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Thread: Dreasus' Guide for PvP Warriors

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    Firstly, let me tell a few things about myself. I'm playing an Orc Warrior, named Dreasus on the realm Trollbane-Europe (and Bloodscalp before) since the very first days of World Of Warcraft. Before the release of The Burning Crusade, I was dedicated to high-end PvE, with quality raid progress. After the expansion came out, because of different reasons I've started to focus on PvP maximally - I've seen far more challenge in that. And by the time I've worked out my thoughts about the Warrior PvP, and that's what the guide contains.

    The most imoportant thing is, you are going to ready my; experiences; opinions; advices – and I’ve formed these by playing closely three years with the class, watched all the „somewhat” movies (and by that I mean all those Warriors’ movies who knew how to play, and the ones who knew how to make a good movie…), discussed with some of the well known players, and tried countless different things. This guide is for everyone who is a bit interested in PvP as a Warrior, if you are switching to PvP, if you are leveling and planning to do it, even if you are the most experienced player all over – if you get just one, tiny idea of my guide, what grants you even a meaningless advantage, I can say I succeed.

    1. The Warrior PvP
    Many says that Warriors are not balanced in PvP as it currently stands, while others are trying to prove their wrong with statistics ; the top-ranked Arena Teams with Warriors, and things like that. Personally I find it hard to comment such a thing, because every single thing is limited to you, to the way you think about things - just as in the real life, you might find a piece of paper useless, but there are some people who could use that to kill someone. As a fact, there are some features in World of Warcraft that I call "game mechanics" what create limits to things, involving classes and their relationship to each other, but I pretend that there isn't any of these mechanics that ruins the PvP for any class. Everything depends on you, therefor if you are not satisfied with any kind of performance you provide ingame, search the reasons in yourself.

    In this phase I'll try to share some thoughts about the methods of your self-improvement, the way I think we should think about PvP to be better by time. Also, some definitions about the Warrior's role in PvP.

    1.1 Practice, Think, Learn
    It's true on anything ; if you pay attention to something, if you try to use your mind, if you try to understand it you'll have far better results than if you would do it brainless, without considering the circumstances. If you are about to maximize the performance-possibilities of your Warrior, it's not even close to enough if you play twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, because it will only pay itself if you think about the thing you do. Simple as that, you must know the reasons of every thing happens to you while you do PvP, if you invest the time and energy in summarizing, you have the chance to learn from it, and be better, find a way you can solve the problems you meet.

    Some people are not capable of it, they are playing the game since beta, they are managed to get PvP Rank14 and they still loose to most opponents, and without the right attitude and self-criticism, they start to look for the excuses and problems in the other classes and the game - I bet that could be reflected to their real life personality, but let's skip this topic. What I'm pointing, you must force yourself (if it doesn't go by itself) to think over everything. Pay attention to all the fights you play in, to what your enemies do, when, why.

    That's the key, and If you got that, the next step is the time. The more you invest, the better results you get. Be objective.

    1.2 PvP Class Balance
    People use this word (balance) many times on forums, most of these times they claim that something is not matches that word. Also, a lot of players like to talk around about the World of Warcraft's "Rock-Paper-Scissor" mechanism, like "Mage beats Warrior, Warrior beats Rogue, Rogue beats Mage". I hardly pretend that both of these are false.

    It's not even possible to ask for some kind of a perfect harmony between the classes, hopefully I don't have to point the reasons. It been a very long time ago when something crossed the line that much it made some aspects of the game unenjoyable. Today we have more matterful factors that classify the balance (like we have more abilities, new stat system, the Resilience, and so on) of the game, and in my view there's nothing that would need a radical change, otherwise it will continue ruining the game. Naturally there are some things that would require little changes, but I don't think questioning the must of the possibilities of developement would be wise, I've seen many good ideas that would bring some new colors to the gameplay (or into the Warrior class), some that would fix the current issues, and probably a few of them will have a place in the game in the future.

    With this I meant that Warriors are balanced currently. The following thing I write shades my opinion of the "Rock-Paper-Scissor" theory either. The whole thing is truly subjective, becuase even if I say that I do have a chance against any kind of enemies, you might say that I haven't faced opponents that were good enough - and to continue the line, I could ask something similar from you when you say you can't win like against anyone. But just because there's someone who are satisfied with something, but the other 99.99% of the people not, it's not wise to make the decisions according to the first one. And that's what makes World Of Warcraft a great game in my eye, like all the time, with minor problematics, Blizzard could manage to keep things at the right side of the edge, everyone has their own chance to find the levels they enjoy the game on. What causing the problems then?

    Many, like countless people don't have any idea about what level they play on. You can name these levels by any details of the game and the players; how well they can play ; how good their gear is ; talent specializations ; dedication ; and the list goes on. Now, if you are playing PvP casually, you have only average gear for it, why would you want to win against someone that has the full gear, far more experience than you in PvP? There are numberless opponents that would match your criteries better, therefor if you don't put the maximal effort in the thing you do, don't expect sucess without problems.

    Why all these things are important? Because apart from subjectivity, Warriors do stand a chance against any kind of opponents. Other opinions are based on skill-difference, gear-difference, and other things that builds PvP on the surface. Also, don't forget there are many differences between an average and average player, between good and good, also between the insane and insane. And that's the reason why the "Rock-Paper-Scissor" fails in my mind, there are some classes that have minor (or not only minor) advantages against another, but the way these two players play the game is far more important in most cases.

    The previous things was said in a general look, now some thoughts for the Arena PvP. One of the most serious problems of the Warriors is their extreme vulnerability to Crowd Control effects. Many people think Rogues fit most Arena teams better, because they only deal less damage (and that's not always true even) a bit, while they have fair abilities to interrupt and CC the enemies, also they have the possibilities to avoid these. After 2.3 Hunters could be brought to the picture either. But Warriors got their advantages either, also, you just need to find a team that you and your class fit in - if you would like to see some results. That's how it goes. A Priest + Mage + Warrior 3v3 team will never be the same good as the same team with a Rogue instead of the Warrior, but there are same setups that work for Warriors (as an example, Paladin + Shaman (Elemental) + Warrior). So if you can find a team that syncs with your class, you are free to go, aim for that - except if you prefer playing with friends undepending on classes. Basically we can stand proudly in every Arena team-bracket, though we got some limitations to what our partner has to be.

    1.3 Warrior's role and possibilities in PvP
    So what we have to do to be viable in solo situations? What we have to do to be useful in team fights? It's very simple, and insanely complicated at the same time - just as with other classes.

    First of all, every class has their own feat to play defensively, to survive, to outlast the enemy, to delay time. A noticable difference with Warriors is that their survivality possibilities against spell casters aren't that strong. Defensive Stance's reduce to the incoming damage is an important bonus here, also wielding a shield to be able to use Spell Reflection as the Cooldown lets you, and interrupt the opponent's spell with Shield Bash instead of Pummel just to win minimal time. That's about it against casters. Against other melees, more advantages come from using a shield, like the higher armor, the chance to block (and Shield Block ability) and using the damage-decreasing debuffs upon them repeatedly. These are very shortly our feats to play in a defensive style.

