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Thread: Who are you, IRL?

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    Unger is cute... thats lies! Cute guys don't play WoW LOL
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    Jan 2009
    First name: Spencer
    Age: 25
    Location: Currently Newport Beach, CA
    Education/ Job: Former Underwriter for Safeco Insurance. Currently doing contract work reviewing files of workers giving loans/insurance policies to Sub Prime Applicants.
    Married with children?: Nope, in a stable relationship
    Hobbies: Fishing, NFL, MLB, English Premier Leage Football, FIFA, Brewing/Distilling, etc.
    Favorite Movies:Godfather, Boondock Saints, Goodfellas, Matrix Series, Monty Python Meaning of Life + Holy Grail, many others
    Favorite TV Show: Fringe
    Favorite Book: The Invisible Man
    Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear
    Favorite Song ever:Motor City Madhouse, London Calling, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, High Voltage, to name a few
    Favorite Game: Tottenham 5-1 Arsenal Carling Cup 07/08
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Irish Yid Classy Confidently Shy
    Worst trait: Think more of what effects me short term instead of long
    Play any instruments?: All brass except trombone
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: First toon was hunter
    Picture of yourself: Im sure I can find one, when i find the motivation
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    Tacoma, Wa
    I've deleted the last 5 posts and am going to prune some earlier ones. Please keep this thread in format and move conversations elsewhere.

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    Feb 2009
    First name: Tim
    Age: 24
    Location: California
    Education/ Job: Basic PC Hardware Assembly
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Gaming & Football
    Favorite Movie: A Prayer for the Dying
    Favorite TV Show: None
    Favorite Book: Mein Kampf
    Favorite Animal: Bunnies
    Favorite Song ever: Judas Priest - Stained Class
    Favorite Game: Half-Life Series
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Arrogant, Pompous, and Confident
    Worst trait: Temper
    Play any instruments?: Nope
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Horrified of Bee's, Wasps, etc. If it flies and stings I'll scream.
    Picture of yourself:

    US Hakkar Alliance Croatan Protection Warrior (15/5/51)

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    Jan 2009
    First name: Becky
    Age: 24
    Location: Grand Rapids, MI
    Education/ Job: BFA, Communications / Retail
    Married with children?: Married / 0 Kids
    Hobbies: Gaming, oil painting, drawing, beading/jewelry making
    Favorite Movie: Marie Antoinette
    Favorite TV Show: LOST
    Favorite Book: Song of Ice and Fire
    Favorite Animal: Cat
    Favorite Song ever: Don't have one atm ^^
    Favorite Game: WoW & Half Life 2
    Play any instruments?: guitar

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    Jan 2009
    Louisville, KY, USA
    First name: Jenny
    Age: 28
    Location: Louisville KY USA
    Education/ Job: Associates degree in Interior Design, but I stay at home and care for my elderly and ill mother in law with my husband.
    Married with children?: Married, no children
    Hobbies: painting (both walls and canvases) home improvement and crafts
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars Episode 6 (original)
    Favorite TV Show: Metalocalypse
    Favorite Book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: I like too many to pick just one, one of them is Enter Sandman by Metallica
    Favorite Game: atm WoW, but if Star Wars Galaxies ever came back to its former glory I'd be gone in a second!
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: creative, passionate, intelligent, feisty, loud
    Worst trait: sometimes I am a yes person, if it can keep the peace anyway..
    Play any instruments?: violin, bass, drums, ukulele
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I can say the alphabet backwards in under 5 seconds (yes I practiced this...)

