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Thread: Clicking?

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    Jun 2007
    Lots of folks tell me my setup is strange, but here goes:

    ` - devastate
    1 - Shield Slam
    2 - HS
    3 - Revenge
    4 - Sunder
    5 - Taunt
    6 - Shield Bash
    7 - Intervene
    8 - Shield block (i click this)
    9 - (don't remember)
    0 - rend or cleave
    - - rend or cleave
    = - Shield Wall

    The thing for me is I'm left handed, but mouse with my right. I'm really happy to hit all kinds of keys all the time with my left hand, so it looks something like this when I spam HS

    1 2 8
    2 3 8
    1 2
    2 3 8
    1 2 4

    EDIT: This isn't formatting correctly but Imagine all the 2's in a nice straight vertical line and you get the idea.

    basicly my middle finger goes nuts and I click shield block, pots etc.... works pretty well for me.

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    I'm not left handed but i use my mouse with my left hand, i click a lot and i use the arrows.

    Maybe my setup can help you

    (belgian keyboard)

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    i do a bit of both. I have tried to keybind all the moves but i always seem to forget, so what i do is keybind my main moves, sunder SS, etc and click for other moves that i only use every so often shield reflec and such.

    It works great for me

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    to me it really all depends on what kinda fight it is, i dont click on vashj i do click on morogrim. ><

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    Atlanta, GA


    My first MMOG was Everquest...
    I played a bard. ( <3 )
    I don't really have a perspective for playing these games without using hotkeys, keybindings and macros. (Song and instrument juggling... ^.^)
    Why I think it's important to learn how to use them?
    Versatility and Adaptability.
    They are versatile in that if you set them up well, a basic spread will apply to most situations you encounter. With some add-ons you can even switch to set-ups for raiding and soloing and the like.
    They are adaptable in that with a well-thought out spread you can easily mix in class features, consumables, useables, and racials. It makes it much simpler to toggle over and add in a different shout to your combat rhythm, or a different strike, or switch modes completely and even change out gear sets.
    In short, I think it's 'the way to play'.

    I've juggled my actual bindings around a lot as I gained levels, and still end up pinching them about to find a more comfortable set. I'd suggest trying to approach any hotbank set with a function or theme based mindset. I like to put groups of abilities, or abilities that achieve a certain purpose near each other. This lets me switch stances and charge or intercept, shield bash or concussive blow (or dynamite! <3 bombs...), sunder or devastate or heroic strike and taunt or mocking blow with a minnimum of fuss. (Let's not forget potions and shield wall and last stand...or the rage gain abilities! )

    What makes it even better is I can keep my screen (the game's major input to me) focused where I want it (or move it as I need) while setting abilities/combos up, or preparing for an encounter (in PvP for instance, or when adds show up) or toggle over weapon sets or stances. This all happens within moments. The input is generally faster (much so after you wire yourself up for it. ^.^ ) And can be more complicated, consisting of more steps in shorter time spots.

    I understand that with the universal cooldown you're limited to a kind of nice ceiling (floor?) in volume of input over a given time, but you'd be surprised how much can be done. When it counts, when a second or two is the difference between making it and not...I have more faith in fingers tapping over hardware than in mouse motion. (Besides, wrist expertise is more for boys iykwim... )

    That's why I use the keys. ^.^


    P.S. I hope that helps some, and didn't come out as too bossy...I can be that way sometimes... ^.~

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    I probably have the worst set up

    2-sunder macro (sunder/shield block/heroic strike)
    4-auto-blocker/shield slam macro
    5-shield block
    6-revenge macro (revenge/shield block/heroic strike)
    7-shield bash
    8- disarm
    9- Holy crap I don't even know O_o
    0- Intervene macro

    Alt+1 - shoot/throw
    Alt+2 - Battle/commanding Shout
    Alt+3 - Blood Rage
    alt+4 - Devastate/shield slam random macro
    alt+5 - Thunderclap
    alt+6 - Shield Reflect
    alt+7 - Cleave
    alt+8 - Concussion Blow
    Alt+9 - Crap! I don't remember this one either! O_o
    Alt+0 - Last Stand

    Ctrl+1 - Battle Stance
    Ctrl+2 - Defensive Stance
    Ctrl+3 - Berserker Stance
    Ctrl+4 - Epic Ground Mount
    Ctrl+5 - Trinket Slot 13
    Ctrl+6 - Trinket Slot 14
    Ctrl+g - Flying Mount

    lol, so my tanking usually consists of
    Charge -> Ctrl+2 -> Alt+3 -> 44444444444 -> 2222222222222 -> 6 when I see revenge light up -> 4444444444 -> 22222222 -> 6 until 5 sunders then it becomes -> alt+4 -> 666666666666666666

    lol, No wonder my fingers cramp.

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    I used to do about half and half. The longer I've played the game, the more I've realized that being aware of your surroundings is extremely important. That said, I like to be able to move the mouse to look around while my hands do virtually all of the work now. I only click on things such as food, potions and healthstones. I also click shield wall because I haven't figured out a comfortable button to set it as. My current setup is as follows:

    ` - Shoot
    1 - Taunt
    2 - Sunder
    3 - Revenge
    4 - Thunderclap
    5 - Heroic Strike
    6 - Intervene

    I don't like reaching past the 6 key, actually. I get it from playing FFXI for too long, I think. Anyway, hitting Ctrl with my pinky is extremely comfortable, so I have the rest of my abilities set as the following:

    Ctrl + S = Shield Slam
    Ctrl + 1 = Shield Block
    Ctrl + 2 = Devastate
    Ctrl + 3 = Challenging Shout
    Ctrl + 4 = Demoralizing Shout
    Ctrl + F = Victory Rush
    Alt + 1 = Gift of the Naaru (lol)
    Alt + 2 = Shield Bash
    Alt + 3 = Spell Reflect
    Alt + 4 = Concussion Blow
    Alt + F = Battle Shout
    F = Commanding Shout
    Z = Blood Rage
    G = Last Stand

    My stances are set to keys as well. I've just been too lazy and stubborn thus far to move to a macro. I still have them set to Shift + 1-3. In the beginning, there were times when I would miss the 3 and hit 4, all the while wondering why I wasn't changing stances. That hasn't happened in quite some time though.

    This is a rather unorthodox setup I think, but it works very well for me. Hope this helps.

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    heh, you're much less unorthodox than me, i have 4 rows of buttons on my screen, and just recently i felt comfortable enough to shrink the whole thing down to a tiny rectangle in the bottom center of my screen in order to show Combat log on my right side.

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