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Thread: A few Heroic Dungeon questions.

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    A few Heroic Dungeon questions.

    Hello Warriors, I've been running Heroics for a bit now, up to 15 Badges so far and i am working to get me an Azure Shield of Coldarra. So far i have only run Heroic Underbog and The Mechanar. My questions that could help me alot, are...

    -Mechano-Lord Capacitus, does anyone try that stair trick where the tank fights him high up, group stays behind and you render the bombs useless. I was in one group with all ranged dps so instead i just tanked him in the NW corner of his room and let the ranged guys spread out behind him, that trivialized the bombs, but how are Melee dps supposed to hang in this fight on heroic? If they get a diff. polarity then me they have to move and if they move behind him where they won't hurt me with their charge, they'll be eating bombs left and right (they spawn from behind him i believe)

    -Nethermancer Sepethrea, this fight is probably the toughest fight i've done so far. I don't have anywhere to move her, and when i get knocked back/ aggro-reset i have to intervene to a party member through fire and by the time i do get to them they are probably already dead either from Sepethrea hitting them or the elementals hellfiring. Most groups skip her, but i'd still like to understand this fight a little better.

    Underbog Lords, seriously what is up with these guys? i haven't been on a run yet where "I" just the tank haven't died. Upon checking my combat log i was surprised to learn they are hitting me harder then the freakin bosses. Hungerfen, Ghaz'ran, were hitting me for about 1-2k per hit, these Lords were hitting me for 5-6k "With" Shield Block up.

    Here is a link to my armory if any advice might require scrutiny of it, hope you guys can help this aspiring Tank out

    The Armory

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    for the first boss, melee dps will have to run out and bandage when they can to save themselves, it'll help with healer alot, he's not a terribly hard hitting boss, so fear not if the healer tries to top off others, not too big of a deal, i've never had that problem and i run a full melee team:
    Prot warrior, fury warrior, fury warrior, rogue, priest.

    On sepethrea it really is a matter of just not "KILL HER FAST!" but rather, move the elementals. Even if you just have to beat on her very VERY slowly, then so be it, the more ranged you have the better, but if you're a lock and you got an elemental coming for you, SCREW your dps meters, RUN, just keep them away from her, and the rest of your party, kite around in a big square around the room, and when they start to pulse, then go ahead and try to squeeze in your dots/nukes/ranged dps, or wahtever. This puts the most stress on the warrior who will need to taunt and grab her attention inbetween agro wipes as much as possible to prevent the boss from killing people. It also puts a ton of stress on the healer who will need to basically kite elementals if they're on them, while healing others. Just try not to cross paths, keep the kite rectangle going, and slowly burn her down.

    as for the lords. well that's life, they hit like dump trucks, I die all the time, as long as the others don't, or we proceed through, its worth it to me =]

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    Ello matey.

    On teh mechano Lord we usually have dpsers on the stairs with me downstairs(not on the bottom of the stairs, but on the "side" of them). Everyone stands in the middle of the stairs. if you get a + debuff you go up, if you get a - you go down. If I got another melee party member he runs away and waits for the debuff goes away.

    Sepethrea is a woman I almost never do. Before as you may know you could kite the mobs while she was standing alone. But not anymore So basically you just have to avoid the fires, since the elementals are random targetting party members. A shaman or paladins FR Totem/aura helps during this fight.

    Hope this helps abit >_<
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    Its possible for a melee dps to stand on top of the boxes far enough away from the ranged dps to not get injured by polarity problems. To get the mechano lord close enough I generally have to run under the boxes and then come back out again, but it sometimes requires some co-ordination.

    Sepethrea - as people have said "run". My other suggest is having an off-healer help help (mages always seem to die in this fight) and wear a fire resistance set (with a pally healer I aim for about 160 fire res as she doesnt hit that hard and the chances are everyones going to need a fair amount of healing).

    Or alternatively wait until wednesday (in europe) as I believe in the new patch their run speed is being reduced which should make the fight much easier.
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    There are other places where you can tank Mechano-Lord Capacitus without having to worry too much about the Nether Charges. My favorite place is the middle of the east edge of the depression he patrols around in; by standing right on the edge, the Nether Charges generally remain contained within the depression (one or two may get out during the fight by pathing around the sides, but they're easy to heal through -- they only hit for around 2.5k damage a shot). Because of his large hitbox, it should generally be possible for melee to have an attack angle on him without getting the tank hurt (though, if you need to be safe, just move back up and use your ranged weapon -- you should still be able to kill him before Berserk).

    Underbog Lords hit hard, but their attack speed is slow (3.0 without debuffs). Thunder Clap can reduce that even further and Demoralizing Shout helps a lot with reducing their peak damage. Fighting them is all about surviving burst damage, which occurs when you eat a regular attack and a Knock Away at the same time (pre-2.1, they could hit for 8k+ damage both after 5-6 growths). Keep your stamina high (Commanding Shout, stamina food if you have it -- there's cheap +15 stamina food purchasable from the Skyguard if you don't feel up for the expense of Spicey Crawdad for a heroic), keep Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap up at all times, spam Shield Block. Conversely, your healer must heal you as though you were tanking a 25-man raid boss. I.e., she can't wait with heals until you lost health, but heal proactively; throw out the heals before you take damage and only cancel at the last second if you take any; overhealing is a healer's least concern here. Priests should try to keep abolish disease on you (global cooldowns permitting), shamans drop a disease cleansing totem. If your healer has HoTs, they can help a lot with keeping HPS up at critical moments. And obviously, DPS have to kill them before they grow too much. If things get dicey, consider extending your effective health proactively with Last Stand so that you can survive the double hits after 5+ growths.

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