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Thread: Curse Interviews Tigole

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    Curse Interviews Tigole

    Curse had a great interview with Jeff Kaplan at the Leipzig Conference. You can view it here:
    GC2007: Interview With Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan | World of Warcraft @ Curse

    The highlights, if for some reason you don't want to watch the full 25 minutes:

    Protection Warriors are being looked at regarding non-tanking viability. Without being asked, Tigole specifically referred to Holy Priests and Protection Warriors, saying they want them "staying competitive, so [they don't] have to go and respec all the time."

    Deathknights are being re-evaluated as far as the quest and leveling is concerned. Blizzard believes it may be a better idea to let Deathknights be an option from the start, as opposed to requiring players to level twice.

    Hunters may be picking up a similar debuff to Arms Warriors which would reduce healing. This is to increase their viability in arenas. From this, it stands to reason that there are no plans to nerf Mortal Strike.

    Heroic Badges will be used for more items. Start saving them up again, it was mentioned that there would be a large increase of items and quality of items on the Heroic vendor in the Zul'aman patch.

    Leveling from 20-60 will be easier. Quests will be friendlier to new players, less experience will be necessary, and more experience will be awarded.

    Barber shops. Hair and facial hair are a given; they mentioned the possibility of earrings and jewelry, as well as possible tattoos. In other words, the best features of Fable (can we kick chickens in WotLK, too?).

    By next year, I want to be in a position to interview some of these people!

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    Heh Barber shop ftw

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    Er.. how will Undead be having tattoos? lol

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    You will be, Cider...you will be.

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