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Thread: Who are you, IRL?

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    Dec 2008
    First name: James
    Age: 19
    Location: Tacoma, WA (hi Ciderhelm =P)
    Education/ Job: High School Diploma, Security Guard.
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: WoW...uhhhhh......
    Favorite Movie: Lost in Space.
    Favorite TV Show: Scrubs/ATHF/Numbers/Chuck
    Favorite Book: His Dark Materials series.
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Song ever: Talk Shows on Mute, Incubus.
    Favorite Game: Zelda OoT
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Amazing, Smart, bored, grouchy, asshole
    Worst trait: Biting my nails =[
    Play any instruments?: Trumpet, Guitar Hero guitar, rock band Drums =D
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I sing very loudly in the car/shower.
    Picture of yourself: Newer pic in work uniform

    Older pic while i was waiting for WoW to Update.

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    Mar 2009
    First name: Kaleb
    Age: 16
    Location: Chi town
    Education/ Job:Meh, HighSchool and McDonolds=(
    Married with children?:Nope, but i have a girlfriend
    Hobbies: WoW, Chillin
    Favorite Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
    Favorite TV Show: Hmmm...Operation Repo (those guys are doouche bags)
    Favorite Book: Who reads?
    Favorite Animal: Lion
    Favorite Song ever:Last Resort - Papa Roach
    Favorite Game:WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives:Cool, Calm, Collective, Fun, and CAPS
    Worst trait: Hmmm... My GF said im to addicted to my computer, but i dont see it.
    Play any instruments?: Keyboard (piano not computer)
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:I got depantsed inside a church and... thats all im sayin.
    Picture of yourself:HMMMM....Once someone tells me how to post a pic i will lol

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    Apr 2009
    First name: Aaron
    Age: 22
    Location: England
    Education/Job: University Graduate, Now Chef
    Married with children?: Not yet, Currently Single
    Hobbies: World Of Wacraft
    Favorite Movie: Lord Of the Rings
    Favorite TV Show: House
    Favorite Book: Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
    Favorite Animal: White Tiger
    Favorite Song ever: Limp Bizkit - Boiler
    Favorite Game: World Of Warcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Calculating, Passionate, Brave, Cold, Tank
    Worst trait: I tend to shut myself off from other peoples opinions
    Play any instruments?: Guitar/Drums/Piano
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm addicted to WoW
    Picture of yourself: Will do soon.
    "Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave" - Captain Lycan E. Sigmarr

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    May 2008
    First name: Michael
    Age: 39
    Location: Kentucky
    Education/ Job: Tech @ Toyota
    Married with children?: Yes and 3
    Hobbies: Anything with computers and RC Planes
    Favorite Movie: Pink Floyds The Wall
    Favorite TV Show: I dont watch primetime TV
    Favorite Book: The Trilogy (I know not one book, but one story)
    Favorite Animal: Sieberian Tigers
    Favorite Song ever: "Dont Give Up" - Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush
    Favorite Game: Outside of WoW... BF1942
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: tall, old,funny,serious,tempermental
    Worst trait: Tend to make light of serious situations..
    Play any instruments?: I used to play the viola in school, about 400 hundred years ago
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I still daydream of fanatsy worlds and adventures when Im supposed to be working.
    Picture of yourself: Dont have any here at work

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    Mar 2009
    First name: Jake.
    Age: 21.
    Location: Australia.
    Education/ Job: Doing some IT/none.
    Married with children?: Girlfriend, we met through WoW. Been together a year now.
    Hobbies: Computers, E34 BMWs & Old Range Rovers.
    Favorite Movie: The original Vanishing Point.
    Favorite TV Show: Topgear, The Sopranos and Topgear.
    Favorite Book: Topgear - the magazines...
    Favorite Animal: My dog.
    Favorite Song ever: Not my favourite, there is too many, but certainly the most funniest I have ever listened to. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pJ88yvXb_c"][/ame]You'll have to search for it on Youtube to see the video, coded one was coming up the video had been removed but it is still there. Chris Franklin - Bloke.
    Favorite Game: Motorcity Online - Look it up, I believe it was the best MMO ever made. EA bought it out and fucked it up before they took all the servers down and tried to buy people off by offering them a free copy of The Sims. The character customisation, music, cars, in-depth tuning and modifications you could do to your car made it one of the best games I have ever played in the 15 years I have been a "gamer". EA used the excuse that the game was not balanced for new players (which was EAs fault) and it did not make enough money to sustain the servers (monthly subscription cost was roughly the same as WoW).
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Geek, Motorhead, Greasemonkey, Crippled, Loyal
    Worst trait: Managing my money.
    Play any instruments?: Nope.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: It's too embarrassing.
    Picture of yourself: Its on my profile.
    Last edited by Quro; 04-08-2009 at 08:37 PM. Reason: Youtube video not working.

