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Thread: Looking to build the ultimate warrior

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    Looking to build the ultimate warrior

    Now I realize what is going through your heads right now.

    "oh great, another guy who doesn't know how to use the search feature"

    Hear me out.

    For a long time I've heard about warriors having limited ability in pvp compared to some other classes, getting kited and consistently feared or ensnared etc. For a long time I thought that the warrior class had been broken by the burning crusade, with BC out warriors would just be "further gimped". For a long time I was told that a warriors place was tanking in PVE and that that would soon be overtaken by bear form druids with epic gear and ret paladins who could get more aggro from one heal than we ever could.

    I'm tired of that kind of thinking.

    I'm tired of being told i need to duo with a healer, that I'm useless by myself, that " a lone warrior is easy honor".

    That being said I want to design a warrior from the ground up, one who relies only on his fighting skill and his non fighting abilities to see him through anything.

    Basically, A PVP survival warrior.

    No I don't mean a warrior with huge hp, i mean a warrior who can walk into a fight with any one (or two) opponents and walk out victorious. A walking death machine, a reaper of honor.

    All that being said I turn to you, who I have been told are the leading experts on the warrior class, for information towards this goal. I wish to start at the simplest of choices (such as race) and end with a completely redesigned warrior that will redefine the role of our class as a whole.

    Will you take up this cup with me?


    (Note: I know this thread may attract jerks who think they're cool because they call me a noob or whatever. I really don't care as long as we make it to the goal of creating a true juggernaut of a warrior. Thank you for your assistance in advance.)

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    For pvp survivality I would choose Dwarf or Gnome. Their racials are the best without any doubt, making the gnome the king as dwarf stoneform is only good vs. Hunters and Rogues while the Gnome escape artist is usable against any form of inmobilizing and snare.

    In summary, TBC raiding is easy. 9/10 encounters can be summarized with 1 phrase. Stay out of the fucking fire.
    Panda Cub with a Gnome pet!

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    I chose gnome because of the racial, it is the best racial for PvP. Also you small and its hard for people to click you fast, which can be good when its the enemy trying to click, or bad when it's the healer trying to click.

    Gnomes aren't the best looking, actually I think its the worst, but it's quite nice and funny to tank HUGE bosses.

    To be a true master of PvP the best thing you can do is find some high rated warrior here:
    World of Warcraft Arena Ranking

    Find a guy, copy him. Most likely he will be using full arena and honor gear, will have all epic gems, deep thunder or some other high end crafted weapon.

    And like it or not, will you die to mages equally geared and skilled. You have better chance if you're gnome, but you will still need luck.

    WoW is not designed to be a 1x1 game, if you want better 1x1 performance you need to roll a Warlock. Not trolling, just being realistic. Apart from that, warriors ROCK THE SCENE of pvp

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    While warriors are bad at 1v1 pvp they are excellent at group PvP, mainly due to the mortal strike debuff.

    Warriors are the best raid main tanks, and will not be surpassed by druids or paladins. Those other classes offer excelent utility and are excell in offtank roles.

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    About gnomes:

    Their racial "Escape artist" (or whatever ) ability is timed isn't it? Like a two second cast if I remember correctly. couldn't a rogue kick you out of that to interrupt you? I would have thought that would be a severe drawback as a gnome.

    About dwarves:

    I've heard good things about stoneform, but doesn't stoneform slow your run speed down or something like that? Admittedly I haven't played a dwarf as a warrior but I would think that is a problem too.

    Personally I'm surprised that more people wouldn't have picked undead or tauren as a superior pvp warrior. wouldn't the aoe stun of a tauren or the Word of the forsaken be a superior racial ability?

    And then comes the night elven shadowstep. A warrior that can cloak like a rogue seems to me like it would be more dangerous than anything in pvp. (of course rogues could see you but not many others would unless they were actively looking.

    Trolls thrown mastery and berzerk.... meh.

    Orcs bloodrage seems like it might be good but i don't know if the damage boost is worth it. plus they're more stun resistant.

    It's a hard choice, plus you have to take into account what tradeskills that a warrior might choose to offset the weaknesses in his natural ability. I figure that engineering is a standby for all warriors, but what else?

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