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Thread: Vikon Reborn (MS PVP)

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    Vikon Reborn (MS PVP)

    Vikon PVP, Alleria
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    Vikon's Description
    Not another Warrior PVP Movie! (ala Not Another Teen Movie)

    After his previous movie in which his character was deleted
    Vikon - Untold Fury Vikon is reborn in grand fashion for this MS PVP video. But this is anything but your normal warrior MS video as you'll see things from a different perspective and learn ALL the tricks for becoming a PVP beast.

    This movie was made to provide a comedic look at warrior pvp movies while providing some exciting action. I did slightly less editing of action after the comments made in my previous movies. I apologize for the sound quality/loudness in parts of the movie, I had 30gig worth of files to make this movie and I'm not an expert at equalizing sounds across several scenes.

    To the haters who want to make comments about "keybind" this "keyboard turner" that, you obviously didn't watch the whole movie to see where I make fun of the fact that I'm a PVE warrior and pride myself on raiding, not PVP. As you can see though all those things you think I'm doing wrong isn't really hurting my ability to kill people. Lighten up, this movie is for entertaining, not to display skill.

    Nokiv productions would like to pay a special thanks to Morrie and Astrouth for providing their assistance in the making of this movie.

    Redman- Smash Sumthin
    Rise Against- Tip the Scales
    Powerman 5000- Matrix Theme
    Paul Oakenfold- Ready Steady Go
    Adema- Drowning
    Atreyu- Bleeding Mascara
    Metallica- Fuel

    So now that you've watched the whole movie, here is the warrior PVP movie checklist covered.
    #1 6k executes
    #2 HARD ROCK
    #3 Fancy editing with zooming on crits
    #4 Editing scenes with all the big crits
    #5 Make it look like you don't have healers
    #6 DEATHWISH RECKLESSNESS with Sweeping Strikes!
    #7 Squishy opponents. No Bears Allowed.

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    Quality entertainment. Well done. ;]

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