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Thread: Who are you, IRL?

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    Oct 2007
    Somerst, England
    First name: Skippy (Not real but its what everyone knows me as)
    Age: 21
    Location: Somerset, United Kingdom
    Education/ Job: I got kicked out of college and now work as an assistant storesman for a classic car garage.
    Married with children?: Not yet.
    Hobbies: Playing computer games, programming computer games, playing my guitars, Writing
    Favorite Movie: Lucky Number Slevin
    Favorite TV Show: Prison Break (The only show Ive ever seen an entire series of)
    Favorite Book: Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals
    Favorite Animal: Tigers
    Favorite Song ever: Long Live the Weekend - The Living end
    Favorite Games: Tabula Rasa and WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: outgoing, shy, timid, boisterous, other
    Worst trait: Afraid that Im unable to feel love (reference PA)
    Play any instruments?: Guitar, Harmonica, Didgeridoo, Chaufar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Im 21 and still havent gotten around to moving out...what? Its cheap and I should be after christmas.
    Picture of yourself:
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    Nov 2007
    First name: Andrew
    Age: 37
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Education/ Job: Uni / Database Administrator at a life insurance company
    Married with children?: Nope, nope
    Hobbies: Books, Knifemaking (blacksmithing for real hehe)
    Favorite Movie: The Last of the Mohicans
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth by Jeff Cooper
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Bells of Freedom by bon Jovi
    Favorite Game: Fallout
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Introverted, stubborn, passionate, loyal, ruthless.
    Worst trait: Bad loser.
    Play any instruments?: Not even to save my life.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Arachnophobic - glad I got out of the army before we got involved in Iraq. They can't pay me enough to fight foot long camel spiders.

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    Sep 2007
    First name: Dan
    Age: 27
    Location: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
    Education/ Job: Application Developer/Systems Analyst for a College
    Married with children?: Just married in July 2007. No kids (yet)
    Hobbies: WoW, Programming (Yes, it's a hobby as well as my job)
    Favorite Movie: Depends on my mood. I like SciFi, Action, Comedy depending on my mood, so my favorite movie changes correspondingly. Normally is LOTR though.
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: LOTR
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Forever and Ever
    Favorite Game: WoW (computer), D&D (P&P)
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Witty, Sarcastic, Cocky at times, Responsible, Nice
    Worst trait: Probably that I'm a procrastinator
    Play any instruments?: Bass Guitar and Trombone
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: It's a long story, but it involves me talking about having your retarded cousin force people to fetch hair berrets (late night D&D session)
    Picture of yourself:

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    First name: Debbie
    Age: 28
    Location: Singapore
    Education/Job: Law/Legal Counsel
    Married with children?: Married to a shaman, with a bunny (not related by blood).
    Hobbies: WoW is my hobby. ;p Does shopping count?
    Favorite Movie: 50 First Dates
    Favorite TV Show: CSI
    Favorite Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Favorite Animal: Horse
    Favorite Song ever: This is tough. There's no such thing as one. ;p Anything by U2 would be a good contender.
    Favorite Game: WoW
    Play any instruments?: Not musically inclined.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: sociable, idealistic, soft-hearted, non-confrontational, laidback
    Worst trait: allergic to criticism ;p
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I play WoW? ;p
    Picture of yourself: Nah, I do want to be taken seriously!
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    Oct 2007
    Olympia, WA
    First name: Nathaniel
    Age: 25
    Location: Olympia, WA
    Education/ Job: IT Support/Office Assistant
    Married with children?: Not if I can help it.
    Hobbies: Play some bass, draw some comics, do a bit of boxing.
    Favorite Movie: Death to Smoochy
    Favorite TV Show: Pimp My Ride
    Favorite Book: The Greatest Fight of Our Generation: Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling
    Favorite Animal: Moose
    Favorite Song ever: Dave Carter - Snake Handlin' Man
    Favorite Game: WoW and/or Gran Tourismo
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Blarg, some other time.
    Worst trait: Polite to a fault.
    Play any instruments?: Bass, guitar, trumpet, tuba, some truly terrible piano.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Not sure what to put here, I've paintballed in a suit, that count?
    Picture of yourself:

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    Dec 2007
    First name: Jeremiah
    Age: 28
    Location: Fredericksburg, VA
    Education/ Job: Electrical Engineer/Computer Engineer
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Video games, reading, anime, hiking
    Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
    Favorite TV Show: Don't really watch much TV, but it would be a cartoon
    Favorite Book: Still a fan of the LotR and related books
    Favorite Animal: Cats/Dogs
    Favorite Song ever: Can't think of an overall favorite
    Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics
    Play any instruments?: Nope

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    Jan 2008
    First name: Joshua
    Location:Scottish Highlands
    Education/ Job: Currently in High School applied for Architectural Design at Uni
    Married with children?:O_o too young you nub
    Hobbies:computer games...guitar.....physics
    Favorite Movie:Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Favorite TV Show:Scrubs
    Favorite Book:The Human Touch - Michael Frayn
    Favorite Animal:Cat
    Favorite Song ever: Burn - Apocalyptica
    Favorite Game:MGS
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:Thoughtfull, fat,O_o, quiet, wtf and pwnd
    Worst trait:I don't speak too much
    Play any instruments?:Ibanez GSZ-120
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:I had sex with a rich girl..
    Picture of yourself:Uhm, not atm

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    Dec 2007
    Lowell, MA
    First name: Rob
    Age: 21
    Location: Chelmsford, MA
    Education/ Job: Quality Control Inspector at a machine shop that manufactures Medical devices
    Married with children?: Proud father of 2 and husband of a wonderful epic'd priest ^_^.
    Hobbies: my family and of course WoW
    Favorite Movie:
    Favorite TV Show: Don't watch much of it, but Heroes is good.
    Favorite Book: some fantasy series that no one's heard of.
    Favorite Animal: Does my gnome rogue count?
    Favorite Song ever: Here in my room by Incubus(wedding song)
    Favorite Game:WoW of course
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: *wife took the liberty to describe me in the rest of this response* intellectual, SARCASTIC, hard working, penny pinching, cute.
    Worst trait: cleanliness
    Play any instruments?: My wife
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I have heart shaped freckles on my body.
    Picture of yourself: That's me and my son last year. March 2007

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    Sep 2007
    First name: Tonje
    Age: 21... for the sixth time..
    Location: Norway
    Education/ Job: Graduated as a nurse, but working as a resturant manager. (healthy people are more fun)
    Married with children?: Dating a warlock
    Hobbies: Kajakking, waterskiing, boats, see a pattern here? I love the ocean.
    Favorite Movie: There is so many!
    Favorite TV Show: Don't watch much TV, I'm a sucker for Operah though..(maybe that should be in the embarrasing facts..)
    Favorite Book: Markens Grøde - Knut Hamsund
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Song ever: Master of puppets
    Favorite Game:WoW, shocking
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: unpatient, blond, social, hard-working and... did I say blond?
    Worst trait: Big ego
    Play any instruments?: I played some guitar awhile back, not any good at it though.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm addicted to WoW, and only filling this out because it's wednesday and the servers are down
    Picture of yourself:
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    In the end you will not remember the words from your enemies, but the silence of your friends

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    Dec 2006
    Tacoma, Wa

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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Ciderhelm View Post
    Did you pass??

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    Jan 2008
    First name: Jose
    Age: 42
    Location: Pepperell, MA
    Education/ Job: Quality Assurance Associate, Abbott Bioresearch Center
    Married with children?: Stepfather to 2 teenagers and boyfriend to their gorgeous mother.
    Hobbies: Computer repair, off roading, WoW (geez)
    Favorite Movie: In Harms Way
    Favorite TV Show: The Sopranos, when it was on the air. There is no must watch tv happening for me right now.
    Favorite Book: Too many to pick one as favorite, but it will be something by H.P. Lovecraft or themed accordingly.
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Too many to pick one as favorite, but any Led Zeppelin is must listen.
    Favorite Game:As much as I like WoW, Half-Life series is where my heart is.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: stoic, stubborn, charming, witty, lewd
    Play any instruments?: I have been known to play bass guitar.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Not embarrassing, but weird: I am a cancer patient... the type of cancer that only happen to very old men or women... breast cancer.
    Picture of yourself: Here is a pic of me It's all about me

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    Dec 2007
    Lowell, MA
    Melenkurion, your twice my age. Live like 3 towns over, share teh same career as me and your have 2 boys and a hot woman too.
    Is this where i see my self in 21 years?

