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Thread: Who are you, IRL?

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    Jan 2010
    First name: Randy
    Age: 36
    Location: Maine
    Education/ Job: Facilities Engineer
    Married with children?: No and Yes
    Hobbies: WoW, Guitar, Movies, Traveling, and Tennis
    Favorite Movie: Too many to list. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is right up there though.
    Favorite TV Show: True Blood or How i Met Your Mother
    Favorite Book: Elric of Melnibone
    Favorite Animal: Uhh, i dunno. Cats?
    Favorite Song ever: Metallica: Master of Puppets
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft, and Everquest 1
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Loyal, Funny, Fun, Sarcastic, Passive
    Worst trait: Paranoia. but like they say on Hitchhikers Guide... It's just normal everyday paranoia, we all get that.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm a G.I.R.L. (Guy in real life) Yes, i play a female character and i'm male.
    Picture of yourself:
    (Me and my girlfriend at the Boston Wine Expo last week)

    My GF Bethany who also plays WoW:

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    Jan 2010
    First name: Sam
    Age: 22
    Location: NC
    Education/ Job: High School, College / 0311
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: WoW, Rack Ops
    Favorite Movie:
    Favorite TV Show:
    Favorite Book:
    Favorite Animal: Liger
    Favorite Song ever: Situationally dependent
    Favorite Game: WoW, CS:S, TF2
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: ,.|..
    Worst trait: Most of them
    Play any instruments?: M249
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm nicer drunk than sober.
    Picture of yourself:
    Get some.

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    Jan 2010
    Central, IN, US

    First name:
    How about you just call me Lela because I don't want any cracks made about my real name.
    Age: 23, I think. I forgot after 21 because that was the last milestone to make me legal for everything.
    Location: Central Indiana
    Education/ Job: No job, little education. I want to go back to college and major in theatre and business.
    Married with children?: I don't want kids. I don't even like babies. Give me the one year olds to thirteen.
    Hobbies: Community Theatre, writing, singing, Civil War Reenacting, horse back riding, being very opinionated.
    Favorite Movie: Practical Magic and Beauty and the Beast
    Favorite Book: I have over 50 books stashed under my bed and more that I want to own. I want a library, so I don't have a favorite book.
    Favorite Animal: What's this year's Chinese Zodiac? That's right, the tiger! So my lucky year!
    Favorite Game:
    .hack//sign, Kingdom Hearts
    General: Actress, Adviser, Anime Obsessed, Art Collector/Whore, Civil War Reenacter, Consultant, Country Girl, DM/D&Der, Gamer, History Buff, Literate Roleplayer, Nature Freak, Random, Shiny and Sharp Objects Collector, Singer, Tease, Tomboy, Writer
    Worst trait: Blunt Honesty
    Play any instruments?: Nope, I sing. Mezzo Soprano
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I talk to my cat in his language constantly and I actually forgot the words to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while performing as Dorothy.
    Picture of yourself: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...ia/RealEve.png
    "They say that the best blaze brightest when circumstances are at their worse."

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    Feb 2010
    First name: Shannon, but I've been known to hurt people for calling me that. I'm known as Shay (even though RL friends have started calling me Keona after my paladin tank)
    Age: 23
    Location: San Antonio, Texas
    Education/ Job: 9th grade drop out, twice >.< Browser Gamer Developer / Web Site Developer
    Married with children?: Yes and yes ... my 3 yr old son and soon to be 2 yr old daughter.
    Hobbies: World of Warcraft and web development (I'm a nerd)
    Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men
    Favorite TV Show: Roseanne
    Favorite Book: Uhm, I don't wanna answer this, but here it goes. "CSS: The Definitive Guide" (it's my favorite reference, I don't usually read much else)
    Favorite Animal: Kitties! My hubby says one day we can have one.
    Favorite Song ever: Onyxia Wipe Remix >.< I like to roll my windows down when driving and blast it on the CD player. I get funny looks at red lights.
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft of course, EverQuest 2, pre-PS2 Final Fantasies, Zelda
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: silly, crazy, hyper, cranky, loud
    Worst trait: I get frustrated easily and tend to take it out on my hubby when we wipe due to someone standing in fire.
    Play any instruments?: Piano / Keyboard
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I took my kids (2 and 7 months at the time) to walmart at 10:30 pm and waiting in line for 2 hours for the WotLK expansion; then proceeded to teach them that gnomes were meant to be punted.
    Picture of yourself: Just reformatted my PC due to windows failure, sorry. Now when Linux can run every program I use, I won't have this problem
    (Okay, I lied. I didn't format ALL of my drives.) Me and my 3 year old after I just woke up. Someone wanted proof I was a real female or something.
    Last edited by Keona; 02-02-2010 at 06:22 AM. Reason: Added my piccie and shortened my rambling ... slightly.

