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Thread: Moomootrain from Norway just wondering :)

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    Moomootrain from Norway just wondering :)

    Just wondering how this gear is for starting Mag and Gruul. Our first group cleared Gruul the previous week and just waiting for the second group to be ready
    Also Im in doubt about my specc for the 25 man raid instances. Anything needed more here then in Kara and 5 mans? Any weps prefered more then others(Currently in a dilemma if I should lvl my lvl 63 rogue to 70 gather lots of veins and stones. Get alot of bags, send the veins and stones to the bank(s) then remove herbie on Norry and choose bs so I can get the bs weps)?
    Sidenote thoose 2 trinkets are the only "tank" trinkets I got atm, seeing that I had a drunken clean up for 2 weeks ago. So must get to SH and SL again for thoose

    The Armory

    --EDIT-- Also is the 2% threat on gloves still good or am I better of with 15 agi or str?
    --EDIT-- Got the tier4 helm now.
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