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    Jan 2008
    Maybe, if you make good choices instead of the ones I made. I am just lucky.
    Don't like my tanking? Call 1-800-EAT-FIST

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    Jan 2008
    First name: Shawn
    Age: 24
    Location: Georgia
    Education/ Job: Graduate, Computer Repair Technician
    Married with children?: Yes, beautiful wife and daughter
    Hobbies: Games and computers
    Favorite Movie: Labyrinth (yes the one with David Bowie)
    Favorite TV Show: The Addams Family (B&W version)
    Favorite Book: Dracula
    Favorite Animal: Panda
    Favorite Song ever: Black No. 1
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:Funny, Witty, Serious, Calm, Outgoing
    Worst trait: my anger
    Play any instruments?: Drums
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I looke like a panda if seen upclose
    Picture of yourself:

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    Jan 2008
    First name: Greg
    Age: 25
    Location: Missouri
    Education/ Job: Graduate, Front Desk at hotel chain
    Married with children?: Yes, beautiful wife. No Children yet
    Hobbies: Games and computers
    Favorite Movie: Fight Club
    Favorite TV Show: Family Guy
    Favorite Book: idk
    Favorite Animal: Cat
    Favorite Song ever: idk
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:Funny, Witty, Serious, Calm, Outgoing
    Worst trait: 2 nice..
    Play any instruments?: Turntables... yes a old school dj.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: im addicted to wow. lol

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    Jan 2008
    Washington State
    First name: Damien
    Age: 23
    Location: Yelm, Washington state
    Education/ Job: Anesthesia Assistant.
    Married with children?: HA!
    Hobbies: Wow, Anime, magic cards, and the massive depression induced drinking that those things cause
    Favorite Movie: Snatch
    Favorite TV Show: The venture bros.
    Favorite Book: Vampire of the mists
    Favorite Animal: Bunnys
    Favorite Song ever: Blackfriday Rule by Flogging molly.
    Favorite Game: Right now its WoW.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Five words alone can not discribe how ok of a guy I am.
    Worst trait: I have issues thinking of five adjectives.
    Play any instruments?: Naw but I always wanted to play a banjo
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I used to carry around a pink purse when I was 5.
    Picture of yourself: Me 7 or 8 beers later

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    Oct 2007
    First name: Nick
    Age: 23
    Location: Germany
    Education/ Job: Grafic Designer
    Married with children?: well, nope
    Hobbies: Grafix,Music,Friends & wow
    Favorite Movie: Scarface
    Favorite TV Show: Heroes
    Favorite Song ever: tough one...um... Oxia - Lost Memory ftw
    Favorite Game: WoW of course... i really loved Final Fantasy aswell
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: positive, friendly, lazy, stubborn, funny
    Worst trait: strong smoker
    Play any instruments?: i wish i could
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: tried to quit smoking several times, allways told everyone - never worked, not really credible
    Picture of yourself:

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    Jan 2008
    First name: Brandon
    Age: 26
    Location: Ontario, CA
    Education/ Job: Logistics
    Married with children?: Divorced with a 4 year old daughter
    Hobbies: Sports, Movies, Various Games, Reading (if I find a good book)
    Favorite Movie: To many that I like, can't pick just one.
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
    Favorite Animal: Don't have one
    Favorite Song ever: In The End - Linkin Park
    Favorite Game: WOW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Friendly, Funny, Smart, Clever, NERD
    Worst trait: Always acting like a jerk for some odd reason
    Play any instruments?: Drums and Bass
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Cant think of anything right now. It's to early in the morning.
    Picture of yourself: Christmas with my daughter.
    “Always remember, You’re unique, just like everyone else.”

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    Nov 2007
    First name: Dennis
    Age: 21
    Location: Florida, USA
    Education/ Job: College Student / Advanced Systems Technician
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: WoW and Music
    Favorite Movie: Cloverfield at the moment
    Favorite TV Show: South Park
    Favorite Song ever: Don't listen to much main stream music. Mostly classical.
    Favorite Game: Dark Age of Camelot when it first came out
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Dedicated, Thoughtful, Unyielding, Calm, Collected
    Worst trait: Anger at times
    Play any instruments?: Percussion since I was about 5
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: N/A
    Picture of yourself:

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