Web forums are incredible places for discussion, information, and community. However, they share a weakness in that they are difficult to search through and find exactly the information you are looking for. Often, using "Advanced Search" will find too many or too few related topics and will be difficult to find what you want.

The purpose of TankSpot is to redesign the web community in such a way that we can selectively and easily design websites from the forums. By doing this, we can find information on a given subject that will be useful to most people and create formal, easy-to-use pages similar to those you would find on corporate websites.

Notice that every post here has a "Respond to Article." This literally is just referencing you to the thread that created this article. If you were to click it for this post, you would see everything here in a vBulletin format. Both are pulling from the same place in the database, making it very easy to convert new posts into webpages.

With this said, beginning this week we will begin tallying the most popular and most informative threads and posting an "Article Relay" to the frontpage. This will help you quickly jump into the engaging discussions, hopefully leading you to register and post on other subjects as well.