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    Dec 2009
    First name: Florin
    Age: 23
    Location: Romania/Targu-Mures
    Education/ Job:Still at high school(slacked alot cause i could)Slacker atm.
    Married with children?:Nope ,single.
    Hobbies: Wow.Im addicted to this game.
    Favorite Movie: 300,LOTR.But soon Warcraft.
    Favorite TV Show: Scrubs
    Favorite Book: Shogun
    Favorite Animal: Ferret
    Favorite Song ever:WT-Ice Queen
    Favorite Game:WoW.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:Bad,Angry,Arogant,Cute(sometimes) and Tired.
    Worst trait: I get angry very easy.
    Play any instruments?: Nope
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:Cant think one atm.
    Picture of yourself:http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/i...7012010137.jpg

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    Sep 2009
    First name: Nic
    Age: 55
    Location: Lafayette, IN USA
    Education/ Job: MD-PhD/Biophysics research
    Married with children?:Yes and yes. No grandchildren yet
    Hobbies: reading history, Linux, biking
    Favorite Movie: Dr. Zhivago
    Favorite TV Show: MASH
    Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings (Anniversary Edition, 1974)
    Favorite Animal: Misty (our cat)
    Favorite Song ever:Weave me the sunshine
    Favorite Game: WoW, Falcon 4.0
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:insular, intellectual, quirky
    Worst trait: being insular, intellectual and quirky
    Play any instruments?: years ago
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:I still use the mouse in Wow. Shhh. Don't tell my son.
    Picture of yourself:
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    name: Scott
    Age: 16
    Location: Illinois
    Education/ Job: going through high (duh) going to college
    Married with children?:what do you think?
    Hobbies: WoW, hanging with friends, games in general, reading
    Favorite Movie: too many to count
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: Eldest
    Favorite Animal: Wolf
    Favorite Song: too many to count rock songs tho
    Favorite Game: WoW, DMC (all of them), CoD 4
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: smart, possessive (you no take candle), easygoing (usually), determined, funny
    Worst trait: overly perceptive and don't know when to stfu about something I notice. Competes with everyone even if they don't know it yet
    Play any instruments?: not a chance
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I once played Everquest and enjoyed it.
    Picture of yourself pass
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    Jan 2010
    First name: Keith
    Age: 19
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Education/ Job: attending a community college.
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: Wow, electronics, hockey
    Favorite TV Show: South Park
    Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings
    Favorite Game: Zelda:Ocarina of Time
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Shy, thoughtful, serious, intelligent,
    Worst trait: Saying sorry
    Play any instruments?: No
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Play wow with one hand
    Picture of yourself: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h1...magejpeg_0.jpg
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    Feb 2010
    First name: Chad
    Age: 21
    Location: Prescott, AZ
    Education/ Job: retail, assistant mgr
    Married with children?: lawl.
    Hobbies: Dirtbikes have been my love since I was a kid, other than that its WoW and parties =\
    Favorite Movie: Hitman
    Favorite TV Show: Metalocolypse
    Favorite Book: I hate reading haha
    Favorite Animal: raccoon
    Favorite Song ever: Colorblind by Stick to your Guns
    Favorite Game: WoW.. and fps's
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: faithful, silly, thankful, lively, and uptight about some things haha
    Worst trait: not afriad to speak my mind...
    Play any instruments?: gave up guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: closet nerd
    Picture of yourself: Attachment 1034

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    Jan 2010
    First name: Chuck
    Age: 26
    Location: FL
    Education/ Job: BS in Psych, Applying to Grad schools, Currently a Social Worker
    Married with children?: nope
    Hobbies: WoW, Surfing sometimes, Running
    Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Favorite TV Show: The Office, Family Guy
    Favorite Book: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
    Favorite Animal: Marmot :P
    Favorite Song ever: Jigsaw Falling into Place, Radiohead
    Favorite Game: FF VII, soon to be FF XIII, currently WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Attentive, Bashful, Funny, Laconic, Hopeful
    Worst trait: I work for Grammar Police!
    Play any instruments?: Guitar and Ukulele
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Keyboard turner, lol
    Picture of yourself: http://www.facebook.com/charlesalanburgess
    What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.

