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Thread: MS with BF

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    MS with BF

    If you check my current build its kind of a raid dps & utility build I guess. I won't lie, I've never been the best working with a MS build. I have a few gems that I need to switch as well as get my T4 gloves/helm. The 4% extra damage is really noticable in raids with my guild, but my individual dps isn't the best. I've been playing around with this thought in my head, with this build is Crit > AP? AP is great for selfish dps reasons and all, but I can generate threat so fast its retarded. I waited 15 seconds to even begin attacking Prince last night in Kara and I still jumped right up behind him in threat not even 30 seconds into the fight. When I crit I usually only crit for about 1500-2000 white damage, MS for 1800-2500ish, Slam for 1600-2200, and my whirlwind isn't much more than my white damage. I'm not hitting for that hard, but I am consistantly throwing up Blood Frenzy for our tank/rogues/hunters. I've gotten just over 50% crit with current spec in raids (zerker stance, leader of the pack, and mongoose proc) and its great for BF. I've thought about stacking more crit for this reason. By stacking more AP I am worried that I would pull too much threat because I'm already an aggro whore. In the last couple nights in Gruuls, TK, and Kara I have had to stop attacking completely to drop my threat down some. So I guess my question for all of you is should I stack more crit to keep BF consistantly and try to stay more as a living utility for the other dps while not dishing out as much damage myself, or should I stack more AP upping my own dps but lowering my chances of survival and the total duration of my BF debuff?

    EDIT: OMFG I'm nub. Tired and posted this in the wrong area.
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