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Thread: Who are you, IRL?

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    Dec 2009
    A place far away called marlyand
    First name: Joe
    Age: 18
    Education/ Job:majoring in computer science
    Married with children?:no
    Hobbies: WoW, MTG, other games
    Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction, Pineapple Express
    Favorite TV Show: The Mentalist
    Favorite Book: Zombie survival guide
    Fasvorite Animal: lolcats
    Favorite Song ever: I'm on a boat, Anthem of the angels-Breaking Benjamin, War and you're going down-sick puppies
    Favorite Game:WoW, TF2, DOTA
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Insane, Sane, Determined, unambitious, Optimistic
    Worst trait: Procrastinator
    Play any instruments?: A long time ago in my childhood
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:I tried to take a tree on in my car... the tree won
    Picture of yourself:Click here (you know you want to click the link)
    I'm all about the Professor Plums.

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    Nov 2009
    First name: Scott
    Age: 32
    Location:Cardiff, Wales
    Education/ Job: Software Developer
    Married with children?:no
    Hobbies: WoW, Surfing
    Favorite Movie: Starwars(1977), Pulp Fiction
    Favorite TV Show: Scrubs, House
    Favorite Book: Catcher in the rye
    Fasvorite Animal: DoGs
    Favorite Song ever: Adrift & at peace, Hurt (NIN)
    Favorite Game:WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: friendly,responsible,competitive,impulsive, imaginative,
    Worst trait: Too gawd damn nice.
    Play any instruments?: Guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:Lost shorts surfing on packed beach. Towel half way up beach........On i only had my short board
    Picture of yourself:See profile pic

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    Dec 2009
    North Dakota
    First name: Sara
    Age: 22
    Location: Nooooorth Dakota
    Education/ Job: Associates degree, planning on going back to school next fall.
    Married with children?: Nopers.
    Hobbies: Warcraft. And painting.
    Favorite Movie: LOTR and Donnie Darko, hands down.
    Favorite TV Show: Anything on Discovery Health.
    Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are, A Clockwork Orange
    Favorite Animal: Koalas!
    Favorite Song ever: Evur? Cold As Ice - Foreigner
    Favorite Game: WoW. Oblivion. Any Final Fantasy. Chrono Trigger.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Short, silly, smiley, sleepy, sneezy.
    Worst trait: I tend to have a short temper
    Play any instruments?: Guitar, clarinet. Lawlz.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Hum. I lvl'd prot? lolol.
    Picture of yourself: facebook/carnsivore
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    Oct 2008
    First name: Justin
    Age: 31
    Location: Kentucky

    Education/ Job: Assoc Ornamental Horticulture, Tugboater

    Married with children?: nah, want children, but no worthy candidates for
    the position of being their mother..

    Hobbies: Landscaping, Reading, 4wheeling,

    Favorite Movie: Ole Yeller, not exactly a favorite but its one i always put in the player if i can't seem to find anothing else interesting

    Favorite TV Show: BSG Battlestar Galactica, Maybe Caprica after the beginning of the year

    Favorite Book: no favorites ill just do a short list of authors: King, Goodkind, Salvatore, Jordan, L.E. Modessit, and more

    Favorite Animal: hmm Wolf

    Favorite Song ever: Yellow Ledbetter

    Favorite Game: most engrossed in WoW i guess

    Describe yourself in five adjectives: quiet, serious, dependable, humble, lonely ( hard to seriously come up with these, as humble is probably the only one i would call myself )

    Worst trait: my personality draws others to tell me ALL thier problems and expect me to solve them, sometimes this sucks

    Play any instruments?: Guitar, Drums, almost everything considered Brass ( marched 7 years in grade school, Trumpet, Tuba, Baritone, French Horn, i played them all at some point, and recently found that i still remember how to play most of them, Alumni Band plays some of the high school activities throughout the year) yes i was a band geek

    Embarrassing fact about yourself: im a closet nerd?

    Picture of yourself:

    uhmm anyone got a camera? i dont kep pics of myself lol
    You take a mortal man, and put him in control, watch him become a god, and peoples heads roll.