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    Feb 2010
    First name: Rob
    Age: 47
    Location: Florida
    Education/ Job: BS / Software Engineer
    Married with children?: Yes and four
    Hobbies: Remote Control planes and gaming.
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars Phantom Menace
    Favorite TV Show: Stargate SG-1
    Favorite Book: JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings series
    Favorite Animal: Any of them that are not in my house :P
    Favorite Song ever: Currently "Seek and Destroy" as played by Jake E. Lee with Chuck from Testament singing the vocals.
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft used to be Star Wars Republic Command and Crysis
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: inventive, curious, competitive, humorous, relaxed (except when competing)
    Worst trait: Overly competitive
    Play any instruments?: Electric Guitar or used to
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Used to play the paper and pen version of these games - you know AD&D...
    Picture of yourself: I picture myself as becoming a very good tank!

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    Feb 2010
    First name: Chris Age: 22 Location: West Sussex, England Education/ Job: PC Engineer Married with children?: Nope Hobbies: WoW, Cinema, Drinking Favorite Movie: GodFather Favorite TV Show: Family Guy Favorite Book: Dont read books. Favorite Animal: Tiger Favorite Song ever: Framing Hanley - Lollipop Favorite Game: WoW Describe yourself in five adjectives: honest, happy, naughty, defiant, loyal Worst trait: laziness Play any instruments?: No Embarrassing fact about yourself: Smelly farts Picture: no no

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    First name: Elyzabeth
    Age: 22
    Location: Georgia
    Education/ Job: I can spell?
    Married with children?: Now not married just with kids.
    Hobbies: WoW, cooking, reading, swimming, walking, sewing
    Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing?
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: WhateverIreadLast
    Favorite Animal: Dragon
    Favorite Song ever: River of Dreams ~ Billy Joel
    Favorite Game: WoW for Now
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: fat, silly, grump, nutter, funny
    Worst trait: Complaining?
    Play any instruments?: Violin, cello, piano,
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I once pooped in my pants, and gave it to my teacher so that I wouldn't be littering.
    Picture of yourself: :I
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    Feb 2010
    Roskilde / Denmark
    First name: Lennart
    Age: 27
    Location: Roskilde, Denmark
    Education/ Job: 3D animator
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Drums, Skateboarding, digital drawing. World of warcraft?
    Favorite Movie: hmm must be Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV Show: Dear god! there are so many to choose from :S Lost perhaps, also a great fan of Chuck.
    Favorite Book: The Nightdawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton
    Favorite Animal: Snakes love em
    Favorite Song ever: Go With the Flow by Queens of the stone age.
    Favorite Game: World of warcraft :P
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Goofy, joker, relaxed, shy, creative
    Worst trait: cant focus on one thing at a time
    Play any instruments?: Drums, and a bit of guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Got drunk once, got lost under a bridge and then finally slept in some strangers house.. they weren't happy about me the morning after. Perhaps because i puked in their shoes.
    Picture of yourself:

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    Jan 2010
    First name: Mike
    Age: 29
    Location: Connecticut
    Education/ Job: Welder
    Married with children?: Divorced, no children, single and enjoying
    Hobbies: Drinking, Hiking, Riding my motorcycle, WoW of course
    Favorite Movie: Braveheart, 300, Starwars, Avatar... could go on for awhile
    Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, House, Simpsons...... Don't really watch that much tv
    Favorite Book: I cant read... ok i can but dont rly have a favorite book
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Total Eclipse of the Heart..... love that song lol
    Favorite Game: WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Silly, Loyal, Active, Easy Going, Hardworker
    Worst trait: Joke too much, even when its inappropriate to make a joke i do lol
    Play any instruments?: Nope, Got no music talent, i cant even play the air guitar with any skill
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Don't care what other people think so what is there to be embarrassed about?
    Picture of yourself: [IMG]file:///C:/Users/ODC/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/ODC/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png[/IMG]6922_130947007945_649067945_2619378_2506636_n.jpg

