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Thread: Here's mine.

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    Here's mine.

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    Your gear and my gear are pretty darn similar at the moment. I've got no real criticism to level.

    Your talents are very nice. Improved Bloodrage is good for pulling, but you may get more mileage out of switching one point into Improved Sunder, especially in multi-mob packs.

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    I'm pretty happy with my current set up and only awaiting raid drops to work my way. I am in the content I need to be to get it but I feel I am well geared enough to tackle end game bosses ahead of where I am by a few notches.

    I know my weakness is threat generation (on paper, at least) My BV is low and my + hit is weak. I made my goal of 15K unbuffed health and I am about to touch 17K armor. My avoidance could stand to come up some but its not my primary concern. I can get more + hit with [item]Icon of Unyielding Courage[/item] tucked away in my bag. Some 20-30 Moroes kills and no watch Tier 4 helm is the next big thing I would like to get and an upgrade in the ring and cloak slots. I have King's Defender and Suneater but I am stubborn and will stick with TF till someone pries it from my cold, dead hands(or I get the Brutalizer or sword from Hyjal....which will be about....May of next year? lol)

    Note: With the season 2 shield's 31 Resiliance I am crit immune despite being sub 490 in def

    Ah, content:
    Farming Gruul's Lair
    Farming Karahzan (except Illhoof/Netherspite....not enough hours in the week )
    your hat may be nice, but I have the little white tank top that says Legendary right across my boobs. I win. (or more correctly, H wins)

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    nice gear, 15k unbuffed is awesome, you have some better gear than me in tanking gear, really can't say much at all.

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