    So we are flexible to change playstyles quickly on the battlefields. Apart from the defensiveness, our main role in PvP is to deal damage. We are there because our damage output is constant, we aren't depending on long Cooldowns. Truly in group situations our power shows off far better if we have someone to assist us (with dispells, heals, and so on). Our job is to keep the pressure upon the opponents, keep up the important debuffs, sometimes on more targets. For sure, Mortal Strike is the most important of them, it's not only one of our best damaging abilities, but it reduces the heal effects upon the enemy by 50%, and it's possible to have this debuff up all the time - true, you need to manage your Rage wisely to be able to do that while also taking care of your other roles.

    The way a Warrior controls his Rage shows how good he is (at some points), we are the only class that has to act depending on that all the time interactively - it's also makes our thing harder and easier at the same time. It's harder, because when we need to make decisions quickly, a committed mistake with Rage control can mean an important debuff's wearing off, the missing and required damage what we could put on with the right Rage management. Other classes with Mana / Energy at situations they need to decide fast got the advantage if they want to do something, they can. Possibly in an overall look it wasn't Mana-efficient, but in the moment they needed to do something, they had the possibility - while we, Warriors have to always be prepared and control our power according to that, to be able to act when needed. Very simply, the easier thing in these for us is the fact we never run out of Rage (just as Rogues' Energy), so we have to be thoughtful for the current and the close following actions, while Mana users have to watch and work with their Mana counting with long fights.

    2. Talents
    To be competetive on the higher levels of PvP, Warriors have to use an exact Talent build, no exceptions. You can play well with like any variation, but due to our role-specific Talent trees, you lose too many importancies without the proper specialization.

    Arms is our PvP tree, if we want to keep it simple. Apart from the fact it has other great tools in it, the most important Talent from the tree is Mortal Strike for sure, that's not only our best damaging ability (naturally only if we count with the designed PvP gear), but our most viable debuff in group situations either. These are shortly the reasons of why I will only talk about the variations of Arms builds.

    In the phase, I'll show three different main-ideas of builds, and three-four-two base examples for them, will touch the question of the weapon specializations of an Arms Warrior, also will mention most of the core Talents of each tree. An important note: These are examples, therefore I've created them according to a sheme, but you can always variate the Talent points as you wish.

    2.1 The Core Talents
    These are the most important Talents of a PvP Warrior. There are viable builds that don't have one or even more of these Talents, but there's one that can have all, and that's the most common build of all the PvP Warriors - be that the casual players or the top-world ranked Arena Warriors.I won't mention weapon specializations, Improved Slam and the question of Flurry - Tactical Mastery here on purpose, I'll talk about them in different phases.

    Death Wish: After 2.3 Death Wish and Sweeping Strikes switched places, so now Death Wish is the pre-required Talent of Mortal Strike. Undepending on that, Death Wish is truly a great Talent, because it gives even more safer control over Fear effects to the Warrior, and the high damage output increase is also very useful in many cases.

    Improved Intercept: The Talent also got moved to Arms tree in 2.3 (switched spot with Weapon Mastery), giving some oppurtunities for various Arms builds. As a fact, Improved Intercept is a must have for PvP, it's one of our very few abilities that provide some kind of Crowd Control, also like our only chance to be able to reach the targets that are out of melee range, and the 10 second cooldown decreasement is very important when we talk about an ability that has 30 second base cooldown.

    Mortal Strike: I've already mentioned the advantages of this Talent. The heal reducement effect on it is the main reasons Warriors are super in group PvP - and also important in many solo situations.

    Second Wind: For the level70 PvP itemization this talent is great, and should be taken by any Warrior. Be that solo or team situation, if the opponents are trying to take us down, or keep us out of the fight, we will suffer countless Crowd Control effects that would proc Second Wind, and both the healing and Rage come from it is very noticable and important.

    Piercing Howl: This Talent is great to have, it helps us to get in melee range of the opponent we chase, it helps us to slow more targets at the same time with one ability. It has a low Rage cost, can be used in any stance.

    Enrage: Now, this Talent is without question is a very unique advantage to the Warriors comparing to other classes. The damage improvement comes from it is high, it lasts long enough, and the proc requirement is also good (especially with the Resilience system).

    Sweeping Strikes: With 2.3 it got moved to Fury tree (instead of Death Wish). The fact now it's usable in Berserker Stance made it even better, also now it grants ten stacks, though the time it lasts got reduced it's still truly worth to take it, because there are many cases you are able to damage two targets at the same time, plus the ability has a fair cooldown.

    Weapon Mastery: After the Disarm system change, it's still an important Talent. Though it's possible to replace it with a weapon enchant, that makes you lose some advantages you could get from an other.

    Now there are many other great Talents to have, but most of them is obvious to take (for example Cruelty) or I'll talk about them later (for example Flurry / Tactical Mastery).

    2.2 Weapon Specializations
    Every Arms Warrior face this question; which weapon? By essence, all our three Talents are similar, the differences come out when we speak about the fields we use them on, so there's not any of them what is better than the others without doubt.

    Poleaxe Specialization: Many people claim that this specialization became useless because of the Resilience system. Now that may be true at some points, but naturally it's not that simple. I think Poleaxe Specialization fits profiles; like the profile of a casual PvP Warrior, who enjoys Battlegrounds on some days, does Arena with friends for fun, loves dueling. But there are profiles for basically any Warrior who gearing wise enough to make the specialization viable on the higher levels of PvP - top Arena brackets, and so on.

    What could be classified as wise gearing for Poleaxe Specialization? Being focused on Critical Strike Chance, for example - naturally I'm not talking about something like using only Critical Strike Rating gems and not watching socket bonuses, and using only Agility-Critical Strike Rating enchants, leaving our other offensive and defensive stats very low. There's something about critical strikes for Warriors; true that Resilience reduces the damage from critical strikes, therefor Attack Power is either important to improve the damage of the hits and the critical strikes. But, even if a critical strike's damage get's reduced with 25% (a full Resilience geared player can reach it), it will still generate more Rage than a hit, and we deal damage over our Rage generation. So if you find the golden mean, you can reach very nice results using Poleaxe Specialization; just don't gear too one-sided, keeping that in mind you're using a Critical Strike Chance focused build.

    And if you use a build like that, it's good to have Flurry, that's a huge plus to Poleaxe Specialization. Consider that either, when you think about speccing into Poleaxe Specialization.

    Mace Specialization: Without question, this specialization is the most used by the top Arena Warriors. The chance of the proc depends on weapon speed, and with the base speeds of two-handed weapons it's on a fair rate. Also, because it's a passive, and not controlled stun, it doesn't share Diminishing Return with our Charge, Intercept (Concussion Blow). The Rage comes from it is also good.

    Though Mace Specialization can have some disadvantages in rare cases. Firstly, there's no base damage coming from it (there can be cases against that, like stunning a Rogue under Evasion with an Overpower, and while he is under stun, you can deal damage what you couldn't do normally because of Evasion). Secondly, if it procs at an unlucky time, it can be problematic (like you would have to Pummel something, but your current swing finishes just a moment before you hit Pummel, and the swing procs a mace stun, your Pummel hits nothing).

