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Thread: Parry, Green Block Value

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    Parry, Green Block Value

    I just read the previous discussion on Block Rating and would like to see some information on Parry. The other post mentioned Boots of Elusion versus Battlescar Boots. Battlescar, the non avoidance choice, has parry. Using parry over dodge would increase your tps and therefore your rage. If you are rage starved and don't want to take more damage, wouldn't you want to stack parry and drop dodge? Maybe in combination with block value?

    On the subject of block value, I recently picked up two greens that were interesting and easy to get, Horns of the Illidari (33 block value) and Ascendant's Boots (23 block value). They both have yellow/blue sockets. I don't have the Warbringer Greathelm yet and the Red Havoc Boots are impossible to get on my server.

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    Although true about parry > dodge in terms of rage starvation issues, Parry itemization cost is normally too high, not to mention gem socketing for it will yield lower gains than stacking defense rating or dodge.

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    10 Parry rating gives about as much avoidance as 8.5 Dodge rating, and the swing speedup effect from it would be worth somewhere around 1 hit rating worth of threat generation.

    Parry is pretty similar to dodge and defense, except it gives a bit less avoidance, and gives a bit of threat.

    Throw in blade turning, if you have a couple T4 (and most of us are between the level of starting to have a couple T4, and getting too many T5), and you should basically consider 1 parry rating ot be like .9 of a dodge rating worth of avoidance, and .1 of a hit rating worth of threat.

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    Exactly what everyone said. It makes sense to stack parry over dodge, but when you look at how much parry rating it takes to equal a point, it's very unrealistic to try to stack parry. You'd end up having to sacrifice too many stats, so in the end, it isn't worth it.

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