hasn't been that much of an issue yet. I have everything keybound regardless, but I usually only use my bindings for heroic strike (spam it as the same time as I use other abilities) and other important things like shield bash and shield reflect. I used to have a berserker rage macro that I had keybound as well. I don't really use the mouse to turn, but I don't use w-a-s-d, or any other sort of combination of things other than the arrows.
    Every once in a while, I realize the clicking makes me half a second slower to react in certain situations, but it is possible to tank well using this playstyle. I wouldn't recommend it, but it isn't that bad. :P

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    Spend $40 and get a Nostromo N52 gamepad from Belkin (sold at Best Buy and Circuit City, among others).
    I gotta say i cant play without the N52 anymore. Its so easy to setup and it doesnt hurt my hand because its all ergonimcalspiffy. I took some of the macros in one of th guides posted here (sorry can't remember the name of the guide) and its has been awesome, i only need to spam 2 buttons during fights which is awesome because i can then click LS,SW, pots, demo, TC with ym mouse. I actually have all that on a bar next to my toon.

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    Hello there, first time poster

    I was a clicker until about a year ago (I played a rogue in classic). My main primer then to switch to keybinds was its obvious advantages in PVP. I tried the N52 but somehow didn't get happy with it.
    Nevertheless the mobility gained from keybinding is sometimes very much wort it. I can only advise anybody who wants to map out a keyset (or rework existing settings) to put some thought in it beforehands. If you move with WASD (don't use Q E for strafing though, I do that with my mouse) your primary skills should be mapped around them: ^ to 5 are easily in reach, as a are RTFGCVXY<.
    I put my long cooldowns on F1-F6, my shouts are bound to <(battle shout), Shift+< (commanding shout), y (demoshout), R is usually my reflex key (overpower/shieldreflect), taunt and cast interrupts are on my mouse buttons.

    The only thing I click are my consumables.

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    I have seen the n52 and 2-3 newer "gamepads" available has anyone used one of these newer game pads? been thinking about picking one up and tryin to get some input.

    Leveling a new warrior and i figure this will be the best time to upgrade to a gamepad as i will get used to the same moves for 2 levels before i have to add more skills, rather than trying to relearn how to use my abilities on my 70.

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