    But even if these are up, Mace Specialization is truly great. Why? It gives us some viabilities above our base abilities and damage. True, we can't control the stun, but in the bigger part of situations it will help us, and make the opponent's job harder. It's especially strong when soloing or doing 2v2, 3v3 Arena. It has it's power in 5v5 either, but the experience says that we need pure damage there more times than a tool like this.

    Sword Specialization: This is the second one if we examine what top-rated Arena Warriors use. It has a base 5% chance to proc, and the extra attacks generate Rage as normal attacks would, so it's quite high. Why people love it, is the chance of the potential burst damage hides in the Talent, if you gain the extra attacks at the right time, it can win you situations.

    Now, Sword Specialization has disadvantages either. Because of the "base-latency" of the game, there are some issues. As an example, if you interrupt a spell at the last ~0.1 second of the casting it will still land, and things like that. Now it affects Sword Specialization in some ways either, when you hit a target that's shielded (Priests', Warlocks', Mages') and your hit gets consumed by the shield, the extra attack will get consumed too, even if it would out-damage the shield otherwise - that's also because of the "base-latency" of the game. Plus the extra attack can be missed and avoided (Parry, Dodge, Block).

    Using Sword Specialization is a matter of preference (like all the three weapon specialization though), if you're focusing only on damage output (for 5v5 Arena, as an example) you can choose between this and Poleaxe Specialization. And in that question, a lot of people decides next to Sword Specialization.

    2.3 Flurry vs. Tactical Mastery
    The most common builds have to decide between Tactical Mastery and Flurry. It's not an easy question, because Tactical Mastery gives better control over your actions, while Flurry provides better damage output and Rage generation (even if the Rage generation scales down with increased attack speed). Before I continue the phase, let me mention, I didn't have a single Talent build without Tactical Mastery since the very first days, and I've used Flurry for the last few months.

    Tactical Mastery makes you more flexible overall, you can use your debuffs easier (Thunder Clap, Disarm for example) and also, there are some situation-savers that you aren't able to use without Tactical Mastery if you weren't in the correct stance already (Spell Reflection, Disarm again as example). Also, even if the base 10 Rage you save without Tactical Mastery is enough for many abilities, you won't be surely able to perform following actions - like you switch to Defensive Stance, use Intervene instantly, you leave yourself on 0 Rage, while with Tactical Mastery you would have up 15 and you would be able to use a Piercing Howl, and things like that.

    These sound good, why people even bother to think about Flurry? Firslty, because the Talent itself is truly great, the damage output gets noticable better, and that comes handy when your job is only to deal damage and not to play tricky. Also, you can learn to play without Tactical Mastery, even if it's hard and not working perfectly all the time. If you switch stance between swings or just before a swing finishes, you'll have the Rage coming from it with the 10 saved up, therefor you are able to use closely any Warrior ability, therefor you've lost minor bonuses comparing to a build with Tactical Mastery. The fact is, it's risky, because if your hit after stance switch avoids the opponent, you will be still on low Rage, also sometimes you need to act very quickly in another stance, in those cases you'll miss the Tactical Mastery.

    Simple as that, you need to find out what do you experience more times, and make your decision according to that.

    2.4 Full Arms Build
    These builds have minimum 41 points in Arms, using Endless Rage. After 2.3 these builds became viable, because Improved Intercept and Death Wish got moved to Arms tree. Most of the Warrior community says that Endless Rage isn't worth it as it currently stands for, but you can still see some top Warriors using a build with it. What you won't have (and important) as full Arms talented is Enrage, Sweeping Strikes, Weapon Mastery. While Enrage is closely a key talent for PvP, Sweeping Strikes is truly a good ability, Weapon Mastery is skipped by some Warriors. Those who love to try out new things should try a build like these against the common ones - on forums, there are a group of players that use this and they're maximally satisfied, saying they never get Rage-starved and so.

    41/20/0 This build is about maximized damage, you can have all Talents that increases damage output by percentage. Also, with this build it's possible to have Sweeping Strikes instead of Endless Rage, but because it's a full Arms build, it's not surely a good idea, Endless Rage worths more if you come this down already in Arms.

    44/14/3 In this build you don't have Enrage, but you get some extra points in Arms instead for Improved Hamstring, and surely maxed out damage Talents, also you have Tactical Mastery, what's a great option for an Endless Rage build.

    45/5/11 An interesting Talent build, and there are some Warriors ranked highly who use this one. Last Stand comes handy in many solo situations and in Arenas either when you are focus damaged. The thing is, you won't have Piercing Howl (or Blood Craze), what is a big loss in my eyes, but again, Last Stand can win many situations. It's basically the 5v5 Endless Rage build.

    2.5 Arms-Fury Hybrid BUild
    These Talent builds are the most common ones, you can have all of the core Talents I've mentioned in the "2.1 The Core Talents", that's why these are very popular. The question here is to take Flurry or Tactical Mastery. I'll show four examples, but there are many other variations.

    35/23/3 According to statictis it is the most used Talent build by Arena Warriors, the reasons are explained above.

    33/25/3 It's fairly similar to the above one, but here you have Improved Slam instead of Blood Frenzy. A lot of people love Improved Slam, while others pretend that it's too situational to use properly. I'll talk about Improved Slam in "4.4 Improved Slam".

    36/14/11 This build is about maximized survivality, you have all the self healing Talents (Second Wind, Blood Craze and Last Stand). It can be an interesting choice, but without doubt your damage will be noticable lower comparing to other Warriors even if they use an Endless Rage or the common Arms-Fury build, but with Enrage.

    33/28/0 The Flurry version of the common Arms-Fury Hybrid build, the second best used build by Arena Warriors, only with a small below the 35/23/3.

    2.6 Arms-Protection Hybrid Build
    It isn't really common, the things you win from the Protection tree isn't as worthy as the ones from Fury tree, but some people runs around with it, for pure solo purposes it might be fine.

    35/5/21 Basically, these Talents you get now are good in melee situations, and Concussion Blow is without doubt a great ability - but probably not a good trade-off for Piercing Howl.

    33/5/23 The same build, but with Improved Shield Bash for two points from Arms.

    3. Gearing
    You can often hear that we, Warriors are the most gear-depending class in the game. Therefor, achieving and managing your gear is the part of being competetive in PvP. In this phase, I'll give you some advices for it, also will show the viable variations.

    I'll mainly focus on the way of gearing that benefits an Arena Warrior, but naturally that's also fine for the other fields of PvP - but if you only wish to be active in solo PvP, you might use other options, so I'll mention those either.

    3.1 The Basics
    We are not speaking about PvE items, only about the base PvP gear, be that season1 or season3 set. What are the stats we need to watch? Health Points ; Resilience ; Hit Chance ; Critical Strike Chance ; Attack Power. The following summarizing is for the base Arena-PvP Gear, fully enchanted and socketed.