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    First name: Fleming
    Age: 27
    Location: Los Angeles
    Education/ Job: (my job is private no offense but cannot disclose) However I'm currently a doctoral student studying Behavioral Neuropsychology
    Married with children?:No
    Hobbies: Reading, Lifting weights, playing WoW
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars IV, V, VI
    Favorite TV Show: Cosby Show
    Favorite Book: Dante's Inferno
    Favorite Animal: Rotwieler
    Favorite Song ever: Never Let Me Go by Luther Vandross
    Favorite Game: Probably WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Tall, quirky, vivacious, determined, and kind man
    Worst trait: I'm too caring
    Play any instruments?: None-but always wanted to play the piano
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:I did a powerpoint presentation with my zipper down.
    Picture of yourself:
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    Dec 2008
    First name: Jesper
    Age: 23
    Location: Denmark
    Education/ Job: Programming / sales
    Married with children?: Would like to but not at the moment
    Hobbies: Friends for the moment, sometimes wow (think i am more online on Tankspot then i am in wow for the moment but yeah
    Favorite Movies: LOTR
    Favorite TV Show: House, Grey's Anatomy Legend of the seeker
    Favorite Book: Read a lot of forgotten reamls novels, not a favorite
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Bands: Hammerfall, nightwish
    Favorite Game: Dragon Age
    Worst Trait: Thinking too much
    Play any instruments?: Nope
    Picture of yourself: Comming when i get my tankspot shirt

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    Jul 2009
    Ramstein, Germany
    First name: Jameson
    Age: 27
    Location: Ramstein, Germany
    Education/ Job: U.S. Air Force
    Married with children?: Married and my first child is due in April
    Hobbies: WoW, reading, martial arts
    Favorite Movie: Probably American Beauty (or most any other Kevin Spacey movie)
    Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: TNG
    Favorite Book: Anything by Piers Anthony, esp. the Xanth and Incarnations of Immortality series. I'm a bit like Ariedan, in that I read a LOT and have many favorites. Anything fantasy or Sci-Fi ranks high on my list. The Ender's Shadow series is also one of my favorites, along with all the Dragonlance novels.
    Favorite Animal: Dragon, hands down
    Favorite Song ever: Anything by Queen
    Favorite Game: Super Metroid and FF VII...and WoW takes the Bronze
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: According to my wife: honest, funny, caring, determined, obsessive-compulsive
    Worst trait: I have an incredible amount of potential that I'm too lazy to develop.
    Play any instruments?: Trumpet in middle/high school
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: There are very few chick-flicks that I do not enjoy. Dirty Dancing and Can't Buy Me Love are two of my most favorite movies of all time.
    Picture of yourself: That is me performing Taps at a military funeral in Colorado (not my full-time job, just something I volunteered for part-time).
    Mallok: Don't try to force the square peg into the round hole, if you get it in there, it's uncomfortable for both.
    Ciderhelm: Probably feels pretty good for the square peg.

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    Dec 2009
    ^ Cool pic

    First name: Jami
    Age: 25
    Location: Tennessee
    Education/ Job: Studied music, currently work in sales
    Married with children?: Neither and not even close
    Hobbies: Reading, movies, games
    Favorite Movie: Blood Diamond, Ever After... too many to name but I also really love horror movies
    Favorite TV Show: Buffy, Reno 911, The Office, True Blood, Robot Chicken
    Favorite Book: World Without End and anything Sherrilyn Kenyon or Christopher Moore
    Favorite Animal: Spider Monkey
    Favorite Song ever: Call me weird, but "An American Elegy" composed by Frank Ticheli in memory of Columbine. I can listen to it over and over. I also currently really like Les Claypool's "Long in the Tooth".
    Favorite Game: WoW- computer, Settlers of Catan and Cranium for board games
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: cute, weird, friendly, driven, smart
    Worst trait: I worry and stress over things too much
    Play any instruments?: Lots. I was a music major but mainly piano and clarinet.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I once got drunk and was given a shower by my ex-bf's mom after puking on myself.
    Picture of yourself:

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    Mar 2010
    First name: Michael
    Age: 35
    Location: San Antonio, Texas
    Education/ Job: yes / no woot for laid off
    Married with children?: Yes and 4, wife plays wow, kids don't like it
    Hobbies: WoW/Theoretical possibilities
    Favorite Movie: Mallrats
    Favorite TV Show: Old scrubs and 2 guys and a girl
    Favorite Book: What is a book.
    Favorite Animal: Affectionate ones.
    Favorite Song ever: Same Deep Water as You, The Cure
    Favorite Game: Mail Order Monsters, Dune 2, WoW, Starcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: brilliant, lazy, fat, egotistical, competent
    Worst trait: I don't like people who aren't competent.
    Play any instruments?: Most Brass, mainly Trumpet/Mellophone, used to play sax.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I cry myself to sleep sometimes, oh wait, uh....I like romantic comedies
    Picture of yourself: I am like Kevin Smiths body double.

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