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    May 2008
    Athabasca, Alberta
    First name: Dave
    Age: 29
    Location: Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

    Education/ Job: ITS Project Estimator - no degree yet

    Married with children?: Pending, I'm engaged to a lovely lady who really wants them there kids.

    Hobbies: Cooking, gaming, politics, roleplaying, beer snobbery.

    Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb)

    Favorite TV Show: Currently QI, but the first ten years of the Simpsons will forever be sacred.

    Favorite Book: Several

    Favorite Animal: Domestic Dog

    Favorite Song ever: Constantly changing. Currently big on Road to Peace by Tom Waits.

    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft

    Describe yourself in five adjectives: goofy, modest, clever, unfocused, kind

    Worst trait: I procrastinate to extent others wish they could emulate.

    Play any instruments?: Trombone and guitar.

    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I love pro wrestling.

    Picture of yourself: See my avatar.
    If anyone in this nation could read, they'd be outraged!

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    Nov 2009
    Charlotte, NC
    First name: Jason
    Age: 28
    Location: NC
    Education/ Job: Technical Support for a VOIP company
    Married with children?: no
    Hobbies: Anything nerdy, games, tv shows, movies
    Favorite Movie: Cloverfield
    Favorite TV Show: Star Trek DS9
    Favorite Book: A Game of Thrones (Book 1, Song of Ice and Fire)
    Favorite Animal: cat
    Favorite Song ever: Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
    Favorite Game: Shadowbane
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: funny, slow, nerdy, geeky, short
    Worst trait: noobness
    Play any instruments?: no
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I like WoW
    Picture of yourself: no

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    Jan 2010
    New Jersey
    Well this seems like a good place to make my first post!

    First name: Amber
    Age: 20
    Location: Massachusetts
    Education/ Job: High school Graduate. I now work at a dance school.
    Married with children?: Neither!
    Hobbies: WoW...? Spending time with family and friends. Reading.
    Favorite Movie: Titanic
    Favorite TV Show: Of the moment it is Vampire Diaries
    Favorite Book: The Song of the Lioness
    Favorite Animal: My kitty -- Charlie!
    Favorite Song ever: When you believe -- Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey
    Favorite Game: MMORPG - WoW and Platform - Final Fantasy Series
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Unique, Curious, Passionate, Hopeful
    Worst trait: Shyness, But I am slowly getting over that!
    Play any instruments?: I know how to play the piano, but haven't for years!
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm a Closet Gamer? :X
    Picture of yourself:
    "You must be the change in the world you wish to see"

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    First Name: Preston
    Age: 22
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Education/Job: Network Analyst for a Human Resources Management Company
    Married with Children: Single!
    Hobbies: Gaming, reading, partying... in reverse order.
    Favourite Movie: Blow
    Favourite TV Show: ESPN anything.
    Favourite Book: The Millionaire Next Door... Marketing Major FTL
    Favourite Animal: Zebra DUH
    Favourite Song: Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5
    Favourite Game: Halo 2 or CoDMW2
    Describe Yourself in 5 Adjectives: Caring, Funny, Outgoing, Sarcastic, Careful
    Worst Trait: I'm pretty much perfect...
    Play Any Instruments: 14 Years of guitar lessons...
    Embarrasing Fact About Yourself: I listen to techno non-stop...

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    Jan 2010
    First Name: Kevin
    Age: 23
    Location: Oxford, MS
    Education/Job: Recent graduate / unemployed
    Married with Children: GF aggro
    Hobbies: Wakeboarding
    Favourite Movie: Reservoir Dogs
    Favourite TV Show: Futurama
    Favourite Book: Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust
    Favourite Animal: My cat
    Favourite Song: Eulogy by Tool
    Favourite Game: WoW, only game I really play
    Worst Trait: Can't raid without Adderall
    Play Any Instruments: nope
    Embarrasing Fact About Yourself: I click, but I'm damn good at it

