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Thread: Where to go?

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    Where to go?

    Hello all,

    I am a old traditionel thinking prot. played 40 days and are now standing with 11000 health and 13000 in armor. I feel thats a little low to go heroic Mech, coz i am getting killed to quick. but where to go from here to get higher health and armor, i got Aegis of the Sunbird and Millennium Blade. Hope somebody will tell what they did at that stage.


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    honestly your stats from what you say arent too bad the only probs in heroic mech you should have are the mechano type mobs stun the hell out of em and you should be fine.

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    It would be nice to see an Armory profile, but I'll list my tank gear and gems (it's not in my Armory because I'm fury, and the Armory has been reluctant to update lately), which are all obtainable pre-heroics, with the exception of my Kara rep ring.

    Helm: Felsteel Helm, 3x +9 stam gem (I was cheap when I got that, crafted)
    Neck: Mark of the Ravenguard (quest reward, Sethekk Halls)
    Shoulders: Shoulderguards of the Bold, 2x +12 stam gems (Murmur, Shadow Labyrinth)
    Chest: Breastplate of the Bold, 3x +9 stam gems (again, I was a cheapskate, Harbinger Skyriss, The Arcatraz)
    Wrist: Sha'tari Wrought Armguards, 1x +9 stam gem (quest reward, Shadow Labyrinth)
    Hands: Felsteel Gloves, 2x +12 stam gems (crafted)
    Waist: Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard (quest reward, Arcatraz key chain)
    Legs: Timewarden's Leggings, 3x +12 stam gems (Keepers of Time Revered rep reward)
    Feet: Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves (quest reward, Mana-Tombs - yeah, I know, but I haven't been lucky enough with the boots from the trash in Kara yet, or chess)
    Ring 1: Violet Signet (revered version, Violet Eye rep reward)
    Ring 2: Wind Trader's Band (quest reward, Netherstorm - hey, it may be green, but it's a great green for a quest reward)
    Weapon: Grom'tor's Charge (quest reward, Cipher of Damnation quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley)
    Shield: Netherwing Protector's Shield (LFG TK instances, need to get Sha'tar exalted =P)
    Ranged: Random level 69 green of stamina (+25), before that, I used the bow from the first boss of the Black Morass
    Trinket 1: Dabiri's Enigma (quest reward, Netherstorm)
    Trinket 2: Adamantine Figurine (Blackheart the Inciter, Shadow Labyrinth)

    All that gear gives me 12404 unbuffed health, 11600ish armour, 497 defence, about 15% dodge and parry and 13-14% block (keep in mind these numbers are for a non-Prot spec warrior), and with the exception of one item, is all attainable pre-Kara and heroics. Sorry about the long post, but since Aggramar was down for the extended maintenance the Armory has been slow to update, otherwise I'd have logged off in my tank gear.
    Edit: Forgot to mention my enchants. I won't bother to list them, but they're mostly stamina where possible, KoT revered enchant on the helm. Some of my enchants could use replacing though, along with gems, which could potentially put my unbuffed health over 12.6k as a rough guess)
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