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    Dec 2008
    First name: Jim
    Age: 18
    Location: Sweden
    Education/ Job: Network administartor
    Married with children?: nope ^^
    Hobbies: wow/football
    Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV Show: Scrubs (season3)
    Favorite Book: Dracula
    Favorite Animal: Cat
    Favorite Song ever: puuh... cant really put any no1 would prolly be Nirvana - Lihitium
    Favorite Game: Wow
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: friendly, happy, fail!, smart
    Worst trait: perfectionist, oh yeah.. :/
    Play any instruments?: noe, tried giutarr but i failed so bad !
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: my leg is never still :f
    Picture of yourself: will add one later when i get my hand on some, just got an new computer
    Hybrid - Druid/Paladin

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    First name: Kim
    Age: 36
    Location: Merritt Island, FL
    Education/ Job: BSN, RN
    Married with children?: Yes, 17 years married, 1 daughter age 7
    Hobbies: WoW, reading, travel
    Favorite Movie: 'Bridget Jones Diary,' and 'Taming of the Shrew' with Elizabeth Taylor
    Favorite TV Show: What Not To Wear
    Favorite Book: a book by Jennifer Crusie titled 'Bet Me.'
    Favorite Animal: Dog
    Favorite Song ever: Level 42's 'There's Something About You' and Madonna's 'Holiday'
    Favorite Game: Scrabble
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: decisive, intelligent, intuitive, empathetic, compassionate
    Worst trait: obsessive without the compulsion...sometimes
    Play any instruments?: ewwww, rather not answer
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I hate to admit being a WoW geek
    Picture of yourself, many years ago hiking in Alaska:

    "serious walnut- crunching ass power" from: Merry Christmas, Bob, By Chris Shugart

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    Jan 2009
    First name: Pat
    Age: 18
    Location: U.S.A
    Education/ Job: senior in high school
    Married with children?: no, and me and gf don't plan on having kids
    Hobbies: gaming, building computers, playing guitar
    Favorite Movie: Gran Torino
    Favorite TV Show: gangland
    Favorite Book: the bard
    Favorite Animal: Wolfs imo
    Favorite Song ever: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MCI7ej5Xsk"]YouTube - Sonic Syndicate - Soulstone Splinter[/ame]

    Favorite Game: WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: do i have to? lol
    Worst trait: noobs piss me off really easy
    Play any instruments?: guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: my native language is english yet i speak german better
    Picture of yourself: (its Dimensions: 2142x2856 so i'm not gonna use img code and ignore date in pic, when i took it i had to change the battiers in my cam and never adjusted the date...)
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    First name: Mike
    Age: 28
    Location: Dutchess County, NY
    Education/ Job: I work at a PSych Hospital dooing security and general Maintenance
    Married with children?: Was a great Show
    Hobbies: WoW, Going out and drinking, Spending time with my GF and her kids
    Favorite Movie: CLerks
    Favorite TV Show: FAmily Guy and NCIS
    Favorite Book: good question
    Favorite Animal: Cat
    Favorite Song ever: Unsucessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty of Infidelity - Type O Negative ( we have all been there)
    Favorite Game: WOW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: intelligent, pessimistic, Goofy, loving, Sarcastic, Cynical
    Worst trait: To clingy at times
    Play any instruments?: Guitar and Bass
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I like to be naked

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    Feb 2009
    First name: Bryan
    Age: 29
    Location: Arizona
    Education/ Job: Walmart
    Married with children?: No/yes
    Hobbies: Play WoW
    Favorite Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo
    Favorite TV Show: Leverage
    Favorite Book: Wheel of Time
    Favorite Animal: Bears of course!
    Favorite Song ever: Bodies by Drowning Pool
    Favorite Game: WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Smart, funny, good looking, outgoing, optimistic
    Worst trait: I work too much
    Play any instruments?: No
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I let the healers die. >_<
    Picture of yourself:

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    Hmm. I guess I should post.