    Health Points: As a season1 geared Warrior, you will have it between 10.5k-11k, with full season3 it's above 12k. These numbers are without any Stamina enchants, gems or items with extra Stamina on them. But it is enough for the Arena envirement, our survivality comes from our playstyle there - as for solo situations, improving Health Points is always a good idea until it not weakens your other stats too hardly.

    Resilience: Your Resilience with full PvP gear (doesn't matter if it's season1 or season3) will be between 360-380. It's without any Resilience enchant, gem and counting that one of your trinket doesn't provide Resilience. I could only repeat myself, it is enough for Arena, because your defensiveness depends on the way you play, and Warriors, oppositely to many other classes, can only deal damage from their own damage or when being hitted, so gearing for survivality affects their damage output far more harder than casters', for example.

    Hit Chance: The "PvP Hit Chance Cap" is 5%, and 79 Hit Rating grants you 5.01% Hit Chance. So you need to aim for that, at least. The more is better, because there are some ways for your enemies to decrease your chance (Insect Swarm for example) or have less chance to being hitted (Arctic Winds for Frost Mages). But still, next to that, sacrificing any other stat for extra Hit Rating above 79 is not surely worth it, just make sure you have it.

    Critical Strike Chance: Depends on the socketing, and the trinket you use, but for an average Warrior with PvP gear it should be on 30-33% (Battle Stance, without Poleaxe Specialization).

    Attack Power: Depends on the socketing, and the trinket you use, but for an average Warrior with PvP gear it should be between 1.5k-1.8k.

    As for the Critical Strike Chance and Attack Power, you can raise one of them and leave the other on the amount I've named as average, or you can increase both of them, with a smaller effectiveness. To reach the minimum desired Hit Rating, you either have to use gems for it, an enchant for it (Surefooted), or a PvE item.

    3.2 Enchants
    I'll summarize the enchants you might want to use for each item slot. The ones written with smaller text is for those people, who can't get the better version of the current enchant, or who want to focus only on solo PvP, but otherwise no Warrior uses them - for Arena, as an example. I'll also talk about the weapon enchants we have to decide between.

    Glyph of Ferocity - There is no other option, it's by far the best currently. It provides slightly more than 1% Hit Chance, what is strongly needed for the Hit Chance cap, and the Attack Power on it is either great. If you don't have the required reputation, work on it.

    Greater Inscription of Vengeance - The Aldor faction's shoulder enchant, achieveable on Exalted reputation level.

    Inscription of Vengeance - The Aldor faction's shoulder enchant, achieveable on Honored reputation level.

    Greater Inscription of the Blade - The Scryers faction's shoulder enchant, achieveable on Exalted reputation level.

    Inscription of the Blade - The Scryers faction's shoulder enchant, achieveable on Honored reputation level.

    Greater Agility - No other option currently for a PvP Warrior, it gives you 0.36% Critical Strike Chance.

    Exceptional Stats - Deciding between this and the Major Resilience is a matter of preference, even the top rated Warriors use both.

    Major Resilience - Deciding between this and the Exceptional Stats is a matter of preference, even the top rated Warriors use both.

    Exceptional Health - Not really for an Arena Warrior, but for someone who enjoys outdoor PvP and BGs, and trying to improve his survivality, it can be a good choice.

    Brawn - There isn't any other viable option.

    Fortitude - Not really for an Arena Warrior, but for someone who enjoys outdoor PvP and BGs, and trying to improve his survivality, it can be a good choice.

    Major Strength - There isn't any other viable option.

    Nethercobra Leg Armor - The best enchant you can get for this slot.

    Cobrahide Leg Armor - The lesser version of the Nethercobra Leg Armor.

    Nethercleft Leg Armor - Not really for an Arena Warrior, but for someone who enjoys outdoor PvP and BGs, and trying to improve his survivality, it can be a good choice.

    Clefthide Leg Armor - The lesser version of the Nethercleft Leg Armor.

    Surefooted - Most likely you will aim for this enchant, because the 10 Hit Rating it grants is truly useful when you are trying to reach the Hit Chance Cap. Take that into consideration, if you pick this enchant, your Metagem has to provide Minor Speed Increase bonus, otherwise you won't have it - and it's really good to have it.

    Boar's Speed - Take this enchant if your Metagem won't grant you Minor Speed Increase. You'll have to replace the Hit Rating that you'd gain from Surefooted with a gem or a PvE item.

    Executioner - Basically, this enchant is without doubt the best one currently for a Warrior. The proc rate on it is fair, naturally it doesn't have a Hidden Cooldown, and in most cases the 840 Armor Penetration grants you a noticable damage bonus. You should only skip this enchant if you can't afford it, or if you don't like procs.

    Mongoose - Since Executioner is out, only a really few Warrior is using it. You might only want this enchant if your whole itemization and Talenting focusing on Critical Strikes - 33/28 or 31/30 Flurry builds for example. The attack speed increasement comes from the proc is really low, so if you take this enchant, you take it for the Critical Strike Chance it gives you over the Agility (3.6%).

    Savagery - It's by far the cheapest enchant of the three, so if that's a point in your view, you might will choose this. Otherwise, Executioner seems better than this enchant too, so only go for it if you prefer constant bonuses more than procs.

    3.3 Gems
    I'll summarize the gems you will have to decide between for the sockets we have in our gear. The ones written with smaller text is for those people who want to focus only on solo PvP, but otherwise no Warrior uses them - for Arena, as an example. I'll also talk about the Metagems we have to decide between. Also, I'll only talk about the Rare (blue) gems, because those are what most Warriors can get in the best case.

    Gems for the Red sockets
    Bold Living Ruby ; Red +8 Strength

    Inscribed Noble Topaz ; Orange +4 Critical Strike Rating +4 Strength

    Sovereign Nightseye ; Purple +4 Strength +6 Stamina

    Gems for the Yellow sockets
    Smooth Dawnstone ; Yellow +8 Critical Strike Rating

    Inscribed Noble Topaz ; Orange +4 Critical Strike Rating +4 Strength

    Jagged Talasite ; Green +4 Critical Strike Rating +6 Stamina

    Steady Talasite ; Green +4 Resilience Rating +6 Stamina

    Mystic Dawnstone : Yellow +8 Resilience Rating

    Gems from PvP (unique-equipped)
    Bold Ornate Ruby ; Red +20 Attack Power ; 6.885 Honor Points

    Inscribed Ornate Topaz ; Orange +10 Attack Power +5 Critical Strike Rating ; 8.500 Honor Points

    Smooth Ornate Dawnstone ; Yellow +10 Critical Strike Rating ; 6.885 Honor Points

    Sublime Mystic Dawnstone ; Yellow +10 Resilience Rating ; 100 Halaa Battle Token

    Gems from Heroic Instances (unique-equipped)
    Deadly Fire Opal ; Orange +8 Attack Power +5 Critical Strike Rating ; The Arcatraz

