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Thread: PvP / Heroic talents and gearing

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    PvP / Heroic talents and gearing

    I have been playing a warrior at 70 for about 3 weeks now, and have gotten him off to a pretty good start on gear. My gearing strategy and talent build in the past has been entirely focused on tanking heroics. However, I have recently begun to play around with the 5v5 Arenas and am now looking for a protection-oriented talent build and (and some tips on gearing) that will strike a balance that favors my PvP performance while still keeping me solid on heroic tanking.

    Here is my armory.

    I found that my performance with this gear and spec in the 5v5s was far less than I would be happy with, but that's not surprising! Gear may make a big difference here, so maybe it would be helpful just to see some armory examples of people's PvP gear. The rule of thumb I hope to apply is maximize shield block value, then crit and lastly strength/attack power, but it would be good to have someone point out if this is flawed.

    While I don't actually have my professions leveld up, I am ready to go and level my mining and blacksmithing if it will make a big difference. Input there is valuable.

    I don't raid so anything that you would do or consider for the sake of raiding can be held off for now. I know you can't keep everything, but I do very much like improved thunderclap and improved revenge.

    Oh, last thing: I will be putting mongoose on my Sun Eater shortly. That's certainly the best enchant for PvE, but is there a better enchant if I'm trying to focus on PvP?

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    So I have played around a bit with various specs, and here are some further thoughts:

    1/23/37 is the sexy Death Wish PvP build, but I'm concerned about the drop in my TPS for heroics and the loss of Imp Tunderclap and Deflection. I've yet to try any heroics with this build (though I may soon) and we'll see what the total impact looks like. The huge draw for this build is death wish and improved intercept, which are both really nice for PvP.

    On the other extreme is 8/5/48, which sacrifices very little (Imp Heroic Strike, Anger Management, Imp Defensive stance) to gain Cruelty and Improved Shield Bash. I may well end up here if my dps complains too much about a drop in TPS with the Death Wish build above.

    A sort of middle ground is 17/5/39, where I use impale to help my SS crits, preserve Deflection and Thunderclap, and still keep most invested in protection talents than with the Death Wish build.

    I'll keep posting as I play around and try to find what works best for me.

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    I've made some small modifications to the Death Wish build, so it's now 0/23/38.

    As much as I'd like to use this, however, I feel like I'm making a huge mistake to tank heroics without Improved Thunderclap. Ugh... some kind of direction from anyone doing any amount of serious PvP with Shield Slam would be helpful!

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