    First name: Daniel.
    Age: 22.
    Location: Denmark.
    Education/Job: None/unemployed.
    Married with children: No and no. I've wanted children since I was little, though. Single so no prospects in that area.
    Hobbies: Anything fantasy is incredibly addicting for me. D&D, WoW, books. Science fiction can also capture me. Post-apocalyptic settings are awesome.
    Favorite Movie: Toss up between V for Vendetta and Shawshank Redemption... by very small margins.
    Favorite TV Show: House, MD or Heroes.
    Favorite Book: A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite series, followed closely by Wheel of Time.
    Favorite Animal: None, really -- used to like horses, though I've only ridden one once.
    Favorite Song: Meh, don't listen much to music.
    Favorite Game: Planescape: Torment, WoW, Knights of the Old Republic.
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Intelligent, arrogant, lazy, introverted, creative.
    Worst trait: I procrastinate. A lot.
    Play any instruments?: None at all. I'm not quite tone-deaf, but it's close.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm overweight.
    Picture of yourself: Haven't had a picture taken in several years that I have handy. My mother has all of them.

    ಠ ,ಠ
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain - it's time to roll the dice

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    First name: Chad
    Age: 22
    Location: South-Central Pennsylvania
    Education/ Job: IT
    Married with children?: Married, No Kids
    Hobbies: Hiking, D&D, LARPing
    Favorite Movie: Clerks
    Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica
    Favorite Book: Chronicles of Narnia
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Song ever: Faction, by Less Than Jake
    Favorite Game: Chrono Trigger
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Creative, Bearded, Hungry, Technical, Adaptable.
    Worst trait: Sometimes-violent intolerance of idiocy.
    Play any instruments? (Hero)ic, Guitar
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I have a New Jersey accent, and am consistently mocked by my raids for my pronunciation of words like water ("Wattur").

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    Oct 2008
    First name: Scott
    Age: 24
    Location: Newport Beach, CA
    Education/ Job: 3D Artist
    Married with children?: No
    Hobbies: Drawing/Painting, Video Games, Music
    Favorite Movie: Anchorman
    Favorite TV Show: Naruto
    Favorite Book: Bible
    Favorite Animal: That's a hard one... there are so many cool animals. Maybe a porcupine.
    Favorite Song ever: Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
    Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics... where's the ps3 remake?!
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Mellow, Friendly, Sarcastic, Detailed, Creative
    Worst trait: Can be apathetic.
    Play any instruments?: Drums
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I haven't cut my hair in a few years.
    Picture of yourself:

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    Feb 2009
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    that's me, baicon =)

    First name: Claudio
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Education/ Job: Cultural Producer
    Married with children?: soon =)
    Hobbies: wow, play guitar, soccer
    Favorite Movie: Crossroads
    Favorite TV Show: Heroes, Lost
    Favorite Book: any of Vinicius de Moraes (is a brazilian composer/poetry)
    Favorite Animal: dog
    Favorite Song ever: Crossroads, Robert Johnson
    Favorite Game: Phantasy Star 2 (it's a classic!)
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: I'll use 5 words: oxygen,love,trust,life,family
    Worst trait: stubborn
    Play any instruments?: guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonic
    Picture of yourself:
    2 months ago

    [PVP-A] Baiakin Warrior Prot
    I'm Brazilian, sorry for any bad spelling!

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    Feb 2009
    Geneva, IL
    First name: Rich
    Age: 24
    Location: Sammamish, WA (Seattle area)
    Education/ Job: BSBA in MIS / Sys Admin
    Married with children?: Engaged and none
    Hobbies: WoW, football, work, sleep, movies, ride motorcycle
    Favorite Movie: LotR 1,2,3; -- Action or Comedys are good
    Favorite TV Show: The Office, ATHF, Family Guy, South Park
    Favorite Book: Maxim, Playboy, Maximum PC count?
    Favorite Animal: Bird (has Caique and Lovebird)
    Favorite Song ever: The Gay Bar - Electric 6
    Favorite Game: WoW, Tomb Raider, PS3, etc...
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Tall, Left-handed, engaged, big feet, computers (are those even adjectives?)
    Worst trait: Plays on computer too much
    Play any instruments?: Neg
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: Sleep with socks on?
    Picture of yourself: N/A -- I'm at work

