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Thread: Comments from Blizzard

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    Comments from Blizzard

    Take the following for what you will. These have been relayed via Wartorn at Blizzcon.

    The following are pre-WotLK comments; they represent more immediate concerns than the expansion pack:
    1) Prot PVP has issues; Blizzard knows this. (We're not really sure if there's a solution in the works, but they know it!)

    2) Fear Ward may be expanded to additional classes. More specifically, it will "get more love." Wartorn suggests that there may be more fear encounters in the future as well.

    3) Itemrack will be an included mod in the Blizzard UI.

    4) Resist bags or additional resistance gear space may be coming short order.

    5) Paladins will have their health raised to be competitive with Warriors (great news for Paladins!).

    Regarding Crushing Blows
    Blizzard has commented that Crushing Blow mechanics may be revisited. This likely suggests that, along with the Paladin changes, Druids will be brought in line as well. This is also likely in response to the news that Deathknights will be unable to equip shields.

    I will update this post as soon as I have more news and links to provide. Thanks!

    Welcoming Joanadark's Blog:
    Joanadark has set up a blog on the website. Since the updated navbar isn't in place yet, there's no solid link and no way to announce it at this time... hence, this!

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    Joanadark writes some great stuff

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