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    Apr 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA
    First name: Will
    Age: 17
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Education/ Job: High School Student
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Hanging out with my friends, Most of the time its both.
    Favorite Movie: Dazed and Confused
    Favorite TV Show: The Office
    Favorite Book: Tangerine
    Favorite Animal: Wolf
    Favorite Song ever: Probably "The Eagles - Hotel California" My dad and I used to listen to that all the time when I was younger
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft, second favorite is Halo 2
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Funny, Short, Complainer, Lazy, Awesome
    Worst trait: I always complain about everything.
    Play any instruments?: Used to play Drums
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I have this thing where if I try to do something really funny my eyes start to water.
    Picture of yourself:

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    Apr 2009
    First name: Marc
    Age: 26
    Location: Darlington (North East England)
    Education/ Job: Call centre monkey
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Gaming, Drinking, Being Awesome and Winfull
    Favorite Movie: ooh, erm.. i really don't know. I like films as a general thing but it's not something i'm inot. something with zombies probably
    Favorite TV Show: Firefly
    Favorite Book: Not a big reader.. enjoy horror on occasion but the last book i really loved was by that guy who wrote "The Beach". He's actually pretty good.
    Favorite Animal: Cats. I am their master. They love me and one day will rise to do my bidding as an almighty Feline army. Be warned.
    Favorite Song ever: Don't have one.
    Favorite Game: Diablo 2
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Quiet, Reserved, Trustworthy, Capable, Awesome
    Worst trait: Not great with the talky talky
    Play any instruments?: Guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: i somehow managed to pick up the nickname "princess" one night. noone will tell me why.
    Picture of yourself: tried doing this. didn't work. will try and sort it later
    i tank therefore i am

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    Apr 2009
    The Netherlands
    First name: Paul.
    Age: 20.
    Location: The Netherlands.
    Education/ Job: School - Software engineering study.
    Married with children?: Nope!
    Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, sports (tennis, mainly) and of course WoW!
    Favorite Movie: Tough one..I guess I'll go with the Bourne Ultimatum.
    Favorite TV Show: Life, Lost, The Office, Scrubs, The Mentalist.
    Favorite Book: Harry Potter 7. I don't read much.
    Favorite Animal: Dog.
    Favorite Song ever: Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana. If I really have to pick one. But I love pretty much all songs of MJ.
    Favorite Game: WoW.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Nerdy, Lazy, Quiet, Calm and Intelligent (at times).
    Worst trait: Low self-esteem. Also, incredibly lazy.
    Play any instruments?: I don't, unfortunately. I would love to learn how to play guitar though.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I play wow.. Alot. Eventhough I'm bored most of the time. I think they call it addiction?
    Picture of yourself:

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    Apr 2009
    First name: Tyler

    Age: 22

    Location: Spokane WA

    Education/ Job: High School/ Backserver in a bar. >.<

    Married with children?: No and No.

    Hobbies: Going out to the movies, Playing video games, reading, listening to music, trolling forums... the list goes on.

    Favorite Movie: Recently I've really gotten back into the old Hannibal Lecter movies... So I'm gonna go with "Silence of the Lambs"

    Favorite TV Show: House and/or Chuck

    Favorite Book: Probably "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" series. ^.^

    Favorite Animal: Cats=Teh sex. No not literally. I'm not one of THOSE people... >.>

    Favorite Song ever: Wow, wayyyyyy too many songs in my library to choose just one. XD I'm listening to "What goes around" covered by Alesana right now.

    Favorite Game: WoW, with Final Fantasy 6 coming in with a close 2nd.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Loyal, Open-minded, affectionate, funny, hard-working.

    Worst trait: I'm a habitual procrastinator. As I sit here, I realize that I have YET to finish my taxes...*Looks at the calander, scrambles*

    Play any instruments?: Aye, trumpet, Baritone, and I hear I play a mean "Air drumset"

    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I have Phonophobia. Look it up. Its a real deal.