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    Mar 2009
    Naples/Mt. Pleasant, TX
    First name: Mike
    Age: 30
    Location: White Oak, TX
    Education/ Job: Retired!
    Married with children?: Engaged. Fiancee plays WoW too (she plays alliance, I play horde!)
    Hobbies: Music, Video Games
    Favorite Movie: Ocean's Eleven (the remake)
    Favorite TV Show: Top Gear, Mythbusters, Terminator: SCC, BSG, NCIS
    Favorite Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams
    Favorite Animal: Persian Cat
    Favorite Song ever: "Clouds Over California" by DevilDriver
    Favorite Game: World of Warcraft/Dawn of War II
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: intelligent, excitable, funny, sometimes angry, othertimes happy.
    Worst trait: It's sometimes very easy to anger me (I'm looking at you RNG!).
    Play any instruments?: No.
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I'm a packrat. I keep everything!
    Picture of yourself:

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    Mar 2009
    First name: Torianne
    Age: 26
    Location: coastal Cali
    Education/ Job: not enough/waitress
    Married with children?: married, no kids
    Hobbies: Music, Wow, Photography, Writing, trolling forums >.> shhh
    Favorite Movie: ummm . . prolly Penelope atm. I'm totally into chick flicks lol. But I do like some action movies if they have good plot.
    Favorite TV Show: American Idol, The Office, Star Gate (SG1 is my fav but I like Atlantis too) Star Trek (Voyager is my fav lol) Mythbusters XD
    Favorite Book: D: I love kids books lol. And anything by C. S. Lewis
    Favorite Animal: Dog's for sure . . and Narwals of course!
    Favorite Song ever: We'll just change that to Fav artist! Anberlin atm
    Favorite Game: WoW of course! But I also love Age of Empires, Lords of the Realm, and good 'ol Starcraft
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: compassionate, nice (bleh), blonde, sincere, happy
    Worst trait: I tend to lead by default. If no one steps up, I kinda take over. I hate failing cause no one wanted to lead.
    Play any instruments?: Piano, vocal chords XD
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I love the male troll dance and will often emote like crazy till they /dance with me >,<
    Picture of yourself: *insert lame excuse why I can't post pic like, I'm at work, new comp, don't have a camera, my dog ate all my pics, I'm really an alien, my eyes are lazers and you'd die of you looked into them, etc.*

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    Mar 2009
    First name: Chris
    Age: 18
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Education/ Job: College Student
    Married with children?: Nope
    Hobbies: Video games, hanging with friends or both at the same time :P
    Favorite Movie: Final Fantasy: Advent Children
    Favorite TV Show:
    Favorite Book: The Hobbit
    Favorite Animal: Fox
    Favorite Song ever: Crimson King
    Favorite Game: WoW
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: trustworthy, funny, calm, fun-loving, active
    Worst trait: i can be lazy sometimes
    Play any instruments?: No
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: i sometimes twitch a tiny bit when i'm excited
    Picture of yourself:

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    Feb 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA
    First name: Joe
    Age: 23
    Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Education/ Job: High School Diploma, ISO9000/QS9001 Certification. Petroleum Refactories Laboratory Technician
    Married with children?: Nope to both
    Hobbies: WoW, Guitar, Artwork, and Work sadly...
    Favorite Movie: Braveheart
    Favorite TV Show: OZ
    Favorite Book: Wizard's First Rule
    Favorite Animal: Cats
    Favorite Song ever: Trigger by In Flames
    Favorite Game: need I really say it?
    Describe yourself in five adjectives: Rambunctious, Reserved, Ambitious, Loyal, Zealous
    Worst trait: Playing my radio way too loud.
    Play any instruments?: Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Soundboards, Bass, Trombone, Bass Horn
    Embarrassing fact about yourself: I sing when I'm driving...
    Picture of yourself:

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