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Thread: Tank - Seeking Criticism

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    Tank - Seeking Criticism

    The Armory

    I am the main tank for my guild and im seeking constructive criticism on my build/gear. We have kara, gruul, mag on farm and we are about to kill Vashj in SSC + alar/solarian in TK (VR is already down). I have pretty much all the drops in those instances available to me, im wondering what I need/should upgrade. Obviously my bracers but ive been trying for the kara ones for 30 weeks....no lie
    Anyway thanks for your input.


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    I personally like to have my dodge more than 20%. Perhaps use the [item]Devilshark Cape[/item] until you can get the [item]Phoenix-wing Cloak[/item] instead of the [item]Farstrider Defender's Cloak[/item]. I believe Void Reaver drops [item]Wristguards of Determination[/item]. Have one of your blacksmiths craft you a [item]Belt of the Guardian[/item] if Leotheras refuses to drop [item]Girdle of the Invulnerable[/item].
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    I'd say get more +hit. Resocketting the gun is a great start. I'd also recommend getting Attuman's bracers.

    As for talents, your defense is high enough for you to move some points from anticipation to imp. bloodrage. Starting a fight with an instant SS is just too convenient to pass up.

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