    Inscribed Fire Opal ; Orange +5 Strength +4 Critical Strike Rating ; Mana-Tombs

    Etched Fire Opal ; Orange +5 Strength +4 Hit Rating ; Shadow Labyrinth

    Pristine Fire Opal ; Orange +10 Attack Power +4 Hit Rating ; Sethekk Halls

    Empowered Fire Opal ; Orange +8 Attack Power +5 Resilience Rating ; Old Hillsbrad Foothills

    Resplendent Fire Opal ; Orange +5 Strength +4 Resilience Rating ; The Slave Pens

    Brutal Tanzanite ; Purple +10 Attack Power +6 Stamina ; The Botanica

    Sovereign Tanzanite ; Purple +5 Strength +6 Stamina ; The Shattered Halls

    Jagged Chrysoprase ; Green +5 Critical Strike Rating +6 Stamina ; The Blood Furnace

    Steady Chrysoprase ; Green +5 Resilience Rating +6 Stamina ; Hellfire Ramparts

    Swift Skyfire Diamond ; 2 yellow gems ; 1 red gem +24 Attack Power & Minor Run Speed Increase

    It's the most common Metagem between the Warriors, because the requirements are extremely easy to obtain, also it grants you Minor Speed Increase, therefor you can choose Surefooted boot enchant, what helps you to reach the Hit Chance cap.

    Relentless Earthstorm Diamond ; 2 yellow gems ; 2 red gems ; 2 blue gems +12 Agility & 3% Increased Critical Strike Damage

    The requirements for this Metagem aren't too comfortable, as using two blue gems in the base PvP gear costs a lot. Also, you'd have to use the Boar's Speed boot enchant in this case to have Minor Speed Increase, so it makes your thing harder to reach Hit Chance Cap. Otherwise the bonus on the Metagem is pretty nice, 0.36% Critical Strike Chance and increased Critical Strike Damage, "good against Resilience" and might be fine for a Flurry build when you have high Critical Strike Chance.

    Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond ; requires more red gems than yellow gems +12 Critical Strike Rating & 5% Chance to Resist Snare/Root Effects

    The requirement of this Metagem forces you to use more red gems than yellow, that means you'll have to focus on Strength/Attack Power with your gems, but the Critical Strike Rating on the gem syncs with that well. The problem is, you can't have Surefooted boot enchant with this Metagem, because then you won't have Minor Speed Increase, so you might want to use Boar's Speed boot enchant with this gem, and get the Hit Rating cap from gems (or PvE items).

    Powerful Earthstorm Diamond ; 3 blue gems +18 Stamina & 5% Stun Resist

    Not really for an Arena Warrior, but for someone who enjoys outdoor PvP and BGs, and trying to improve his survivality, it can be a good choice. As for the Minor Speed Increase, you'd have to use Boar's Speed boot enchant to get it, and you have to watch out for you Hit Chance cap.

    4. Fighting as a Warrior
    In this phase I'll talk about those parts of the gameplay of a Warrior that take more effort to master than others, You'll see explanation of some abilities to make them more viable, you'll see some tricks, and short tips against the other classes for 1v1 situations (and in some ways they might be useful for Arena fights either).

    The fact is, you can learn to play with a Warrior quite fast, but that's only enough to have some fun for the same level you play on. But if you provide some dedication, and start to work on getting better, you'll see that Warriors do have abilities that can be used in wrong ang good ways, even if the difference is hardly noticable, it's there, and it's important.

    4.1 Using the Stances in the right way
    To be able to do it, it's good to have Tactical Mastery, but even without it, using the Warrior stances in the right way improves your performance. The disadvantages of Berserker Stance became even more disliked with the new feats of The Burning Crusade, but it's still our most-used Stance. Reasons are simple, most times we wield a two-handed weapon, and with that your ability to prevent spellcasting is Pummel (only usable in Berserker Stance), our best abilty that provides mobility is Intercept (only usable in Berserker Stance), we can only break Fear effects (not counting with Death Wish talent) with Berserker Rage (only usable in Berserker Stance), also we have a good Rage dumping AoE attack here, Whirlwind. So these are shortly the reasons we use Berserker Stance in most cases.

    But we can't be afraid to use the other Stances either, because they have their advantages. Battle Stance is really balanced, as the tooltip tells you. You don't suffer any damage decreasing (or increasement on you) effect, you can use some more defensive abilities here comparing to Berserker Stance (Thunder Clap, Spell Reflection) but you can still use Hamstring. There are many classes (mainly 1v1 situation, because in Arena we are ignored many times, so it's allowed to use Berserker Stance) we don't even need the abilities from Berserker Stance, we just stay in it for the extra three percent Critical Strike Chance - what isn't a good trade for the ten percent damage taken. So you should only use Berserker Stance in 1v1 situation against classes where truly only your damage matters (Warlocks for example), but against others it's wise to fight in Battle Stance, and only using Whirlwind for Intercepts (or Whirlwind, if you have Tactical Mastery), Berserker Rage.

    Fighting in Defensive Stance is situational. When you are trying to play for surviving (Arena), or playing 1v1 with a very good Rogue, you'll find out that being in Defensive Stance is way more beneficial than the other stances. You just need to know in what fights you have to use this Stance, against Mages for example, you should be Frost Novaed in Defensive Stance instead of Berserker Stance, against Rogues you should also fight in Defensive Stance, only switch to Battle Stance for Overpowers (talking about good Rogues here though). The thing is, in Arena you need to react fast enough to switch to Defensive Stance (and playstyle), in solo situations you need to know your enemies to use it well.

    4.2 Importance of using a shield
    We have two questions here. When should we use shield, and why should we? You can answer both with the same things, actually. You use a shield because it increases your survivality against melee (psychical) damage - in case we are talking about a good shield, that can mean roughly 10% Damage Mitigation (you can also use Shield Block ability, another tool against melee damage). You can use Shield Bash when wielding a shield, and that means a 6 seconds lock of an exact spell lock - if you could interrupt one. This is indeed helpful when you are trying to survive and minimalize the incoming damage. The other very important advantage of using a shield is the Spell Reflection ability, I'll talk about it in "4.3 Spell Reflection".

    The advantages I've listed above fairly points the situations you should use a shield either. It's very good and worthy in 1v1 fights against many classes (Rogue for example), you should switch to shield when trying to survive (be that Arena or any other situation) because of the Armor bonus and the fact you can easily use Spell Reflection as the cooldown let's you.

    It's hard to find the golden mean, because sometimes you use a shield when it would be more beneficial just to go "brute force mode" with a two-handed weapon to provide better damage, while other times you beleive in this, and then you realize how useful can be switching to a bit more defensive playstyle.

    4.3 Spell Reflection
    This ability was a fascinating idea from the developers - not only because now, after the experience we have we can say it's a must, but without doubt, the best abilities - things in the game are those that can be used in many ways. If you use Spell Reflection to it's maximal potential (quite requires Tactical Mastery to do so though) it can be deadly - but if you just spam it when you can, the opponents won't likely fall into your move.

