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Thread: OT Talent Spec

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    OT Talent Spec

    I for the life of me can not find any talent specs for an OT. If anyone could please help me on this or lead me to a site with them, I would greatly appreciate it. I am the off tank for Kara if that helps. I'm currently specced 11/0/50. I just don't want to be gimp for tanking 5 mans.

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    With 50 in prot... you're far from gimping the 5mans....

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    Most off tanks are just dps tanks with tanking gear on, and maybe some slight alterations in their upper tiers.

    If you really wanna be an effective OT and still dish out some DPS I'd go with either...

    17/7/37: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft so you can be helpful by laying out the imp tclap and imp demo shout, and still tank well with SS and actually be viable for 5 mans because of your huge threat generating abilities.

    My other idea would be to: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    But not having Deflection sucks so I dunno.

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    So what do you guys think of this?

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    The only reason I went with arms, is that I dont have 2x weapons with enough dps. I do have a fairly nice 2 hander so I went with a build to cater to it. Should I drop one point in anticipation an get concussive blow?

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    A true OT spec Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    This is assuming you are 25 man raiding and you are not the MT. Yes you are vital to a raids success. 25 mans require more than 1 prot warrior, and it is probably by far the hardest to find a good OT.

    Tanks tend to either want to be the MT or they want to be a dps spec.

    /salute OTs that take pride in being an OT and getting the job done.

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    Wth it didnt link the right spec.....grrrrr

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    Gruff is it worth putting the 5 pts in imp demo when only 2 pts count unless CoR is up? I have no problem being OT, I want to be MT one day but I dont have the gear for it right now. I m looking at an OT spec that I can go outside the instance and still be able to farm a little bit for respec money/gem money.

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    Yeah its really very very nice when an OT specs 5/5 imp demo. It helps on things enraging and you can also have Curse of Recklessness up on just about any fight and not suffer the negative side effect of the mob having an increased AP.

    Im the MT of my guild, and used to run with a 2/5 imp demo spec, but one of the guys in my guild wanted piercing howl to help with the myriad of fights with lots of adds and aoe'ing, so he was happy to spec 5/5 to help the guild out.

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