Reason I'm posting this here is because a good portion of you have watched my pre-Naxxramas movies at some point.

The most common place I pulled music from was Loreena McKennitt, who is a superb performer. Her music was in the Nefarian movie. The last thing I used of hers was at Maexxna.

Nefarian (Loreena McKennitt)

Anyway, I missed the release of her new CD sometime in the energy of last year. If you liked that music and you want an excellent CD to add to your collection, "Ancient Muse" from Loreena McKennitt is (in my opinion) the best work she's done over 20 years of work.

The entire collection is amazing, but the final two pieces are stunning. "Beneath a Phrygian Sky" is one of those songs you don't want to end. It is followed up by another incredible song, Never-Ending Road.

I hope it's not the last of her, but she has to be getting fairly old by now.