    You need to know against every class what is worthy to reflect, it's really an important part of being able to use Spell Reflection correctly. It's also the part of using Spell Reflection on an average level to use the ability in the very last moment of the enemy's casting, so he will have less time to react it - and if you do it right, he can only react it in time if he was counting on your Spell Reflection. These days most casters learnt how to avoid Spell Reflection, so you need to be even more tricky. If you are going to reflect a spell from Berserker Stance, switch to Battle Stance instead of Defensive Stance for it. Might sound meaningless, but many people simply gets "scared" when the shield animation glows up above your head when switching to Defensive Stance. You can also win time with Spell Reflection. Just make sure to not use it on every cooldown (in Arena sometimes you have to, though), more importantly use it on spells you have to. And wait for the spellcast's very last moment.

    4.4 Improved Slam
    Improved Slam became one of the most favorized moves of many Warriors since The Burning Crusade. If you learn to use it, it can be a great tool like against any classes. Now the thing is, many people claim that it's too situational for Arena. It's true at some points, but also fails at others.

    So firstly, how to use Slam? Just a quick note : without the Improved Slam talent this ability is close to useless, so won't even mention that. There are three things you might want to know about Slam to be able to use it properly.

    Firstly : When you start casting a Slam, it stops your current swing, therefor if you by any reason you don't finish casting the Slam, your previous swing goes along from the point it was stopped with Slam. Secondly : You can easily hit moving targets with it, though it's fairly required to have them slowed. But if they are slowed, you can freely stop for a 0.5 second casting, you won't lose range - except if you are slowed either, then it's not wise to. Thirdly : You have to think about Slam like an auto-attack, that doesn't generate Rage. That means, to have the best possible results of Slam, you would want to use it right after a normal swing finishes, therefor you won't overwrite your current swings.

    In 1v1, you can always use Slam, because you are taking damage, so you easily have the Rage for it. It's good for simple damaging, but also good in some exact cases ; like if you can stun a Rogue under Evasion, quickly throwing a Slam upon him is kinda an extra damage ; or when a Priest casts Power Word : Shield on himself, instead of waiting for slow auto-attacks to destroy it (or spending high Rage cost on a Whirlwind, Mortal Strike), you can just use Slam as it will damage the shield faster than you'd do it normally.

    The problem in Arena, you'll lack Rage more often, you need every auto-attacks for it. So Slam can only be good when you are trying to toss out some burst damage, or in those rare cases I've mentioned above.

    4.5 Short breakdown of tactics in 1v1 fights
    In this phase I'll share some advices about how should you fight the other classes in 1v1 situations. I'll try to include several talent builds where needed. As a fact, I won't talk about duels like if your enemy would be the best of the bests. I'll talk about what will win you fight against average players, and can help you against the real good ones. The rest depends on your and his gaming skills.


    - Your main goal should be to get him debuffed (Sunder Armor), and then start doing some pressure upon him. He will CC you and heal himself very hardly, but you need to do hard damage, so don't waste your Death Wish + trinket (and Bloodrage), wait for the right moment.
    - Reflecting Cyclone or using Intimidating Shout when he doesn't have a DoT can win you time for a bandage.
    - Use your Medallion of the Horde wisely, in a key moment. You'll have to take some CCs, but that's acceptable - some of them will proc Second Wind.

    - Getting him debuffed (Sunder Armor) is important here either, but it's harder to perform. Your main goal is to utilize Spell Reflection to it's max. Try reflecting Wrath or even Starfire (most Druids will start it when you are Cycloned), or when you don't have Moonfire / Insect Swarm up, a reflected Cyclone (or Intimidating Shout) can win you time for a bandage, if he doesn't have a DoT on him.
    - You simply won't be able to outlast him, at least because of Innervate. So you need to kill him. Use your trinket wisely, in a key moment. When he is trying to CC you and escape for a heal for example.
    - Use Defensive Stance, when you get CCed (Nature's Grasp, etc). It makes your thing easier with Spell Reflection, and increases your survivality.

    - You most likely want to fight in Battle Stance, keep Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, and Sunder Armor up all the time.
    - Your main tactic should be to "kite him", due to the fact he can't slow you, run out of melee range. He can do three things ; using Feral Charge that procs you a Second Wind ; switching to caster form and try to CC you / heal himself (this is the point when you quickly Intercept him and deal some damage) ; or just continue chasing you. If the first or third happens, it's good for you. Basically you should only go to melee range for Overpowers and keeping Hamstring / Sunder Armor up. When Overpower is on cooldown, run. That's because Feral Druids have a high dodge chance, and he will surely fight you in Dire Bear Form.
    - Reflecting a CC after getting Feral Charged is nice, so watch your Rage to be able to do it. You can win time for bandage with it (or with an Intimidating Shout if he doesn't have a DoT on him).
    - Also, when you are kiting him, care about Lacerate. That hurts, try to make them fade when you are kiting.


    - If he is using single target traps, know that pets will hit you if you Taunt / Challenging Shout / Mocking Blow them.
    - You can also reflect single target traps with Spell Reflection.
    - Intercept is your key ability here. Use it really wisely. Most likely when you use it, try to have trinket up, because the Hunter will probably Scatter Shot / Trap you, and he trinkets either.
    - When you reach a Hunter, your main job is to slow him.
    - If he is kiting you on max range, step back a bit while killing his pet. You would want to use a shield while this kite happens. Also, if he is Beast Mastery talented, when he is under Beast Within, make sure to be in Defensive Stance with a shield, and do not waste Intercept or Intimidating Shout.


    - A good Fire Mage can be a hard opponent. Main rule against mages is to not trinket out from first Frost Nova. It's one of the biggest mistakes
    - At the start, Charge him, put up a Hamstring pop Bloodrage and switch to Defensive Stance with shield. If you are good, or the Mage isn't prepared for it, you can reflect a Polymoprh. That's good because you can have a second Charge on him, when he won't have Frost Nova (because sincerely he used it on you at the first time), or he will have to use up his trinket.
    - It's crucial to use Defensive Stance when you are not exactly next to him. Be in Defensive Stance in Frost Novas, when you are running towards him.
    - Use Spell Reflection wisely. Watch out for his Frieblast cooldown. If he is trying to cast a Fireball when you are free to move with enough Rage, use Spell Reflection at the very last moment of the cast.
    - Only use Berserker Stance for Intercept. Over a quick Intercept you can put up a Hamstring, and also force him to Blink, what has high Mana cost.
    - Be ready for Blazing Speed procs. If you are fast enough you can still put up a Hamstring when it procs.

    - Many of the points stand above. Wait with your trinket for the right moment. A full time Frost Nova in the middle of the fight being trinketed can save the day.
    - Good Mages will spam Ice Lance on you to avoid Spell Reflections. You need to be very tricky to be able to use it. Watch Fireblast cooldown.
    - You'll most likely want to use Intercept on him on every cooldown. Try to get him slowed when you do so. But if you couldn't, it's still forced him to Blink, wasted Mana.
    - When he summons the Water Elemental, you can do two things. Fear it (if the Mage is positioning badly, use the Intimidating Shout on both) or kill it. If you let it shoot you the whole fight, you'll lose for sure. A great trick for it is to set the Mage as focus target and to go on the Water Elemental with shield equipped. Most Mages will cast a Frostbolt on you because you are hitting on their Water Elemental. Now it's a good time to use Spell Reflection. Interrupt Water Elemental's damage while you are on it. It's allowed to waste Intercept on the Water Elemental, it's extremely important to finish it off quickly - or using Intimidating Shout on it.
    - Defensive Stance. All the way. If you are in Defensive Stance for like the whole time, and using Intercepts on cooldown, and using Spell Reflection wisely, the Mage can go Out Of Mana on you.
    - Bandage when he Iceblocks, that will force him to come out.


