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Thread: Broose - Kara Off tankish starting heroics

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    Broose - Kara Off tankish starting heroics

    Just waiting for a guildee to finish my "helm of the stalwart defender" and that will be on soon.

    I need a nice belt which hopefully will drop from kara or a heroic im embarking on.

    any ideas where i can improve? pick away

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    Notlob its a palindrome
    Sethekk heroic: Shoulders from last boss
    Slavepens heroic: Belt from last boss or do the arcatraz key quest with a friend..
    Felsteel gloves would be an upgrade imo
    Timewarden leggings or felsteel leggings would also be an upgrade (Caverns of time revered)
    And get a stamina ring or the ring from arcatraz you are a warrior the CoT ring really does you no justice.
    Theres an ok belt in heroic ramparts and a neat tanking mace thats quite good pre karazhan.
    You can get nice boots from heroic blood furnace HOWEVER heroic blood furnace has mobs that will probably 2 shot you at yoru current gear level =( same goes for heroic underbog you will want to pick up the 36 sta trinket from there..

    Expect some heroics to be somewhat heroic sometimes its dependant on healers more than anything else, also you have TC and demo shout things ive hardly ever had.

    As for heroic badges atm your priorities would be Shield (its ugly i know! if it doesnt feel right go for the cloak) > cloak >ring(might be higher ranked due to how poor your current is)> trinket.

    Ive said cloak before ring simply because it will give you a nice upgrade in survivability and increase your threat generation.

    Im not a warrior but would it not be better to run with this: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Improved blood rage means you can start with a shield slam right away ^.^..whether you want 3/3 imp heroic strike or 3/3 imp sunder is up to you but unbridled wrath while decent isnt so fantastic in my opinion.

    Hope you get other opinions im a paladin ...

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    well, had a stroke of luck in kara tonight, dropping, 3 epic items for me on legs, hands and feet. decided to slot the new items for slot bonus as generally its block value (shield slam dmg,etc)

    what ya reckon now?

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