    Picture of yourself: When I find a recent one, I'll come back and post it. ^_^

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    Mar 2009
    New Jersey
    First Name: Luis

    Age: 20

    Location: Orange, NJ

    Education/Job: Benjamin Moore sales rep. (Paint)

    Married with children: Yes and yes =)

    Hobbies: Wow and any kind of sports

    Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight

    Favorite book: dont have one...

    Favorite Tv show: Family guy

    Favorite Song Ever: Anything Lifehouse =)

    Favorite Game: Wow.. ftw

    Worst trait: way too much wow.. wife aggro FTL

    Play any Instruments: Bass, Sax.

    Embarassing fact about yourself: I get exited about things too easily (jump the gun?)

    Picture of yourself: Im on my cellphone =( dont have one atm
    wiping is not failing, quitting is. Don't forget that - Kolben

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    Apr 2009
    I figured since I'm all newbie I could use this to break the ice so to speak :P
    First name: Cody
    Age: 20
    Location: Oklahoma City
    Education/ Job: Projectionist at a movie theater(glamorous, right?)
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: WoW, playing the bass
    Favorite Movie: Ummm...I dunno...Watchmen was pretty good.
    Favorite TV Show: Firefly
    Favorite Book: Ummm....Watchmen?
    Favorite Animal: Tapir!
    Favorite Song ever: Neverender by Coheed and Cambria
    Favorite Game: WoW?
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: short skinny scruffy pale adjective
    Worst trait: I'm shy around people I don't know IRL
    Play any instruments?: Bass, guitar, piano, trombone, harmonica, violin, cello and drums.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I talk to myself a lot.
    Picture of yourself:
    That's me on the right.

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    Apr 2009
    First name: Matt
    Age: 22
    Location: Oceanside, California
    Education/ Job: Marine Corps, get out in 3 months, then onto UC Berkeley!
    Married with children?: Nope, not for a few more years methinks
    Hobbies: Gaming, Building Computers, Reading, Biking, Off-roading
    Favorite Movie: Bio Dome
    Favorite TV Show: House/Bleach, depending on my mood
    Favorite Book: 1984
    Favorite Animal: The New Tailor Made Servers: Dedicated Servers Done Right. For You.
    Favorite Song ever: Forty Six & 2 - Tool
    Favorite Game: WoW for the time being.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Witty, Paradoxical, Introspective, Insane, Awkward
    Worst trait: Being shy.
    Play any instruments?: Does my nose count?
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Grammar-Nazi.
    Picture of yourself:

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    Nov 2008
    I've posted up a few times, my turn!

    First name:
    Age: 21
    Location: Mid-Atlantic Region (VA-school, MD-home)
    Education/ Job: 5 year plan at school woo!
    Married with children?: Not yet
    Hobbies: Gaming of all types (not a fanboy), music (lots), movies (also lots)
    Favorite Movie: Fight Club (and yes, I've read the book too, a few times)
    Favorite TV Show: Chowder, Spongebob, almost anything on Adult Swim
    Favorite Book: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
    Favorite Animal: Dogs
    Favorite Song ever: Too many to choose
    Favorite Game: WoW, Castle Crashers, L4D
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Tall, Lanky, Humorous, Nerd, Fun
    Worst trait: Short temper
    Play any instruments?: Used to play Alto Sax back in the day
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I dance by myself in my room to music
    Picture of yourself: Self-portrait project for Photography
    "The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it."
    -George Orwell

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    Apr 2009

    Any other women tanks out there?

    First name: Lisa
    Age: 22
    Location: Seattle
    Education/ Job: B.S. Biochemistry and Spanish, premed
    Married with children?: live with boyfriend.
    Hobbies: WoW, playing with my cat, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, traveling
    Favorite Movie: Newsies, American Beauty
    Favorite TV Show: House, Grey's Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica
    Favorite Book: Ishmael, 1984, lots
    Favorite Animal: my kitty
    Favorite Song ever: EVER. ummm, Estoy Aqui by Shakira
    Favorite Game: WoW (why else would i be on this forum)
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: sensitive, ambitious, playful, addictive, intelligent
    Worst trait: worrying too much
    Play any instruments?: vocal cords
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: i want to be the prettiest tank ever
    Picture of yourself: nope. its the internet, dont trust it