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    Jan 2010
    somewhere in florida
    First name: Michael
    Age: 19
    Location: Florida
    Education/ Job: Bs in Web design and development
    Married with children?: no
    Hobbies: coding,xbox and wii, and of course wow
    Favorite Movie: taken or avatar
    Favorite TV Show: fringe or lost
    Favorite Book: dont read many books besides coding ones
    Favorite Animal: koala
    Favorite Song ever: dont really have one
    Favorite Game: anything mario related
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: fun,outgoing,energetic,quirky
    Worst trait: theorycrafting to much
    Play any instruments?: guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: dont really have any
    Picture of me:
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    Jan 2010
    First name: Cori (Short for Corinne)
    Age: 19
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Education/ Job: HS + Air Guard Reserves.
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: Concerts, Photography, Writing, Wow, Drinking, really doing anything to keep myself from being bored.
    Favorite Movie: AVATAR was the best thing I've seen in a while. Taken wow'd me before that. Old favorites are movies like Detroit Rock City, American History X, Breakfast Club, and plenty of others I can't think of.
    Favorite TV Show: Fringe, Law & Order, Without A Trace (I like CI + SVU but I'm not familiar with the newest... seemed a bit over zealous)
    Favorite Book: I don't read much, but if I picked one it wouldn't be Twilight.
    Favorite Animal: In reality, Dogs are my favorite as far as pets go. Sadly enough though any member of the large cat family has grown on me since I started playing feral too much.
    Favorite Song ever: Can't have a favorite SONG anymore. What is this like... 3rd grade? I listen to WAY too much music for a favorite artist, favorite song would be impossible.
    Favorite Game: Wow or Rock Band.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: I'm a blunt, charismatic, loud and likely a drunk bitch. I have a good sense of humor though?
    Worst trait: Haha I talk too much or look too far into things...and I hold grudges. =\
    Play any instruments?: Used to play drums a bit.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I facebook stalk.
    Picture of me:
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    Jul 2007
    Woo! WoW couple =]

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    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    Jan 2010
    somewhere in florida
    Sure is, although living together can be a pain when raiding sometimes. She moves back to Pa soon and then we truly will be a WOW couple
    Druid heals of Haomarush|US|Horde

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    Jan 2010
    North Carolina
    First name: Will
    Age: 29... 30 on 02/12......
    Location: North Carolina
    Education/ Job:BA in English from the U of M. Warehouse/Logistics Manager for Sony BMG
    Married with children?:married? Yes and Yes. 3 Kids, 1 in WOW
    Hobbies: Warcraft/Little League coach for Baseball & Football.
    Favorite Movie: The Abyss
    Favorite TV Show: Fringe. I actually changed the raid night in my guild for this show.
    Favorite Book: Playboy
    Favorite Animal: Blood Hound
    Favorite Song ever: Fat Botton Girls - Queen
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft... Wait, this isn't a game... Its a life choice.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Sarcastic, Driven, Overachieving, funny, Asshat... Wait, the last one is a noun isn't it...
    Worst trait: When I'm good at something... I can... well.. I can be a prick at times without knowing it.
    Play any instruments?: Guitar, Piano, Trombone
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Last year I got drunk, stepped outside to smoke and... relieve myself late during a raid (I live off the beaten path. Its liberating and time saving), then realized that not only were my wife's friends still at my house, they were on the deck watching me in shock...
    Picture of yourself:I know I didn't shave... I was beach bummin...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarTotem View Post
    You know you just called yourself an asshat, right?

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    Dec 2009
    First name: Kim
    Age: 25
    Location: Alaska
    Education/ Job: slowly chipping away at a degree... librarian
    Married with children?:funny show
    Hobbies: Movies, reading, hiking, skiing, biking.
    Favorite Movie: Empire Strikes Back
    Favorite TV Show: not much of a tv watcher
    Favorite Book: Lord of the rings, Cryptonomicon
    Favorite Animal: My husky's
    Favorite Song ever:none
    Favorite Game: Not much of a gamer so world of warcraft haha
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Shy, Goofy, Sassy, sarcastic....
    Worst trait: attention span of a gnat
    Play any instruments?: nope
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I once left my brothers quad in neutral, after the hike down the mountain to get it there wasn't much left of it...
    Picture of yourself:hmmmmm maybe another time

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    Jan 2010
    First Name: Steve
    Age: 41
    Location: Quebec, QC, Canada
    Education/Job: Ops Manager
    Married with Children: Yep, 1 child - he plays WoW too
    Hobbies: WoW, Reading, Movies, Snowboarding
    Favourite Movie: StarWars, Band of Brothers
    Favourite TV Show: Heroes
    Favourite Book: Harry Potter
    Favourite Animal: My dog, a Rodhesian Ridgeback
    Favourite Song: The Wall - Pink Floyd
    Favourite Game: WoW, BF2
    Describe Yourself in 5 Adjectives: Strong, Stubborn, Impatient, Passionate, Empathetic
    Worst Trait: I am impatient!
    Play Any Instruments: Guitar! Wel... Somewhat
    Embarrasing Fact About Yourself: I did not know you could prospect ore for gems until I reached level 450 in gemcutting.