    - Move out of Concecration. It's very important.
    - You'll have to deal damage in waves. You get one or two Critical Strikes and enough Rage to deal some damage. Then interrupt his healing spell, and do your damage. When the Pummel interruption is off, use Intercept, that's three more seconds. In waves like this, you'll either get him down or he will burn his Mana for surviving and damaging you. If you can see his cooldowns, avoid Holy shocks with Defensive Stance (probably Spell Reflection), and do not take any Concecration ticks.
    - Bandage when you can, if you've lost a fair amount of HP, try to use Intimidating Shout, he will have to trinket to interrupt your bandage (make sure he doesn't have a DoT on).

    - You need to trinket out of Hammer of Justice instanly. You need to be very fast.
    - Use your debuffs upon him (Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, and if you have the Rage and Global Cooldowns, a few Sunder Armors thrown up always helps).
    - It's very nice to be able to avoid Repentance. You can't see it coming, but try everything to break it with Berserker Rage (save trinket for Hammer of Justice).
    - Disarm him when his Blessing of Freedom is on cooldown, or if you can, after he has used Divine Shield / Blessing of Protection. This way you can have maximal effect of Disarm.


    - If they have Reflective Shield talented, they can give you a hard time. However, interrupt his Shadow or Holy spell, both is beneficial.
    - Try to get him Sunder Armored, and use your cooldowns helping your damage (Death Wish, trinket, etc) when you just broke a Power Word:Shield.
    - Watch out for Psychic Screams, if you get a full time fear, you're fairly lost.
    - Use Intercept on every cooldown, but try to do it so when he doesn't have Power Word:Shield up.

    - It is crucial to interrupt his Vampiric Embrace (because ten Shadow Priests from ten will start with it after Shadow Word:Pain), against Shadow Priests, every single second counts. If you interrupt his first Vampiric Embrace, step back and use Intercept. If you are extremely lucky you can Pummel his next one, but if not, at least you've won time.
    - Interrupt Mind Flays - Mind Blasts, whenever you can.
    - It's not a waste to use 1-2 Sunder Armor when you have a free Global Cooldown.
    - Use Intercept on every cooldown, but try to do it so when he doesn't have Power Word:Shield up.
    - It's not really worth using Spell Reflection, you have to fight in Berserker Stance for Pummels, most likely you'll have a lot of Rage, and a Stance switch can be more devastating to the fight overall than it would've been to take that spell.
    - Trinket out of Blackout, but nothing else.


    - Against good Rogues you'll have to use a shield and play Defensively. Start out in Defensive Stance, he will open with Cheap Shot or Garote. Your first goal is to slow him, so try to use Piercing Howl.
    - Use all your debuffs that decreases his damage, Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, Shield Block.
    - Try to use up every oppurtunity of Overpowers, as it will be an important part of your whole damage.
    - Try to Disarm him when he isn't under Evasion. It's the wisest to do it when he is stunned (by Mace Specialization, or Intercept).
    - If he is trying to kite you on 5-8 yards, just out of melee range but not far enough for Intercept, use throw. Use it until you force him to come back to range (because poisons are wearing off).


    - Sunder Armor him up, and interrupt his healing spells on every Pummel cooldown - probably mix them with an Intercept following.
    - Make sure to have Mortal Strike always up because of Earth Shield.
    - If he doesn't have a DoT, and there isn't a Searing Totem on the ground (you can also destroy it though) you can use Intimidating Shout on him to be able to use bandage.
    - Watch the totems he is using, if the fight comes down that long he is around Out Of Mana, destroying the Mana Tide totem is important.
    - Use your damage increasing abilities when you have a good oppurtunity to deal damage (you got some Critical Strikes so you have good Rage, etc).

    - Same as above, except now he will most likely cast more damaging spells, it's worth to reflect those with Spell Reflection.

    - Make sure to use Demoralizing Shout (and Thunder Clap if you can), and throw up some Sunder Armors when you have a free Global Cooldown and Rage for it.
    - Use Disarm, it's very important.
    - Watch out for his healing spells, you can use Intercept on every cooldown for the stuns.


    - Interrupting Unstable Affliction is very important here. I could say reflecting it with Spell Reflection is also nice, but you won't be able to do it in the 90% of times you fight an Affliction Warlock.
    - Make sure to interrupt a Shadow spell, not a Fire one (Searing Pain, Immolate).
    - Use Intercept on every cooldown.
    - Only trinket out of Death Coil, but be really fast with it, so you won't lose range to the target.
    - If your Rage peaks high and you have free Global Cooldowns, throw up some Sunder Armors.
    - Use Intimidating Shout on his pet (so targeting it) then switch back to the Warlock, your damage will break the fear effect with less chance.

    - If he is using a Siphon Life / Soul Link spec, interrupt his Drain Lifes (or Shadow spells) and try to get up some Sunder Armors if you can.
    - If he is using a Felhunter as pet, after the Charge, gather up some Rage (~45) then pop Sweeping Strikes and try to kill the pet with the AoE damage
    - but focus on the Warlock, have him Mortal Striked, and watch out for Pummels. If the pet survives with a small amount of HP, kill him with a Cleave or Whirlwind. You can get a victory Rush this way, and the Warlock will lose Soul Link - he will have to use Fel Domination, you can't really kill the second pet, but you won time.
    - Use Intercept on every cooldown, just make sure to trinket out fast enough of Death Coils.
    - If he is using a Felguard, there's not much to do with it, try to use Intimidating Shout (the way I've explained above, target the pet when using Intimidating Shout, then switch back to the Warlock), you can try to kill it with a Sweeping Strikes, if you get some Critical Strikes it can happen.

    - Luck is an important factor here (Critical Strikes, Weapon Specialization procs, Parries, etc) but there are some things you should watch out for ; fight in Battle Stance, only use Berserker Stance for quick Whirlwinds (if you have Tactical Mastery).
    - Have him debuffed with Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap, even Sunder Armor if the fight lets you.
    - Disarm him in a key moment (like before reaching 20% HP, etc).
    - Procing his Second Wind isn't good, but you actually win more from an Intercept with the damage you can do under the stun, so it can actually be good to use Intercept on cooldown.
    - Try to bait him to proc your Second Wind either. Step back, let him Intercept you, then quickly trinket out, you have a Second Wind proc.
    - Switch to Defensive Stance when you are Disarmed.

    The End
    That was it. A copy from the beginning phase; This guide is for everyone who is a bit interested in PvP as a Warrior, if you are switching to PvP, if you are leveling and planning to do it, even if you are the most experienced player all over – if you get just one, tiny idea of my guide, what grants you even a meaningless advantage, I can say I succeed.

