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Thread: MT for Kara.

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    MT for Kara.

    So I was just recruited into my new guild to become our 3rd MT for starting Kara.

    Let me know if there are any improvements I could make to my gear, so I can be the best tank I can be. Thanks in advance.

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    Obviously the major thing is getting Kara epics, but here are some others to work on:

    Heroic Badge tanking ring (over Elementium band of sentry)

    Darkmoon Card: Vengeance over Moroes Trinket

    Do Arena for a while and get Arena shield.

    Ranged slot: Either grind Ogrila rep for the crossbow, or get Gyro-Balanced Khorium destroyer.

    You look good for starting kara...time to go get kara epics

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    Very solid gear for early Karazhan. Nothing I can think of that would be more than a minor upgrade or side-grade short of crafted epics or badge rewards.

    Being an enchanter though, I would make sure to work on hitting Revered with Consortium for [item]Formula: Enchant Ring - Weapon Might[/item]. Definitely worth it when wielding a 1.6 speed weapon.
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    I would swap trinkets temporarily to attain crit immunity until you get more defense from other gear. Or, swap something else. I don't know what gear you have in the bank.

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