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    Oct 2008
    There are a fair few lady tanks here, Noraestiri! Don't worry, it's not a total boys' club

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    Mar 2009
    First name: Jason or Jinx
    Age: 36
    Location: England-Suffolk
    Education/ Job: Gas Engineer
    Married with children?: Not married but have two gorgeous sons with my long term partner
    Hobbies: Sci Fi, WoW, Being a Dad, Weight Lifting to name a few
    Favorite Movie: Salute of The Jugger
    Favorite TV Show: Babylon5
    Favorite Book: Robert Rankin
    Favorite Animal: Snakes
    Favorite Song ever: Too many to List But Metallica's One and Planet Caravan by Pantera
    Favorite Games: WoW,EQ,C&C,Res Evil,GoW
    discribe yourself in five adjectives:Tall,Scarey,Laid Back,Hyper,Gental Gaint
    Worst trait:
    Play any instruments?: Guitar many moons ago
    Embarrassing fact about yourself:Extreme fear of heights, even a picture of a tall building can set me off.
    Picture of yourself:Giri┼č Yap | Facebook

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    First name: Jerina, friends call me Jynx
    Age: 33
    Location: Pretoria, South Africa
    Education/ Job: Customer support desk
    Married with children?: No and no
    Hobbies: Wow and movies
    Favorite Movies: Snatch, 5th Element, Taming of the Shrew (E Taylor version)
    Favorite Book: World according to Garp, Belgariad series, Death Gate Cycle series
    Favorite Animal: Sea Otter
    Favorite Song ever: Sitting on the dock of the bay (Eddie Vedder's version)
    Favorite Game: Argh.. where to start.. Ultima Online, Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Dungeons and Dragons (paperbased)
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Gentle, Patient, Fun, Wise (not clever) with a touch of Insanity
    Worst trait: Bossy
    Play any instruments?: I can talk a lot..
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I listen to Abba.. sometimes.. at night.. with my head under the covers.. with a torch light.. but only sometimes!
    Picture of yourself:

    I shaved my head in support of cancer patients losing their hair during chemo therapy. The guildies gave me a lot of crap for being a bald chic! Kept asking when they'll see the nose ring and spiked collar..
    Divine Edge - Gallery - WowStead
    We are currently recruiting..

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    First name: Chantal
    Age: 20
    Location: London Ontario Canada
    Education Job: N/A was previously employed with Sony Ericsson.
    Married with children?: Complicated relationship & no babies.
    Hobbies: Reading, camping, friends, movies & World of Warcraft.
    Favorite Movie: The Matrix Series, The Day The Earth Stood Still, A Scanner Darkly, Constantine, The Lake House and The Notebook.
    Favorite TV Show: That 70's Show, Family Guy, CSI Las Vegas, Grey's Anatomy & American Idol.
    Favorite Book: Harry Potter, Twilight Series, Warcraft Series Books.
    Favorite Animal: Kittens & Ferrets
    Favorite Song ever: TiŰsto - Love Comes Again, I also like Benny Benassi, Lamb of God,
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Super Mario Sunshine,
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Helpful, Funny, Loving, Kind, Emotional.
    Worst trait: Being shy in public, especially around a lot of people like a bar, or club & talking to guys
    Play any instruments?: Guitar (Still Learning...)
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I failed gym class
    Picture of yourself:Yes
    Myspace: Chantal | MySpace.com
    Xfire: chantygirl89
    MSN: chantal.ribbons@msn.com
    AIM: chantygirl89

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    Feb 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I had no idea someone could fail gym class :P

    If it makes you feel any better I failed Shop...



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    Apr 2009
    First name: Christian
    Age: 17
    Location: Texas
    Education/ Job: Currently attending 11th Grade in High School
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: WoW, Woodshop, Girls (I still think they are a myth)
    Favorite Movie: Tough one...hmm lets go with Fight Club
    Favorite TV Show: psh, The Office
    Favorite Book: hmm...Any 3 page traveling broucher
    Favorite Animal: Raptor
    Favorite Song ever: Save Us - Mushroomhead
    Favorite Game: WoW, and if its not wow its Pillage the Village
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Lazy, amazing, hyper, smarta$$, chill
    Worst trait: Laziness
    Play any instruments?: Use to before WoW, Trumpet/French Horn/Trombone/Tuba
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I think my local weather lady is hawt.
    Picture of yourself: Might come, might not.

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