Hello Tankspot! My guild is just now stepping into SSC and The Eye(No bosses down as yet), doing Gruul every week but not Mag. I was looking for some feedback regarding my tanking set up. I also have priority for the first 5 Nether Vortex's in my guild.
So here is the armory:

I also currently have:
Nightbane Chest (Merc Glad > this due to EH?)
T4 Glove
Boots of Elusion
Deep Thunder
Veteran's Plate Belt (Better than Crimson Girdle? More armor but less hp and def is hard to justify)

My advice question is, I am currently wearing Merc Glad chest to gear for effective health/armor/threat.
Should I spend the Vortex's on the minor upgrade to Breastplate of the Ancient Kings? Drop my King's Defender and make a Blazefury to increase threat gen?
Or just make Stormherald, although this doesn't benefit my guild at all.
I am having a hard time justifying crafting BWotAK to gain 125 armor, 9 hit and a small "ruh roh' button over Merc Chest.
Also having a hard time justifying Losing 130 armor to gain 10 dps on the weapon and 1 hit.

Any feedback is appreciated and you all have a nice day. =)