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Thread: Tear me apart.

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    Tear me apart.

    The Armory

    Most of you know of the guild situation for me. I was in a SSC/TK guild, and then I transferred to a BT/Hyjal guild. I have the worst loot luck (the damn crap just never drops for me!), as you can tell by my lack of loot from any of the four places-- hell, I still don't even have three things I need for Karazhan, and I've done that place so many times I have nightmares of it. I don't know what sort of guild I will be going to next, so this sort of loot may not even be available to me in the near future, unfortunately.

    With that said, even without all the fancy gear, I think my stats are still good. I need a new tanking weapon-- although, to be honest, even tanking in Hyjal/TK, my loyal Sun Eater has always done me well. I think I need more avoidance gear to build a better avoidance set, and I definitely need more +hit items for a decent threat set.

    I normally go for stacking stamina while taking a bit of care to not sacrifice too many other stats, but on my chest I didn't stack 12 stamina for a few reasons. Mostly it was because with the socket bonus of 6 stamina, I would only be gaining 6 stamina overall if I stacked all 12 stam, and I figured I would be losing stats that way. Not to mention, I had the Nightbane chest piece previously, and gemming my new chest piece that way leaves me with the same exact amount of health my last chest gave me.

    Hmm, what else... Oh, and as for the cloak situation, I have [item]Gilded Thorium Cloak[/item], which I use for "meat-shield" situations because of the obvious increase in armor and health. [item]Devilshark Cape[/item] will always be a favorite, though, because of the 1.35% dodge you get with the dodge rating and the agility enchant, the decent amount of stamina and defense on it, and the block value-- all on one blue cloak! I'm working on the heroic cloak for a nice block value set, although I might wind up playing around using it sometimes in my normal tanking set. For low rage situations (like five mans), instead of taking off gear, I also use [item]Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings[/item] (along with various other gear changes. It's definitely a really, really nice cloak to use even for tanking, if you can afford to lose a little tanking stats.

    My talent build is the one I've been using forever. I find it works well for a healthy mix of heroics, occasional main tanking, and for tanking difficult trash (Hyjal) and off tanking and/or tanking adds in the more difficult encounters. If I were to join a guild as a main tank, I might change a few things around-- more specifically improved sunder armor (the quicker those sunders are up, the quicker that boss goes down). But if I go back to my last guild, I'm adding improved revenge in my build, and if I go to a SSC/Mag guild, I'm taking out improved defensive stance.

    Any other suggestions/ criticism on anything? I don't have a lot of gear open to me unless I choose to go back to a decently progressing guild, but I can still change a few things.

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    Outside of joining a progressing guild i dont think you can get much better gear. Maybe a King's defender its not hard to pug kara now. Thats all i can really see being an upgrade unless you hit ssc.

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    Only real improvement I can see are getting a new weapon and the s2 shield. I also noticed you are well over the def. (soft) cap. You might consider moving points from anticipation to something more useful.

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    I got a few upgrades, so have at me again. :P

    Question-- should I put points in improved heroic strike and/or sunder armor? I've reallyyyy been considering it more and more, especially now that I'm getting to tank more than just trash and adds.

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    8/7/46(imp shieldwall not imp sunder)

    Tanking more then just trash takes less rage conservation and if you tank trash now w/o those talents just fine I would skip on them, They don't help on bosses unless said boss is agro wiping repeatedly.

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    Well, I'm not usually a fan of either, but as much as I spam heroic strike, even with it being a rage dump, it would be more beneficial to have it cheaper. The only reason I suggest imp sunder is because with me MT'ing more, it would mean I could get the sunders up on bosses quicker meaning quicker dps, and more I can focus on other abilities. I'm not completely sold on either, though. I'm rather fond of my spec, as it suits most tanking situations without having to change it for individual bosses.

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    Definitely need Imp heroic if MTing. I like 12 in arms. So 12/6/43 or 12/5/44.

    I've tried imp sunder and imp shield wall. I dont see a big difference, however I feel like I prefer Imp sunder by a bit. Next time I respec I'm goign to flip my shield wall for sunder.

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    I'm a bit partial to imp shield wall. It's saved my butt so many times. :P

    Hmm. Would removing improved defensive stance for improved heroic strike be viable? It's not needed very often, but when it is needed, I would need to respec...

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    I would much rather keep, the imp def stance, and pick up imp HS by droping something else, those to are must IMO.

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    Rage Efficency is always good once you start capping out your gear for you current progression level

    I love imp sheild wall when trying to learn new content, but I usually drop it if I am just doing normal-ish content

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    After tanking Kael tonight, I've decided imp defensive stance is about the best thing ever. :O

    Just trying to figure out where to get those points for imp HS, though..

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