    <Dreasus' Guide for PvP Warriors>
    Dreasus' Guide for PvP Warriors

    < WoW-Europe Forum of the Guide >
    WoW-Europe.com Forums -> Dreasus' Guide for PvP Warriors

    < Armory Profile >

    < E-mail adress >

    Dreasus,Trollbane-Europe / Reckoning Battlegroup
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    Awesome! Sticking this.

    I may need to edit the very top line out when I turn this into a webpage. That way the thread title won't appear twice. Would that be alright with you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciderhelm
    I may need to edit the very top line out when I turn this into a webpage. That way the thread title won't appear twice. Would that be alright with you?
    Of course,totally. You can freely change it's look as it fits the webpage better, I've just tried to arrange it to be easily readable here.

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    Thanks! I'll let you know any formatting changes I make. I'll also let you know once we have a page for this.

    By the way, if you don't mind me asking, are you from Hungary? I've never seen a .hu domain before.

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    By the way, if you don't mind me asking, are you from Hungary? I've never seen a .hu domain before.
    Yes, I am. And if everything is right it's shown as public at my profile.
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    the 'short tips on other classes' has all the stuff I knew of and more!

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    I haven't done much of the formatting yet, but go here:
    TankSpot - Warcraft Warrior's Reference - Dreasus PVP

    That's your page. Whenever we edit this post, that page gets updated.

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    Alrite, the editing is done. We may want to break this up into several sections.

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    Question on improved slam

    I found your overview very informative, I have one question for the improved slam technique. I never have found much use in slam so I want to understand do you use it right after a regular attack? If so do you rotate between a regular attack and then slam or do you keep spamming slam after the first regular attack.

    I was trying this technique last night and it is hard to time at first. I want to be sure I have the correct rotation. Also you mentioned that people sometimes use timers, would you have one to recommend if you were to use a swing timer.


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    slam right after white auto hit, then ms/ww. check out this thread. there is a really informative guide about slamming and also about quartz (includes swing timer) addon. i recommend to test it out.

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    I found your overview very informative, I have one question for the improved slam technique. I never have found much use in slam so I want to understand do you use it right after a regular attack? If so do you rotate between a regular attack and then slam or do you keep spamming slam after the first regular attack.
    The thing is, if you start casting a Slam, it stops your current swinger timer, and will only execute it if you finish the Slam. That's something you need to count with.

    Otherwise, Slam is not that hard to understand, the problem with it is to notice when is it wise to use - depends on situations. Think about Slam like a normal auto-attack, what undepending on your weapon speed takes 0.5seconds and overwrites your normal attacks.
    That way you can find out it's not clever to use Slam in the 1.second of your swing what normally takes 3.6seconds (just an example) because then you, as I've used the word above, overwrite your normal attack.
    So basically, you should use Slam as a totally different kind of auto-attacks, because then you do not lose any of your base attacks, but get extras with 0.5second time to land.
    To keep it simple, yes, use it after a normal attack (HS, Cleave).

    The only case where you should use Slam in the middle of your current swing is when you otherwise can not reach your enemy, because it's running away - for example there is still 2seconds from your swing, but a Mage just Frost Novaed you and he is running away, if you react fast enough and use Slam, you can still reach it.

    About rotations, well, in PvE these are valuable "theorycrafts" and real ways to bring better damage, but in PvP you should forget these things. If you PvPed enough as a Warrior (basically with any other class either, except two or three) you could know it's not possible to depend on a tactic. You can try to act like a strategy tells, and sometimes it's wise to, but most of the decent fights are not predictable as a Warrior. Of course there are main ways and stuff, but an ability rotation like this is not viable.
    So I would say, in PvP the Slam is great for situational use (like the example with the Mage above) when you otherwise could not hit your enemy, and also great for raw extra damage when you have the rage for it. You can use it against any class.

    I did not use an addon, that's probably because I like to do everything by myself (keeping in head the enemy's CoolDowns, etc) but I've tried out this one, and I'd suggest you to use this one, highly configurable and so on;
    It's probably and by most chance not the newest version of it, but last time I've checked it was fine.
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    Hi Dreasus, i join up just to say your guide is really good=) i started playing wow july this year, since that time i have struggled, been average at best. But when my mate come over and showed me this site, it changed me forever=) im not saying im super or like arrogant athene the pala but ive noticed improvements in my game and been doing much better so far since last week =D so thanks alot for the tips.
    Just one thing...I HATE WARLOCKS!!!!!
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    I didn't read all the replies, but since it wasn't corrected I'm going to guess that (presuming I am correct) no one mentioned it.

    You said that Mace Specialization has a negative considering Diminishing Returns (example given was having an opponent immune to Intercept Stun). As far as I know, however, mace spec stun is listed as an "uncontrollable stun" while Intercept is on the list of "controllable" stuns.

    This means Charge, Intercept & Concussion Blow all share the same generic "forced" stun, however mace spec stun is random & doesn't diminish the aforementioned abilities.

    True, yes?

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    Now reworked and updated for 2.3 +

    Feel free to ask, discuss about anything, add anything over e-mail or the forums.

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    Wow, this is an awesome guide for a newbie like me. Thanks so much! You told me everything I wanted to know.

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    everybody choose mace or sword .
    i'm playing a orc warrior and i'm thinking about using only axe. is this good idea?

    is rend skill is useful in pvp ?

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    if you're undergeared axe is pretty good and expertise is always nice to have since you're an orc. I wouldn't say DONT get it, i've seen good players do great things with it, but in general once you get enough crit to be safe, the extra crit isn't as good as mace stuns or sword procs, so it really depends on your level of gearing and pvp.

    rend is good for keeping up blood frenzy if you spec that, or for keeping rogues from vanishing. Otherwise its simply not good enough to waste rage or a GCD on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turelliax View Post
    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    It's been a while since I read this thread, but I clicked on it the other day and saw you had updated it. I love the updates =D. Great guide and keep up the good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodwraith View Post

    It's been a while since I read this thread, but I clicked on it the other day and saw you had updated it. I love the updates =D. Great guide and keep up the good work.
    Yes the updates have been fantastic. I was very surprised to open it up after it had been updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeyonoma View Post
    if you're undergeared axe is pretty good and expertise is always nice to have since you're an orc. I wouldn't say DONT get it, i've seen good players do great things with it, but in general once you get enough crit to be safe, the extra crit isn't as good as mace stuns or sword procs, so it really depends on your level of gearing and pvp.

    rend is good for keeping up blood frenzy if you spec that, or for keeping rogues from vanishing. Otherwise its simply not good enough to waste rage or a GCD on.
    I use rend on every rogue I charge. Charge-hamstring-rend. Of course, if I crit right away, the bleed damage keeps them from vanishing for long

    It's funny. I used to have trouble with rogues, but since I have done this, along with keybinding to get myself easily to battle stance from any other stance to get at my overpower, I only lose to rogues if I am significantly low on health, get ambushed by two of them (and not even always then!), or face a really awesome rogue.

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