    I have been an avid reader for the past 6 months, but never logged in (didn't even have an account). My mother tongue is French so I write strangely sometimes.

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    Jan 2010
    St. Louis, MO USA

    They Call Me Kulseth

    First name: Sean
    Age: 37
    Location: St. Louis, MO USA
    Education/ Job: College grad, I'm in tech sales
    Married with children?: Divorced w/daughter
    Hobbies: WoW, books, music, cooking
    Favorite Movie: LoTR/Star Wars/Garden State
    Favorite TV Show: Family Guy
    Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude is right up there
    Favorite Animal: wolverine
    Favorite Song ever: "Fearless" - Pink Floyd
    Favorite Game: WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: witty, sarcastic, protective, stoic, brooding
    Worst trait: procrastination
    Play any instruments?: guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I eat too much and excercise too little
    Picture of yourself: dont' have one here at work, but if I ever think about it at home, I'll put one up

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    Sep 2009
    First name: shannon (yes I am a guy)
    Age: 37
    Location: maryland
    Education/ Job: yes / yes (I am a gov't contractor)
    Married with children?: no kids
    Hobbies: NCAA football watching, WOW, camping, fishing
    Favorite Movie: The Lions in Winter and Saving Private Ryan
    Favorite TV Show: Simpsons... still
    Favorite Book: Bible, Complete Shakespear, anything history related
    Favorite Animal: Two cats and one that passed away 2 years ago (and is still missed)
    Favorite Song ever: Mister Breeze, Lynard Skynard
    Favorite Game: er... WOW... that seems obvious
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: sarcastic, outgoing, annoying, easily confused, loyal
    Worst trait: I can be clingy
    Play any instruments?: that's a little personal! oh right, in high school a few centuries ago, the clarinet
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: sometimes when very tired I'll go to work with two different but similar dress shoes on. I blame WOW for this.
    Picture of yourself: google brad pitt... picture the opposite !

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    Jul 2009
    First name: Tom
    Age: 29
    Location: Georgia
    Education/ Job: Masters in History from the University of Georgia, working as a grant writer and journalist until i can affort to get the PhD.
    Married with children?: Yes and hell no.
    Hobbies: WoW, Running, Writing the occasional short story
    Favorite Movie: 12 Angry Men
    Favorite TV Show: Firefly (RIP!)
    Favorite Book: Das Kapital
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Links234 - Rammstein
    Favorite Game: WoW, closely followed by starcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Astute, Creative, Argumentative, Wise, Sarcastic
    Worst trait: I like to distance run at night. Drives my wife nuts.
    Play any instruments?: Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, and Bongo drums (hippie- yes)
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I used to play alliance and i like to curse my raiders in Russian when they fail.
    Picture of yourself: pass

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    Jun 2009
    North Carolina
    First name: Paige
    Age: 19
    Location: North Carolina
    Education/ Job: GED, attending a community college / Working retail at a local mall
    Married with children?: No and no
    Hobbies: WoW obviously. I enjoy reading some, tatting, watching movies, ect.
    Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings >.>
    Favorite TV Show: Cities of the Underworld
    Favorite Book: Same as movie
    Favorite Animal: Sharks
    Favorite Song ever: I like many songs so, skip
    Favorite Game: Erhm... WoW? I actually really miss playing Total War: Rome.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Impatient, curious, complex, studious, passionate
    Worst trait: I tend to jump to very bad and normally wrong conclusions.
    Play any instruments?: I do, clarinet. I played bass clarinet throughout middle school and high school
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'll give you one wow related, I keyboard turn.
    Picture of yourself:

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